Media Racism Front And Center On Election Night

Media Racism Front And Center On Election Night

Media Racism Front And Center On Election Night

Racism was on full display in the media last night. As the election results swung all over the map, with more than a few surprises for both President Trump and Joe Biden, quite a number of our media betters decided it was time to go full racist against voters who dared to support President Trump.

Specifically vote totals and the breakdown of WHO voted for President Trump in Florida was cause for shock, consternation, and fury among the media elite.

“”Kind of not what we were told to expect,” Carlson said. “Elections tell you what the parties actually look like, not what you imagine they look like, but you find out who voted for them, so the coalitions become really clear. And in Florida, the population center, of course, Miami-Dade County, biggest county in the state — Hillary Clinton four years ago got 334,000 votes there. An hour ago, with 84% reporting, Donald Trump had already outstripped that by more than 100,000 votes. “

A strong Hispanic turnout for Trump signals a big night in Florida for the incumbent who struggled to capture minority votes in 2016.

“Now, Miami-Dade is 70% Hispanic,” Carlson said. “That’s not what you would’ve expected if you’ve been watching for the past six months, the attempt to racialize everything, the attempt to make Trump the greatest racist in world history. You would expect, whether you buy that or not, you would expect that would depress the votes for Trump in Miami-Dade County, but the opposite happened.””

Guess what? It did signal a huge night for President Trump in Florida.

“Trump made key gains with voters of Cuban descent, blowing past his 2016 performance in Miami-Dade County to secure the state.”

No, he didn’t win Miami-Dade over completely, but his vote totals compared to 2016 are a huge leap. In 2016, Trump garnered just over 330,000 votes vs. Hillary’s 624,000 votes. This year, President Trump received 532,409 votes to Biden’s 617,201. 

A distinct change compared to four years ago. Biden lost votes and President Trump GAINED over 200K in votes, with many new votes coming from the Cuban-American community. Even though he didn’t take Miami-Dade, that is a sea change right there. As Powerline’s Steven Hayward shows, charts courtesy of The NY Times tells an interesting story regarding identity politics. 

Those are some pretty jaw dropping numbers. Well, evidently our media betters did NOT like what they were seeing, and decided it was high time to A. lecture those uppity voters and B. let their racism flags fly free.

Tom Nichols, a WHITE guy says what?

Yeah Tom, lets just ignore the stats, and ignore the fact that this Republic isn’t RULED, it is a representative form of government in order to declare all white voters as racist. That’s super persuasive. I’m with Chad Felix Greene here. 

Former Obama Education Secretary Arne Duncan:

“We need to talk a lot less about red and blue. We need to talk a lot more about whiteness.”

Jemele Hill, who threw out her own racist tweets last night, whole heartedly agrees with Arne. 

The problem is, even as we are waiting the results of the Presidential election while shenanigans regarding ballots continue across multiple states, Democrats and folks within the Lincoln Project fail to realize that it is their OWN rhetoric, their OWN support for the looting, the riots, and the dismissal of valid concerns about economics, healthcare, jobs and more that is driving minority voters Red instead of Blue. 

The Democrats are failing to grasp that salient point. Which led to Joy Ried issuing this nasty commentary about Justice Clarence Thomas. 

The Democrats continually declare that the GOP is racist, yet go on live national TV and state that a sitting Justice of the United States Supreme Court is an “Uncle Tom” because A. he is black, and B. He would supposedly jump and then ask President Trump ‘how high?’ 

How ugly can you be? Joy Reid shows us more ugly than we care to see. But again, it is that kind of ugliness that is the Democrat party, and voters are walking away from that in the voting booth. 

Nikole Hannah-Jones of the despicable 1619 Project fame, went full racist on the Cuban-American voters who dared to vote for President Trump. 

This from a person who has had her Pulitizer prizing winning 1619 excrement debunked and corrected multiple times. 

Jones is literally telling all minority voters that they are still slaves even though they don’t realize it, and that it is ok for HER to be a bigot based upon someone else’s skin tone. Hence the lecture and potentially a forthcoming article explaining how Cubans, who escaped from Castro’s communism aren’t really…Cuban. This is from the same person who informed the Asian community that they shouldn’t count as a minority nor as people of color.

While the outcome of the election is still unclear, the media is wondering why President Trump has gotten more votes this time around, and why many of those votes are from the minorities who are SUPPOSED to be Democrat!

Racism like this is a key reason why the vote totals among minorities have gone for President Trump instead of Joe Biden. The media Democrats have only themselves to blame for this, but they refuse to see that and so, they keep digging.

Feature Photo Credit: by Alice Vergueiro/Abraji June 29, 2018 via Flickr, cropped and modified


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