Lockdowns And Our Children’s Mental Health

Lockdowns And Our Children’s Mental Health

Lockdowns And Our Children’s Mental Health

The lockdowns are decimating our children’s mental health. Our politicians refuse to understand that. A new study from the University of Cambridge:shows how dangerous the lockdowns are for our children.

“Following 168 children between the ages of 7 ½ and 11 ½, the researchers conclude: “During the UK lockdown, children’s depression symptoms have increased substantially, relative to before lockdown. The scale of this effect has direct relevance for the continuation of different elements of lockdown policy, such as complete or partial school closures.””

The suicide rates in Japan and elsewhere should send red flags flying, but our politicians yawn. I look at this information, and then I look at my grandchildren, and all the children I know. I wonder how my amazing teacher friends are doing in regards to the children they are in charge of during the school day. Then I find out that, in regards to my grandchildren, we have teachers phoning it in. I find out that the teachers I know who are doing EVERYTHING possible, are seeing major signs of withdrawal and depression among their students because the circumstances surrounding their home life during these lockdowns has become toxic on multiple levels. 

Our children are the LEAST who will get the virus. Yet the politicians and non-medical certified health “experts” in charge are all too willing to inflict harm on our children in spite of the data. 

Two students in Colorado penned letters to Governor Polis about how the lockdowns have affected the mental health of everyone around them. 

Clyde Goble: 

“Just yesterday, December 10th, 2020 at approximately 10:50 am my school counselors sat us down as a class. They had just received word that a student from the school just 15 miles to the West had taken his own life, and I wish to god that I could say this was the first time we had to experience this but it was not. This same tragedy had occurred just the week before, once again only 15 miles away, to the East. Three weeks earlier another student claimed their own life less than 45 miles away to the North.
Did you know that these terrible incidents had taken place? Did you grieve for these families? I would assume not: just because of our smaller population we are being swept under the rug. Do you not see what is happening in rural Colorado? These mandates and restrictions have isolated these students and us from friends and mental health resources. Are you ok with this? Do you sleep well at night knowing the effect you are having on the younger generations of Colorado? When is enough enough? When do we get back to normal life and choose not to live in fear, but live with resilience and respect for others?”

Kaden Piel also wrote a FB message to Governor Polis. He included the concerns and worries about the disabled students across the school systems, outlined how sports has helped with everyone’s mental health, but also took the Governor task for his flippant remarks prior to Thanksgiving. 

“After listening to our governor’s press conference three weeks ago, I heard him use the analogy, that going to a family Thanksgiving gathering is like, “bringing a loaded pistol for grandma’s head.” I understand how serious COVID is, but by not allowing us to have any brightness to look forward to, my peers are literally putting a gun to their head. He spoke somewhat flippantly. I speak the TRUTH I’m living. I beg of you, help us establish a sense of normalcy in our lives.””

Oh yes, indeed, Polis spoke very flippantly about Thanksgiving and that loaded gun analogy. But he meant it, and doesn’t care about the underlying repercussions of that statement. 

This was Polis response to Kaden:

“”I hope the young man is successful in getting activities back in eastern Colorado and across our state,” Polis said. “I would encourage more students to join in really talking about what school and what those activities mean to them.””

In other words, Kaden was given a pat on the head, and not a damned thing will change until Polis decides it will.

Ditch the crappy political platitudes and OPEN THE SCHOOLS! Our KIDS, our FUTURE, are being harmed by the politics surrounding this virus! Furthermore, there are other students across the United States who’ve taken their lives because of these lockdowns. Will the politicians stop and think about that?? Judging from Polis’ response, and seeing what Cuomo and de Blasio are doing, the answer is NO.

This entire thread regarding the harms of lockdowns is a MUST READ. 

The longer the lockdowns continue, the higher the numbers will climb. Younger children are regressing mentally and physically. Older kids, as Clyde pointed out above, are losing interest in and no longer want to engage in physical fitness. Guess what? All of those issues and more will contribute to future adverse health conditions. 

Politicians and pseudo government health “experts” have been playing with our children’s lives since March. All because of a virus that is NOT detrimental to their health. 

Open K-12 schools and extracurricular sports

Open the schools and ditch the remote learning

Quit forcing our children to wear masks

Quit forcing our children to live in fear

So nice of Tom, the former CDC Director, to weigh in. Yes, we CAN do better Tommy. How? Open up schools, playgrounds, and sports 100%, and do it NOW.

Our future depends upon our children and grandchildren being healthy, happy, thriving, and strong. The data shows six ways to Sunday  that our kids are being harmed by the lockdowns. We need to quit treating them as part of the disease. ASAP.

Feature Photo Credit: Myriams-Fotos of sad boy via Pixabay, cropped and modified

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  • Scott says:

    How that his ” husband” is hospitalized with the wuhan lung rot, queen polis will continue the lockdowns, and as a democrat, he doesn’t give a damn about the consequences, it’s all about power. If the theft of the Presidency is allowed to succeed, this is our future, the Constitution will be a sheet of parchment to be mocked by the left, and nothing else

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