Not A “Glitch:” State Dept Admits Deleting Iran Deal Press Briefing Footage Was Deliberate [VIDEOS]

Not A “Glitch:” State Dept Admits Deleting Iran Deal Press Briefing Footage Was Deliberate [VIDEOS]

Not A “Glitch:” State Dept Admits Deleting Iran Deal Press Briefing Footage Was Deliberate [VIDEOS]

The current administration brags continuously about how “transparent” they are.  Transparently secretive to the nth degree that is. In recent weeks and specifically the last couple of days, the State Department vividly demonstrated exactly how UN-transparent they’ve been while working to shove the Iran Deal down our necks.

The State Department acknowledged Wednesday that someone in its public affairs bureau made a “deliberate” request that several minutes of tape be cut from the video of a 2013 press briefing in which a reporter asked if the administration had lied about secret talks with Iran.

The embarrassing admission by State Department spokesman John Kirby came three weeks after another spokesperson insisted that a “glitch” had caused the gap, discovered only last month by the reporter whose questioning had mysteriously disappeared.

“This wasn’t a technical glitch, this was a deliberate step to excise the video,” Kirby told reporters.

It was a deliberate “glitch?” Say it isn’t so!!


Lets recap shall we? The New York Times Magazine wrote a long fawning piece about Ben Rhodes in May. That puff piece verified what many of us have known all along. The Iran Deal, that horrendously crappy deal, was wrong from the beginning. They knew it and used coercion, lies, and omissions to ram it through. In late 2013 Fox News Reporter James Rosen, who didn’t buy into the koolaid that Ben Rhodes was shoveling, questioned Victoria Nuland and Jen Psaki about the secret talks. You can watch the entire round of questioning here (starts at 28 minutes in). Here’s the problem though…that particular exchange? Mysteriously went POOF not long after that press briefing.

However, once Rosen called them out THREE YEARS later… guess what mysteriously REAPPEARED on May 9th? Yeppers, you guessed it. The entire exchange between Rosen and Psaki. Oh but the story doesn’t stop there. Fast forward to this week.


Who cut that portion out of the video?  Not I says Jen!

If Jen didn’t do it? Who did?

We have to ask, was the ‘glitch’ deliberate? Why yes, yes it was.

It was deliberate, but they don’t know WHO made the request and supposedly there aren’t any rules governing this type of action, therefore no one is going to get blamed. Uh huh…anyone else running to purchase swampland in the Antarctic?

The State Department is really pushing the mantra that:

A. it was a ‘genuine glitch’ that was done on purpose.

B. it was three years ago so please excuse the fact that we can’t remember anything and let’s just move along and pretend this was just one of those unfortunate things. Please and Thank you.

Yeah. No.

Lets ask again, if Jen didn’t do it, who did?

Short list indeed. Fact is, as Peter Doocy points out, if a Fox News producer hadn’t been reviewing that transcript and video for an entirely different story, we never would’ve known of the State Department’s deceptive editing “glitch.”  Will anyone get in trouble for this? I know, don’t laugh. We know the answer already. As with everything and everyone else in this Administration – yes Hillary Clinton, I’m looking at you and your emails/server mess – they’ll get a pass and go their merry way leaving immeasurable damage behind.

The issues with the video, the exchange between Jen Psaki and James Rosen disappearing from view, the lying, and the hiding of critical information should tell us one thing and one thing only. The Obama Administration has always known the Iran Deal is dangerously bad for the United States and they went ahead with it anyway.

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