Falling for a Bunch of Okey-Doke: Just Like an Obama Supporter

Falling for a Bunch of Okey-Doke: Just Like an Obama Supporter

Falling for a Bunch of Okey-Doke: Just Like an Obama Supporter

I couldn’t help but notice the stories, posts and radio outlets honing in on Barack Obama’s stutter-speech to the people of Elkhart, Indiana last night. For some strange and bizarre reason, BHO was nowhere near as eloquent as he is when he has a teleprompter sitting in front of him and as he is when his sycophants are hanging onto and applauding his every word.

I think he may have said “if” about 100 times in a two-minute snippet. (No, I did not slow down the audio to count but I’m sure that I am in the ballpark of the right figure.)


Stuttering aside, we have seen media outlets come to the defense of POTUS calling his stutter “intellectual stammer”. You know, because he’s so smart that his brain is moving quicker than his mouth is! So they say. Some media outlets have also come to analyze his use of the expression “okey doke” from last night’s trainwreck speech. From the Washington Post:

“OK: The Improbable Story of America’s Greatest Word,” published in 2010. And Allan Metcalf is the mind behind it.

Metcalf is so intrigued by the term okay and its many forms that a portion of his book also explores the term okey-doke and its African American roots. In fact it was Metcalf, who is white, who pointed out to The Fix that this really is not the first time Obama has used that term.

According to Metcalf, on the pages of “The Improbable Story of America’s Greatest Word,” on Jan. 23, 2008, while addressing a largely black audience in Sumter, S.C., Obama also said this:

“… The point is, part of what happens in Washington is folks will twist your words around, trying to pretend you said something you didn’t say, trying to pretend you didn’t say something you did. We know that game. But that’s the kind of politics that we’ve got to change. … So don’t be confused when you hear a whole bunch of this negative stuff. Those are the same old tricks. They’re trying to bamboozle you. It’s the same old okey-doke. Y’all know about okey-doke, right? It’s the same old stuff. It’s like if anybody gets one of these emails saying, “Obama is a Muslim.” I’ve been a member of the same church for almost 20 years, praying to Jesus, with my Bible. Don’t let people turn you around. Because they’re just making stuff up. That’s what they do. They try to bamboozle you. Hoodwink you. …”-Barack Hussein Obama

According to the Urban Dictionary (which WaPo cites for a definition), “okey-doke” means this:

okey doke
1. someone whose been tricked or duped
2. a trick
3. someone who was slipped something i.e.drugs or alcohol
“Man that okey doke was easy prey, we got his money and his car from him without him even realizing.”
“They played an okey doke on you, shad”
“He’s just an okey doke,his friends slipped him something in his drink”

So, if we read between the lines, the liberal media continues to spin this botched-up rhetoric of Obama’s as “intellectual stammer” and BHO, (the “caring” President he is), was providing a staunch warning on ol’ okey-doke trickery to Trump supporters and pretty much any one else who does not agree with his agenda last night. Allow me to do a little linguistic analysis of my own. Obama said this:

“If we turn against each other based on divisions of race or religion, if we fall for a bunch of ‘okey-doke,’ just because it sounds funny or the tweets are provocative, then we’re not going to build on the progress we started.”

Notice Obama brings up divisions of race and religion here. Notice how he uses this word here and in 2008. In one breath, he talks about racial and religious divides and in another, he uses an expression, with largely African-American roots according to Metcalf’s work, as a nudge of sorts. “Y’all know about okey-doke, right?”, he says as if it’s some inside joke. This inside joke subtly promotes the division he so claims to desire to put an end to. “They will trick you, they will bamboozle you…those folks in Washington! It’s the same ol’ okey-doke.”

Yep. It’s all one big okey-doke. One big trick from a person who is intellectual enough to know how the game is played, my friends. Obama is the master of the “okey-doke”. The American people have been tricked into thinking they are safer than they ever were before when it comes to terrorism. Some Americans believed the promises of affordable healthcare, abundant jobs with decent salaries and “hope and change”. Some people believed Americans together would be one big happy family on that fateful November day in 2008 but we have seen increasingly more riots and more racial tension in the last seven years. We’ve seen a man apologize for a country at which he is at the helm one day and claim to be a proud American the next, wavering to and fro between one sentiment and the other. We have seen him pandering to communist countries. Our institutions of higher learning have been turned into politically-charged, politically-correct cesspools of snively little brats who live in a world free of consequences and motivation and think that it is the government’s job to take care of them if they cannot take care of themselves. These kiddos go running into corners bawling citing “hate speech” when someone disagrees with the narrative that has been spoon-fed to them. We have seen our red, white and blue colors replaced at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with all colors of the rainbow and now have individuals fooled into thinking that they can be anything they want, on any given day…whichever way the wind blows them! We have individuals who protest the shooting of a gorilla but do not shed a tear for the death of an aborted child. And this: we have endured the sanctimonious rhetoric and veiled humor at those of us who do not agree with the ideologies of the Obama Administration.

Yep, the “okey-dokes” drank what was slipped in their Kool-Aid and continue to buy what is being peddled to them. But, according to the MSM, we’re the ones who lack gray matter and need to understand the meaning of okey-doke when Obama, light years beyond us intellectually, uses it in a sentence. Good Lord! Excuse me, who’s being tricked again? I’d say that We, The People are beyond the trickery and so beyond the #ObamaOkeyDoke. Did I stutter? Nope. I think I made myself perfectly clear.

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