Biden State Of The Union: “We Are Winning! Kind Of…”

Biden State Of The Union: “We Are Winning! Kind Of…”

Biden State Of The Union: “We Are Winning! Kind Of…”

Winning! That’s supposedly the message for Tuesday night’s State of the Union. Will we see Grandpa Joe, Angry Joe, or a mix of both? What will his list of accomplishments be? Does he know HOW to give a winning message?

Will Joe lead off with the China balloon debacle or will it get buried 30 minutes into his speech? And yes, to all the Lincoln Project and media wonks, we KNOW there are China satellites everywhere. A reconnaissance balloon spending a week drifting over the U.S. gathering who knows what kind of intel from a MUCH closer viewpoint should’ve been dealt with far earlier than it was. Plus, the DOD telling Joe ‘not yet’ on Wednesday is certainly NOT a winning look for the Biden Administration. 

According to a US Treasury spokeswoman, Dark Brandon is here for the win!

Yes, that’s real. Supposedly, the Biden State of the Union speech will be all about “flexing his wins” of the last two years. 

Biden is expected to rally Americans on Tuesday with the notion that the nation is at an inflection point as it emerges from the COVID pandemic and the trials put forth by Donald Trump’s time in office.

Oh, so blame Trump will be an underlying theme. Golly, the Democrats just cannot quit Donald Trump. Do they really think that subtly or overtly pointing the finger at the Trump Administration is STILL a winning message? Evidently so since, just the other day Biden snapped at a reporter and claimed that HE inherited an inflationary mess from Donald Trump when he took office. Except inflation was 1.4% at the time. What is it now? It’s hovering around 6.5% …had a high of 7.1% in November. Oh, but we are supposed to cheer while we see grocery prices up over 40%, there’s still a baby formula shortage, and egg prices are up well over 60% across the country. Again, inflation is now as high as it was over forty years ago. Yes, that’s a super duper winning message alright! 

He’ll probably tout his accomplishments regarding Afghanistan, helping Ukraine against the big bad Russia, never mind the fact that no one seems to be tracking the billions that have and are flowing into that country, building an infrastructure package that includes more government subsidies for wind and solar, draining the SPR of oil to ship to China, and discussing how the pandemic is really over, but maybe not. 

How about that winning momentum?

Their hope is that the speech will build momentum behind various initiatives languishing on Capitol Hill: proposals to curb police abuse, to protect voting rights and provide pathways to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. Biden will only need to glance up at the House gallery for an anguished reminder of police violence. Among the guests will be the parents of Tyre Nichols, who died days after police beat him in Memphis, Tennessee.

“The president has to recognize that shaping public opinion may be more important now than trying to be the most successful legislative mechanic,” said Marc Morial, president of the National Urban League and a former mayor of New Orleans.

Yes, that’s going to be something to hear. How will Biden discuss police reform, gun control while not managing to vilify the good cops out there? I doubt his speech writers can straddle that fence at all. 

Furthermore, if Biden is going to talk about DACA and tout other pathways to citizenship, will he talk about the open sieve that is our southern AND northern border? Nope. Or if he does, the speech writers will somehow try to make it Trump’s fault. Will Biden discuss the horrific fentanyl crisis that we are seeing due in a large part TO the open borders we have? I sincerely doubt it. I mean, raising concerns about illegals trafficking fentanyl is demonizing the poor souls.

Does anyone REALLY want Biden to run again? This poll discussing a run by Biden and Trump is pretty illuminating. 

Among Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents, 58% prefer somebody other than President Biden be their standard-bearer in two years, and 49% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents say the same about former President Donald Trump, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll released Sunday.

While 44% of Republicans support Trump being their nominee, only 31% of Democrats back Biden running for re-election.

The poll also found that 62% of Americans would be “dissatisfied” or “angry” if Biden won, and 56% would feel the same if Trump was victorious.

Wow, those percentages are pretty harsh. Yes, it’s only one poll, but it wouldn’t surprise me that this is a growing sentiment across all party lines. That said, who could run in Biden’s place? Cackles Kamala?? I don’t think so and I think Democrats would run screaming into the night rather than have her on the ticket. 

As asked above, whom will we see on Tuesday night? Whispering Grandpa Joe? Or the Angry Joe who vilified conservative Americans in front of Independence Hall last September?

It will be very interesting finding out what the Biden Administration believes is a “winning” message on Tuesday. 

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  • Citizen Tom says:

    Can you imagine getting up to the podium and trying to make a speech after running our country the way Biden has run it?

    • Hominem Humilem says:

      It’s not so hard to do when your brain, which was never very efficient or effective, is ravaged by increasing dementia. Just as long as he can find the teleprompter and they don’t write too long a speech, so they can get him back for pudding/ice cream/whatever before he loses focus and wanders away from the podium (or stays at the podium and wanders away from the speech on the teleprompter).

  • Stephen C says:

    Sure eggs are $8 where I live. But who eats eggs everyday? I am a pretzel and potato chip everyday guy. Prices of snacks are higher, unreasonably high if they would ask me. Not like the old days, the Trump days. Slow Joe will never convince me all is well with the economy.

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