Democrats Try To Force 25th Amendment Use

Democrats Try To Force 25th Amendment Use

Democrats Try To Force 25th Amendment Use

Tonight, the House of Representatives Democrats plan on passing a resolution to try and box Vice President Mike Pence into invoking the 25th Amendment.

And if they don’t force the vice president into doing what they want, they’re going to move forward on impeachment, is the promise.

Tuesday evening, the House will vote after 7:30 p.m. on a resolution from Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., calling on Vice President Mike Pence to use the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office. That amendment sets up a process by which the vice president and a majority of the Cabinet may declare to Congress that the president “is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.”

The vote likely will not happen until very late Tuesday night.”

If Pence does not oblige — he is not expected to — then Democrats have said they will move forward with a second impeachment of the president, starting with debate on Wednesday morning.”

The Democrats are now going to learn the real moral behind the fable of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf,” and while they may proceed on impeachment – even to the detriment of a Biden administration in their bitter determination to continue to punish Donald Trump – they may end up losing their proverbial sheep at the same time.

The resolution to ask Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment is being asked for at the same time as the Democrats are “reintroducing” a bill by Representative Jamie Raskin (D-MD) that wants to create a permanent commission that would continually evaluate the fitness of a president to be able to serve in elected office. What could possibly go wrong with this scenario?

Also, did you note that this legislation is being “reintroduced” by Rep. Raskin? That is because he has already introduced a virtually identical bill before. When? April of 2017. Why then, you ask? Oh, because President Trump used Twitter in ways that shocked, SHOCKED the Democrats and forced them to consider that he was mentally unfit for office! Just look at what Raskin said in December of 2017:

“Since January, President Trump has thrown our country into chaos at every turn,” said Raskin. “For the security of our people and the safety of the Republic, we need to set up the ‘body’ called for in the 25th Amendment. The President can fire his entire Cabinet for asking the same question tens of millions of Americans are asking at their dinner tables, but he cannot fire Congress or the expert body we set up under the Constitution. At a moment of unprecedented presidential chaos, the Oversight Commission on Presidential Capacity is essential, urgently needed and indispensable.”

So what great crime had Trump committed by April of 2017 that would necessitate the drastic (and constitutionally questionable) action of creating an Oversight Commission? As far as I can tell, the great crime was beating Hillary Clinton. Oh, and Russians. And the claims of elections being stolen are certainly nothing new.

Anyone else hear the cries of “WOLF! WOLF! WOLF!” coming from the Democrats today? Hmmm. If only they hadn’t wasted years on pushing Russian collusion hoaxes and complaining about Trump’s behavior. Perhaps they would find that people took them more seriously if they hadn’t played the “Orange Hitler” card from the day after the 2016 election onward.

Vice President Pence has told the Democrats no – and used Nancy Pelosi’s own words against her.

So the House is now threatening to put Trump on double secret probation. Oh wait, no, they’re going to impeach Trump a second time.

We already know that legal scholars think this is a bad idea. We know that all Democrats are not in agreement on this. We also know that the House has a Democrat majority, so they can do what they want. We also know that they made a show trial of impeachment the last time, and with Trump leaving office in eight days, this looks incredibly stupid, even if Republicans are willing to vote for impeachment. Perhaps the Democrats shouldn’t have cried “WOLF!!!!” over Ukraine and pulled the biggest arrow in their quiver at that time. Maybe then, the threat of impeachment would have actually meant something. Instead, it makes the Democrats look crazy – especially when they are seriously considering waiting until Biden’s first 100 days are over to hold a trial in the Senate. That would be months after Trump has left office, so what is the point?

Well, file this one under “never trust what you see on social media” and also “CNN fact-checker tries to correct total nobody on Twitter with zero results.”

So, yes, if you saw the first image floating around social media, it was wrong. But as the author told CNN’s Daniel Dale, he DOESN’T CARE because it MADE HIM FEEL GOOD.

And that’s pretty much what the Democrats’ attempt to impeach Trump again, successful or not, is all about. It might be the wrong move, but they DON’T CARE because it MAKES THEM FEEL GOOD.

President Trump delivered this reminder to Democrats during a speech today.

You don’t have to like Trump, or his speech last Wednesday, or anything about him in order to recognize that when he says that the 25th Amendment isn’t going to affect him, he’s right. It could, however, ensnare Biden. Remember to never make rules that you aren’t willing to live under, Democrats (*coughcough*nuclear option*coughcough*).

The Democrats could have pushed for a vote of censure against President Trump and probably gotten near-unanimous agreement on that. Biden could even likely call for a censure vote publicly and actually show a little grace in this moment. But no, they don’t want unity or agreement that what happened Wednesday was horrific. Nope, they want to stick it to the Bad Orange Man just ONE MORE TIME and make it HURT.

Since the Republicans would not give the House unanimous consent on their 25th Amendment resolution, the vote on House Resolution 21 went forward tonight and didn’t wrap up until after 11 pm Eastern time, even though it was nothing but political theater since Pence had already told Pelosi that he wasn’t going to do it. The resolution passed 223-205, thanks to the Democrat majority, even though one Republican voted for it.

So Pelosi named her impeachment managers, even before a vote took place.

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, Eric “Bang Bang” Swalwell is being named an impeachment manager. The jokes write themselves.

So much for “America United.” When one side is determined to punish the other at all costs, there can’t be unity. What there is, is a whole lot of trouble. Impeachment 2.0 begins tomorrow, everyone.

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  • Aussie Supporter says:

    Until there is serious pushback from Republicans the Democrats will just continue trying to punish and bait you.

    1. Contact your State Republicans to demand immediate pushback across the board.That would include Legislative laws about elections, new Laws about censorship at a State Level worth tens of billions in fines for each occurrence, make these laws retrospective(it can be done).Update sedition laws at State Levels if possible to include Tech offenses.

    2.Start warning of a National Strike upcoming unless vote 100% audited and each postal vote identity checked

    3. Also i think it is very important that all Republicans refuse to give to any Charities.Keep the money to yourselves and family as an insurance against any future persecution from the New Fascist Front.
    Many recipients of the charity have chosen to vote for Democrats, thus keeping themselves in a constant requirement of Charity.Do not reward them or enable them.
    If Democrats want to send you to Gitmo, maybe it is time to only deal with people that you know follow your own Patriotism.Now is not the time to be forgiving to them, if they want a War of sorts, give it to them in a “Smarter way”
    I have seen reasonable people become insane spittle flicking TDS sufferers just because they are susceptible to the Media and Big Tech propaganda.Make them pay for that, by freezing them out economically and socially.

    Until you push back, they will keep coming at you.Exactly as they did to the Jews in the 1930’s.

  • Aussie Supporter says:

    There is absolutely no reason Republican controlled States/Legislatures should not implement full severe control of State Elections due to recent wide scale and organised vote fraud/coup.

    1.Complete dismissal of all postal voting, including drop boxes.Medical Certificate required for exemption.
    2.Citizenship confirmation for all voters.
    3.I.D required at voting.
    4 Elimination of all Electronic voting machines.
    5.Complete clean up of all voter rolls.
    6.Massive increases in vote fraud punishment into mandatory 20 year sentences for Individuals and mandatory Life imprisonment for organizers of vote fraud rings
    7. New vote fraud laws to be made retrospective, so past fraud can be punished.
    8.100% Paper ballots with identity of voter on each ballot.
    9. Complete ban of any Private or ” Non-profits” from funding voting procedures or organisation.
    10.Complete overhaul of laws about election-watching and role of election officials so they cannot exclude watchers and all watchers can wear police style cameras to record interactions with officials.
    11. 100% clear laws on Audits and rights of challengers, and at no cost for footage or freedom of information etc.
    12 It is obvious that Cities have corruption problems so election officials should be drawn from regional and rural areas and be of mixed heritage racially to stop Mafia type of behavior.
    13 No Ballot harvesting.
    14. Push Supreme Court harder to force stricter vote laws under available articles.
    15. If vote fraud is proven previously or in a current election, clear State laws to handle it that can only be changed by a Popular vote at the State level

    This is just the start.
    If Republicans ever want to win another race they better get moving on this now and to force the issue under their legislative powers under the Constitution.

    If ANY elected Republican refuses to force 100% clean elections you must remove them at the Primaries.

    First off is retrospective laws regarding Vote Fraud and massive increase in punishments.If they do that, the Rats will surface and try to do deals about immunity.

    States controlled by Republicans could start doing this within a week, demand that they do

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