Joe Biden: Delusional, Decrepit Divider In Chief

Joe Biden: Delusional, Decrepit Divider In Chief

Joe Biden: Delusional, Decrepit Divider In Chief

Many outlets, including ours here at VG have perceived exactly what the media does not want us to perceive about Joe Biden.

Despite many calling out the strange squinting of Joe Biden’s eyes and the angry rhetoric flowing from his mouth, the left has called him the “Unifier In Chief“, a gentle soul (snort), a beacon of love and light. He was just what we needed post Trump.

As “Doctor” Jill threw her dear husband to the wolves, inflicting his dementia upon America, Joe Biden has altered between aloof, creepy grandpa and angry old man over the past few years.

And, he did that just yesterday. This account from Bonchie at Red State

BIDEN: You know what, America is back and we’re leading the world again!

(awkwardly long pause with a desolate look on his face)

We are?! We’ve united Europe! We’ve united the, we’ve united the, Asia, Japan. Japan is doing more than its ever done.

We have Aukaseal (huh?) dealing with everything, Australia and India, we’re uniting the world.”-Bonchie, Red State

Japan? Dude, Japan has always been united, Joe. As someone who has lived in Japan for close to four years, Japan has always been efficient. Japan prides themselves on this efficiency and their nation. Japan prides themselves on their humility and their unity. Japan gets things done. Joe Biden and his feckless, incompetent, administration have nothing to do with Japan “doing more than its (they have, FIFY, Joe) ever done. C’mon, man. Reality check number one.

Reality check number two: where is Aukaseal? Oh, Australia? Glad you’ve cleared that up for us! Biden’s done sooooo much for Australia! How much have we done? Well, they look very much like a Communist, locked-down dystopia right now. Pat yerself on the back there, Joe! Australia’s lookin’ good!

People living in Victoria can only leave their homes for a limited selection of government-approved activities (essential shopping, authorized work or education, timed exercise, caregiving, compassionate and medical reasons, or to get vaccinated.) Even when leaving for a state-sanctioned reason, Victorians aren’t permitted to travel more than five kilometers (roughly three miles) away from their residence.

Visits are banned. Everything but the most essential of services has been forced closed by the government. Church gatherings are effectively prohibited. Masks are required everywhere at all times.”-Robert Schmad, The Washington Examiner

And, (Reality Check Number Three), uniting Europe? How so, Joe? While Russia tears through Ukraine and partners with China, Joe Biden pats himself on the back for a job well-done. Am I alone here when I wonder what universe our senile, old president is living in? And while China unites with Russia, they fly balloons that supposedly “got away” over our landscaping and Joe is completely clueless:

Makes us think he dipped some of those lead paint chips in his pudding cup.

And, Reality Check Number Four: fentanyl is killing our kids, Joe. So much for those low-income families of color. But Biden has yet to address that issue happening at the southern border of our country. He’d rather rant and squint his glazed-over, senile eyes at people opposed to the Democrat agenda and call us the enemies of America. He would rather place incompetent and careless people in charge of our borders and let cartels over a semi-constructed wall he halted construction on because the “Evil Orange Man” wanted it. Meanwhile in border-town U.S.A.? Gang violence, murders and children perishing. There’s a caring-grandpa-gentle-soul if I’ve ever seen one.

Reality Check Number Five:

This is who Joe Biden is. Joe Biden is an exploitative, establishment politician who will use a tragedy to further the divide in America. Bill Maher is not wrong here. Joe Biden despises racial minorities but will take advantage of any opportunity to advance his party’s agenda.

We won’t even talk about Joe Biden’s shady dealings of the past and his gross negligence of handling classified material. Here’s a spoiler: corruption and incompetence does not foster unity. Unless, of course, you’re running with the equally corrupt and incompetent. The only unity here is between Biden and “his people”.

So, I ask this question: Is this what unity in America should look like? Go ahead, CNN, MSNBC tell us not to worry. Joe Biden is “gonna take care of it“.

In the meantime, we watch in dismay. Can things get any worse? Cotton-eyed Joe would not know unity if it hit him in his brain-less melon like a lead balloon. Joe Biden is nothing but a delusional, decrepit Divider In Chief. Change my mind.

Photo Credit: Original Artwork by VG, Darleen Click

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  • Stephen C says:

    Thank you. A must read.

  • Yeah-Me-Neither says:

    No, Joe, I will neither read nor listen to your SOTU.

    McCarthy should never have invited Joe to deliver the SOTU in person. An in-person speech is not required by the Constitution, and the circus they make of it establishes that it should not be in person.

    McCarthy should have said, “We have enough liars, crooks and weasels to go around, we don’t need to invite another one, a decrepit and senile one at that!”

    We’re supposed to honor the office, not the individual. But when it comes to presidents, they are one and the same. I cannot honor the President of the United States, because that will be interpreted as honoring that worthless, creepy, child-abusing, crooked, …. and I could go on, but then my language would have to go into the gutter from which he came, so I won’t.

  • Scott says:

    ” Joe Biden despises racial minorities but will take advantage of any opportunity to advance his party’s agenda.”.. Well, he is the “leader” of the prty of slavery, Jim Crow, and the KKK… Just following in the footsteps of those who cam before him, like LBJ and his famous ( though ignored by the media) words on the subject..

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