Mitch McConnell Makes Dems Burn Money And Lose

Mitch McConnell Makes Dems Burn Money And Lose

Mitch McConnell Makes Dems Burn Money And Lose

As of the writing of this post, the presidential race is very much in play. The Senate race in Kentucky did not turn out to be a race in play, and Mitch McConnell has handily won reelection.

And when I say “handily,” I mean “Amy McGrath didn’t even break 40%“.

The man who we call “Cocaine Mitch,” who was supposedly vulnerable because of all the judges that he has gotten confirmed under Trump, and who steamrolled over whining Democrats over the nomination and confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett, is not to be underestimated.

What is honestly and truly amazing is that Democrats really thought that they had a shot at taking out Mitch McConnell, and that they thought they could do it with the very liberal Amy McGrath.

And the money that the Democrats just threw in a pile and lit on fire attempting to elect McGrath. The MONEY. Over $90 million spent on McGrath alone!

Yes, Mitch McConnell is 78 years old. He’s older than Joe Biden. He has physical frailties from his childhood battle with polio. And yet he still has a sharp mind who truly has mastered the Senate. Should the Republicans hang on to a Senate majority – so far, Cory Gardner has lost in Colorado, but that is a wash with Doug Jones losing in Alabama – he will continue to be a formidable Senate Majority Leader, dedicated to getting done what he can do without the cooperation of the House of Representatives. Which is confirming judges. And the left knows it.

This is going to be a long night, but knowing that Mitch McConnell, who has proved to be a wise and steady leader in the Senate, has easily won reelection, should make things easier going forward. If Republicans hold the Senate majority, it will be a firewall against anything a Biden/Harris administration would try to pull legislatively, should they win. And should President Trump win reelection, then Mitch McConnell will continue to be a valuable ally.

Either way, never underestimate Cocaine Mitch.

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  • Scott says:

    Truly sad how the once great state of colorado has fallen.. Hickenlooper was convicted of ethics violations just this year, failed to show up for his court date, and even flat out lied to us while he was running for President, saying that he would NOT run for Senate.. i guess for dems, those are all positive attributes!….

    Counting the days till I can retire and get out of this leftist hole!

  • Ampleforth says:

    The Dems, many of whom are not Kentuckians, dumped $85 million into Amy McGrath’s campaign. McGrath is so out-of-step with Kentucky that it is almost pathetic.

    These are my takeaways from McGrath’s campaign:

    She’s married to a lifelong Republican (no doubt a RINO).

    She’s a mother of three children

    She was a Marine pilot.

    She waited at the end of a runway during the 9-11 crisis.

    Like Yasar Arafat, she says one thing to Kentuckians and something completely opposite to her campaign contributors. The difference is that Arafat did that in two languages.

    In some ways, I sort of feel sorry for Amy McGrath. Someone convinced her that she should run against McConnell. She’s a perennial loser. But, by her own words, she’s the most progressive person in Kentucky. She thinks Kentuckians are stupid, but most of us could read between the lines of that statement. She believes that Kentucky is full of in-bred halfwits who drag their knuckles when they walk.

  • a bee ee? says:

    Reading that it ain’t over yet what with at least one of the two GA races in play and going to runoff.

    However, I don’t worry about that because the GOP has an excellent track record in that regard, as Republicans are more likely to turn out for the runoff. Case in point, while Bill Clinton was winning in 1992, the senate race went to a runoff, which Republican Paul Coverdell won handily.

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