The Dehumanization of the Non-Compliant

The Dehumanization of the Non-Compliant

The Dehumanization of the Non-Compliant

On a major highway here in western Montana, there’s a blinking sign like those generally used in construction zones. Usually these signs tell you to slow down or move over for a closed lane. For the last several months, however, it’s had a different message.

“Wear masks,” it blinks. “Be kind.”

The message is clear. If you do not wear a mask, you’re not being kind. And unkind people are bad people. This is part of a disturbing, dangerous trend in the US: dehumanization of the non-compliant.

Laying the Groundwork for Dehumanization

Way back at the beginning of the year, in what now seems like another life and another country, we were asked to wear masks and cut down on “non-essential” travel. Maybe watch a movie at home this weekend instead of going out to the theater. Maybe do take-out instead of dining out. It’s just for a few weeks. We just need to flatten the curve a bit. It’s just to help out.

Except weeks turned into months. Businesses closed forever. Employees didn’t get paid. People feared how they’d support their family but they feared getting the virus more, and so they bought into it all…and bought everything they could get their hands on. It wasn’t just toilet paper that disappeared; any paper products, soaps, hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, and canned food flew off the shelves. Milk and meat were in short supply too.

As the year has wore on, the concept of “lockdown” started as a necessary evil. Putting massive numbers of people on what effectively amounts to house arrest was seen as The Right Thing To Do. But that’s the problem, isn’t it? Historically whenever a tyrannical government wants to control its people or use them for its own ends, they package their control efforts as “for your safety” or “for your own good and that of others.” The reason for this is because people are easily manipulated by social influences. Robert Cialdini wrote in 1984 about the social influences that weigh on humans. They’re fairly universal, and we see them in play everywhere right now.

The Dehumanizing Influence Factors in Play

Cialdini talked about the concept of social proof, or the idea that people generally look to others who are similar to themselves when making decisions, especially when the matters are important, vague, or ambiguous. In other words, when the average person is unsure about something, they’ll often do what others like them are doing. It’s the monkey see, monkey do mentality.

Another principle informing these decisions is that of liking; essentially, we are (obviously) more easily influenced by people we like. And that doesn’t just go for individuals we like. It goes for group types we like as well. If we see a group we agree with, we are more apt to agree with their actions as well — and model our own decisions after those made in the group.

Let’s look at this in terms of mask-wearing. Those who wear masks are portrayed in the media and often in regular society as kind, neighborly, responsible, good people. Many folks who wouldn’t normally want to comply with such a mandate, or who understand that it’s a control mechanism are swayed by these principles of influence, even if it’s just in the moment. They want to be seen as kind, neighborly, responsible, good people. They identify with the values, and so they go along with the actions that they are told embody those values. They might even abhor the concept of being forced to do something, but it’s easier to do it than to stand and be castigated for not being kind. The parameters of what constitutes a good person these days have already been framed: good equals compliant.

This is an extremely dangerous belief system, and one that leads to a whole lot of killing. Sounds extreme, right? But let’s take a look at the process.

Dehumanization of “Bad Humans”

The flip side of the “kind, good humans wear masks and stay home” doctrine is, of course, that the people who question the status quo are unkind. Who likes unkind people? No one. And while the conventional belief started as merely “anti-mask people are wrong,” over the months it has become something far different. Now, these are the things leveled repeatedly and loudly about the non-compliant:

  • They are stupid, mentally deficient.
  • They are incapable of reason, unwilling to “believe science.”
  • They are okay with people dying; in fact, they kill people themselves with their conduct. They are murderers.
  • They are evil. They don’t care about people.
  • They are sociopaths and psychos.
  • They are inhumane.

See how easy that is? Poof — dehumanization. Who would want to be considered a murderer, an evil psychopath? Who wants to be shunned by their family, co-workers, or friends? Who wants to be seen as inhumane? This vilification speaks to the core need of every human being: the need to feel worth, to be seen as worthy. We are social beings, and the level of social shunning going on is literally weaponized shaming, meant to strike at the heart of what human beings need. They even get blamed for the lockdowns, the increased suicides, the defunct businesses and economic turmoil and hungry families. It’s all the fault of those nasty, bad people who won’t just do as they’re told. This would all be over if we could just get people to Do The Right Thing.

That’s not even the worst of it. To those who are secure in their beliefs and identity, or who have the emotional wherewithal to stand against such shameless psychological tactics, there are other plans for them. After all, what is to be done with these Bad People who are Unkind, Sociopathic Murderers who Kill People With Their Conduct and are the Reason For Everything Being Bad? Take a look at the comments section of any social media post on the subject and you’ll see what people want done to you if you’re disobedient.

  • Doxxing
  • Forced unemployment
  • Blackballing within your career field
  • Expulsion from educational institutions
  • Barring from grocery stores and other merchants
  • Assault
  • Criminal convictions and prison
  • “Removal from society”
  • Death

This isn’t some third world warlord government we’re talking about. This is your neighbor, your co-worker, your cousin saying these things. These are average Americans who have bought into the idea that they are somehow Decent And Kind And Better Humans because they do as they’re told. And by default, you’re not doing it so you are a Bad Human. No one wants Bad Humans And Murderers in their friendly, kind society, right? We should remove them. That’s the next step. That’s dehumanization.

The slope is slippery, but what people don’t understand is that we are hurtling down it at breakneck speed. In less than a year, the dehumanization of the non-compliant has gone from a fringe idea spouted by radical leftists to a nearly mainstream idea, espoused by a whole lot of regular Americans — some of whom even think they believe in Constitutional rights. I know staunch conservatives who think that people who don’t wear masks are uncaring people who deserve to die of COVID. I know liberty-loving Americans who say that they don’t really want the vaccine but it’s the only way to get “back to normal.” They are caving to the narrative, to the idea that the sooner they comply, the better off we will all be.

Wearing a mask doesn’t automatically mean you’re a sheep. Not wearing one doesn’t mean you’re an evil person who deserves to be removed from society. Last I checked, anti-maskers aren’t calling for the elimination of those who wear a mask or get the vaccine, but look around; even a cursory search of social media shows an alarming number of people — even on the right — who believe that the non-compliant should be punished in varying degrees of horror.

For us, this is not a problem you can turn a blind eye to–one to be solved by small concessions. For us, it is a problem of whether our nation can ever recover its health, whether the…spirit can ever really be eradicated. Don’t be misled into thinking you can fight a disease without killing the carrier, without destroying the bacillus. Don’t think you can fight…tuberculosis without taking care to rid the nation of the carrier of that…tuberculosis. This…contamination will not subside, this poisoning of the nation will not end, until the carrier himself…has been banished from our midst.

Sounds a lot like something you’d see on social media right now about people who don’t wear masks and adhere to the control mechanisms, doesn’t it? Except that was Adolf Hitler, in a 1920 speech. The ellipses in that quote where points where he mentioned the Jews as the bacteria, the carriers, the reasons for why everything is bad. This same thought process is in play all over the nation, being espoused by regular people. They’re calling for “someone” (the government) to do these things to you right now, but it’s a small step to move to doing it themselves — or being party to it.

Make no mistake. If you aren’t obeying, this is how they see you. Your uncovered face and defiant behavior identifies you as non-compliant, as a Bad Human. And Bad Humans aren’t even fit to be called human. Just ask around.



Image by Fábio Almeida de Oliveira Adônes from Pixabay

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  • Victoria says:

    Super essay. Scared me to death.

  • Scott says:

    It is far less safe for me to drive to my local Lowes than it is to not wear a mask in Lowes. Yet Lowes maintains a parking lot. Murders.

  • Adam says:

    It is far less safe for me to drive to my local Lowes than it is to not wear a mask in Lowes. Yet Lowes maintains a parking lot. Murders.

  • 370H55V says:

    Magnificent piece, but one unpleasant reality still remains:

    I hate to make a comment like this on a blog called “Victory Girls”, but it ought to be obvious that all this has paralleled the ascendancy of women in power in government, academia, corporate America, and even the clergy. The notion that life must be all bliss all the time and that government must step in to make it so is infantile, but motivates a huge chunk of our population (and not all of them female!). Life must be risk-free and effortless, until the reality that choices have to be made hits.

    • GWB says:

      While a feminist trait, it is ubiquitous now, as part of the Progressive religion (the Doctrine of Safetyism and the Doctrine of Death Does Not Have To Come).

  • suburbanbanshee says:

    Wow, 370, I guess it was Karla Marx who invented Communism.

    And it was a big mistake for the Massachusetts Bay Colony to extend the vote to all free men who were members of their denomination, as opposed to large-scale property owners, or members of favored boroughs.

    If your opinions were all about fine masculine facts, you would look for more tailored correlations.

  • Joe says:

    From Yank in Ukraine. Excellent article. Thanks for writing.

  • Jeff H says:

    In the end, compliance with authoritarian mandates is its own punishment. The Russian people, through millennia of compliance with dictators of every stripe, have become culturally incapable of self-rule, both on a national and a personal level.

  • GWB says:

    People feared how they’d support their family
    That’s okay, we’ll just tax the rich and give you all the money you need to buy food and stuff. Ignore the fact that everyone staying home does the things like grow and package the food….

    but they feared getting the virus more
    I loathe the media. They conspired to make this possibly the largest panic the world has ever known. And despite many claims they did it to support the Democrats, no, they did it because fear and panic sells clicks. And because they are Safetyists. And because they are safe enough in their rich, urban bubbles they don’t have to suffer the consequences of their fear-mongering. If there were conscious thoughts about supporting Dems – and not just supporting the people who happen to agree with them or support their pathologies – it was way down the list, IMO.

    Historically whenever a tyrannical government wants to control its people or use them for its own ends, they package their control efforts as “for your safety” or “for your own good and that of others.”
    I’m going to hem and haw at that first word. I think, overall, in the history of the world, most often tyrants haven’t really cared much about using “for your safety” or “for your own good”. They’ve simply said “Do it, or the lash for you!”
    It’s only in the places where the Enlightenment brought about things like freedom and democracy or “constitutional monarchies” and the like that tyrants have had to appeal to the peoples’ sense of “good”. (And I’ll allow for the Crusades, as well.)

    people are easily manipulated
    Hence, John Adams saying a free republic can only work with a moral and religious people. Anyone else easily becomes led about by their stomach, instead of their mind.
    And, yes, I do agree with the Democrats that “the people” are dumb. Otherwise, how did AOC get elected?

    influenced by people we like
    And social media has warped our idea of “friends” into people we don’t know and have never even seen. Which similarly warps our idea of “likes”. Social media takes our baser humanity and turns it to a vice deeper and more afflicting than any of the Seven Deadly ones.

    They want to be seen as kind, neighborly, responsible, good people.
    Mostly, we don’t want to get thrown out of the store.

    good equals compliant
    And I have seen this coming for a long time.

    Who wants to be shunned by their family, co-workers, or friends?
    Making those of us who are misanthropes suddenly king of the hill. And actually justifying our beliefs about humanity.

    This would all be over if we could just get people to Do The Right Thing. (emphasis added)
    This is a big part of the doctrine of the religion of Progressivism.
    We can somehow make it all right and go back to living in our very safe, very quiet, lives where people never die or get sick or suffer calamity. Death is something that can be defeated, along with all suffering.

    Note, too, that we very quickly went from “hospitals will be overwhelmed” to “we must stop all infection; ANY further cases of the virus is evidence that we’re all going to die!”

    the Reason For Everything Being Bad
    Yet another case of Progressive projection.

    We should remove them.
    Understand: this is so easy for them because it’s their religion. You are unclean. You are infidel. You are an unbeliever. You are NOT of the body.

    I know staunch conservatives
    I know liberty-loving Americans
    But these are conservatives and liberty-lovers who have been indoctrinated into progressivism, even if they don’t realize it. At least some of their assumptions are progressive. It’s bound to happen in an educational system where the state religion has been Progressivism for several decades.

    being espoused by regular people
    For a long time, when asked “How could they have allowed Hitler to come to power?” I have responded by pointing at them and saying “You are they.”

  • NITZAKHON says:

    SO easy to “other” someone, especially when you’ve been propagandized to view them as a threat.

    Stream-of-consciousness: Fertilizing the soil for genocide

    The same for climate change: remember, these people believe man’s CO2 emissions will end all life on earth. What would they NOT do to prevent that?

  • SDN says:

    “This is part of a disturbing, dangerous trend in the US: dehumanization of the non-compliant.”

    This isn’t new. If you’re the type who pays attention to such things, take a look at the “pre-existing conditions” section of your doctor’s paperwork you get asked to fill out. In the last 6-7 years, a new one has been added: “Non-Compliant”.

    This is being pushed by insurance companies and trial lawyers, enforced by threat of non-coverage and lawsuit on the doctors and hospitals. “Private enterprise.”

    If you check it, then you’ve confessed to disregarding doctor’s orders in the past, can be refused treatment on that basis, and established that any bad outcomes are your own fault.

    Leave it blank, and if any of your previous doctors have put that in your records, then you obtained treatment under false pretenses. This is NOT new.

  • john says:

    Thanks for this piece. I am one of the ‘generally non-compliant’. So far I have not been accosted by anyone in the area that I live. But it’s coming.

  • Being Non-Compliant is Double-Plus Ungood.

    It can have you declared UNMUTUAL.

  • Franz says:

    Franz says
    You stop teaching history no frame of reference exists
    You stop teaching cursive all those old documents are just wasted parchment.
    You don’t mention the Estrogen level in public drinking water you create a whole new business, Fertility Doctors. Probably shouldn’t mention legions of girlymen as well.
    Addict the suckers to their DEVICE, but don’t tell them anything they don’t need to know.
    Murder old farts in Nursing Homes (a term I love) and cut Medicaid costs. Bellow about Vents you restricted hospitals from owning, put a hospital ship in the harbor and convert a convention center to a hospital. Nobody will notice ZERO patients in either facility, the “media” won’t report it. Bring in reefer trailers and make a show out of loading corpses into them.
    Create & foster PANIC in the weak minded DEVICE addicted population.
    Close schools, bars & restaurants so the victim pool stays in their assigned box and infect each other.
    Don’t really matter, more than 99% will survive the KILLER disease.
    Lock down churches but don’t interfere with riots.
    That silly freedom of assembly thing in the 1st Amendment interferes with AUTHORITY based on a big mouth.

    Anybody remember how this started?
    Is there an exit strategy or is it like the War on Poverty or school bussing?

  • Sgt Stryker says:

    Always remember….Sheep don’t carry loaded guns…..we do.

  • carrstone says:

    The first point I’d make is that this compulsion to have people wear masks has nothing to do with preventing the spread of COVID-19.

    Oh, ah, mmm, actually that’s the only point I want to make.

  • Annie Rose says:

    This article highlights the same trend that I have seen from some of my “friends” on social media. Former high school classmates, co-workers, and even some family members are either self-righteously declaring their compliance or shaming others who don’t follow mandates. From there, comments devolve into hateful rhetoric and name calling. One former classmate even stated that those who voted for Trump or those who don’t comply with covid restrictions should be targeted and rounded up for re-education. He labeled them killers. He is a neurologist. Imagine being one of his patients. The scary part for me was all the commenters who then agreed with him. When I challenged him as to who would decide on who to “re-educate”, he then backtracked and tried to pretend that he hadn’t called for killing fields. But he did. Our neighbors, our friends, co-workers, and even some of our family members will turn us in in the name of the common good. How quickly we have descended into Marxism.

  • billrla says:

    I enjoy the thought that other people might think I’m somehow mentally deficient.

  • Comrade X says:

    Excellent article, Kit!

    I hope you have a Merry Christmas!!

    Masks have been mandated in my state for many months now but as for me I am not complying with any of the tyrannical laws being pushed by the Queen in my state.

  • FortHay says:

    The code for medical non-compliance is ‘AMA’, “Against Medical Advice” and once you act AMA you’re on your own.

  • Freddie Fudpucker says:

    IF that’s an actual situation — the sign in western Montana that’s mentioned in the early paragraphs — I can’t believe one of the local patriots hasn’t put half a dozen buckshot holes in it….I would if they tried that brainwashing crap out here in the far NW …. Such ‘we-know-better-than-you’ propaganda is but another reinforcement of their methods of ultimately controlling us ‘peons’ — another brick in the wall, to steal from Pink Floyd’s reference. But, considering the influx of libtards and Marxists from Kaliphoney who’ve settled around Missoula, I suppose I’m not surprised when something like this occurs….Now, it’s time for someone to show some resistance via a 12-guage cleansing….

  • […] is hard to overstate how important an essay this is, at this moment in time. ‘The Dehumanization of the Non-Compliant“, By Kit Perez at Victory Girls blog. I found the article somewhat randomly, and actually […]

  • joe tentpeg says:

    The ‘Mask Not-Sees’ are akin to the ‘Weather Cult’ in their selective use in the dogma of ‘science.’

    They ignore the ‘science’ of the Danes’ and others’ studies on mask uselessness.

    They ignore the statistical impossibility of the election.

    You can’t make ‘science’ your god…and ignore it’s High Priest- math.

  • Ned2 says:

    Just say “I cannot wear a mask for health reasons”
    Shuts them up every time.

  • Mike says:

    This essay is true. And it makes me very, very sad. Freedom is now a vanishing memory, seen in my rear-view mirror.

  • […] all you want, but even that refrain is fading. I think today it’s mostly <a href=””>it’s all about shaming and dehumanizing</a> any who disagree with the current overlords. And yes, […]

  • The One says:

    I just walk around openly armed. No one has confronted me yet…for some strange reason. 😉

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