Liz Cheney Is Wrong On Impeachment

Liz Cheney Is Wrong On Impeachment

Liz Cheney Is Wrong On Impeachment

Liz Cheney believes President Trump should be impeached. 

““The president of the United States summoned this mob, assembled the mob, and lit the flame of this attack,” Cheney said in a statement, adding, “There has never been a greater betrayal by a president of the United States of his office and his oath to the Constitution.””

She is wrong. So very wrong on multiple levels. First of all, her entire statement, is predicated upon his speech on January 6.

As rational minds are discovering, the President’s speech was happening while cretins were working on rushing the Capitol. Furthermore, as I wrote to Liz in an email, if she predicates her impeachment proceedings solely upon his speech that day, she needs to watch and read the speech again. 

What happened that day was WRONG. I said it then in the op-ed I wrote, and I continue to say it. It is ALSO wrong for people of all political stripes, including the spineless Joint Chiefs of Staff, to use this as a way to slam the President. 

You see, Liz, if you want to impeach the President, then YOU along with everyone else in Congress as well as the Joint Chiefs of Staff will have to answer for not saying one god dammed WORD against the violent riots that started at the end of May and STILL continue to this day. 

Liz, you think the President, by your statement, planned for this. You will have to PROVE that he directly planned it in order to have your impeachment happen. 

Meanwhile, having cheerleaders from the leftist media applaud you is not a good look. 

But evidently, since you are now the standard bearer of Republican conscience, you get to throw down the gauntlet. Uh huh… let’s take a look at your record these last few months. Turns out, you are a fan of the lockdowns that have decimated our economy and kept all our kids out of school and stuck behind video screens. It seems that the President pushing for states to reopen was bad because it was against states rights, while you willfully forget that President Trump was advocating for the states to make the decision to reopen. As far as things like mask-wearing and all that… yeah, your dad NEEDS to wear a mask because of his multiple heart surgeries! Meanwhile, many Americans including yourself AND your kids, do not NEED TO wear a mask unless we are around those most vulnerable to this Wuhan flu crud. 

You have decided for impeachment, even after witnessing and being a part of the entire shameful heinous sham that was the Trump Russia Steele Dossier impeachment. THAT impeachment fell apart. WHY? Because there was ZERO proof. You know it and we know it. 

In regards to this sham impeachment, there are many others who disagree with you. 

Jonathan Turley said, as I noted in a previous post, a snap impeachment will do more harm to this Republic and our Constitution. It will solve nothing and create more problems than we can all handle. 

Michael Littwig:

“The Constitution itself answers this question clearly: No, he cannot be. Once Trump’s term ends on Jan. 20, Congress loses its constitutional authority to continue impeachment proceedings against him — even if the House has already approved articles of impeachment.”

Do you see this happening Liz? I don’t, unless both the House and Senate abandon all rules, call everyone in (super spreader events!), and do nothing for the next seven days but discuss impeachment and attempt to impeach WITHOUT a proper investigation! 

Liz, you want an impeachment. However, your statement is all hyperbole. You don’t lay out any facts in evidence. Instead you allude to the ‘there’s more to the story and we’ll tell you after we pass the bill.’ 

Liz, you want an impeachment, then you’d better be damned serious about it and lay your case out for your Wyoming constituents and the American people. Issuing boiler plate press releases does not make your argument, such as it is, plausible on any level. 

Liz, I grew up with your family and you. My family and I campaigned on behalf of your dad during his first successful run for Congress – I was eight years old at the time. Our family campaigned for your dad every time after that. I brought the house down in my dorm when he was nominated for Secretary of Defense and was even more thrilled when he became Vice President. 

That said, if you know anything about my family and myself, we ALSO do not hesitate to call you out. Yesterday you called for the President to be impeached. Currently your only evidence is the speech he made, and that people were rallying on behalf of HONEST elections. Keep in mind, this was the same speech President Trump was in the midst of when jackass cretins started breaking into our U.S. Capitol. Liz, if that’s all you’ve got…you’ve misstepped and are so very wrong on impeachment and have likely ensured you will NOT be reelected to Congress. 

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  • John Wilson says:

    Why didn’t she keep her mouth shut?

    • Cameron says:

      Because like a lot of the GOP establishment, she is afraid of not getting invited to the Cool Kid Parties. And if she doesn’t say stuff like this, the media will be mean to her.

      • Aussie Supporter says:

        She is obviously on the payroll of companies that like importing cheap workers to move Americans out of work.

        A real classic traitor.

      • GWB says:

        I think it’s more that she believes herself to be part of the technocracy, as so many in our political class do. Trump disrupts that. So… anti-Trump.

  • Johnny says:


  • Quentin Q Quill says:

    I’m kind of surprised at Cheney’s stance. I don’t think it will be a popular stance in Wyoming. I’d like to credit Cheney with having a little credit for her convictions, and I say “a little” credit because although she may end her political career by voting for impeachment, she has plenty of money and will hardly end up out on the street. If I were Cheney, I’d be most concerned about the unhinged Trump supporters who are violent.

  • GWB says:

    Liz Cheney Is Wrong On Impeachment Just ABout Everything
    FIFY. Of course, that would make a much shorter (or very much longer) post.

  • GWB says:

    You will have to PROVE that he directly planned it in order to have your impeachment happen.
    Wait… WHAT?!? Says WHO? And WHERE? All they have to do is have two votes – one in the House, one in the Senate. Nowhere does it say they have to actually prove diddlysquat!

    That’s the problem – the gov’t itself will not enforce the limitations on it. It doesn’t feel any moral compunction to actually prove much of anything. The Impeachment 2: Dumberer Than Before is merely a play act to try and keep Trump from arising in 2024, regardless of fairness, morality, justice, or even good taste.

    If you think they will be held to any standards of real justice, or hold themselves to any real standard of morality, then you really have not been paying attention the last four years, Nina.

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