Biden Media Image Is Hiding A Mean Old Man

Biden Media Image Is Hiding A Mean Old Man

Biden Media Image Is Hiding A Mean Old Man

Joe Biden’s image revolves around being a bumbling grandpa who people are supposed to just shrug their shoulders at. Which would be fine, if he wasn’t President of the United States.

But because Joe is Joe, nothing bad that happens around here is Joe Biden’s fault.

Facts be damned.

But this is just par for the course for Grandpa Joe and his sycophants in the media. Remember that the media is the entire reason why we have this doddering old fool as president. Their intense loathing of the Bad Orange Man meant that no matter what Biden did, he would get a pass.

Hiding in the basement instead of trying to campaign? Pass.

An accusation of sexual assault with some pretty compelling circumstantial evidence? Pass.

Allegations that his son was trading on the family name and access for money? Pass.

In fact, only two instances come to mind that the media hasn’t given Biden a pass. The first was Afghanistan, for obvious reasons. The second was the entire classified documents fiasco. And the reason that Biden has been grilled over that issue isn’t because the press had been hard on Donald Trump. Oh no, it was because the press was upset that the administration had lied by omission to THEM. That was the unforgivable sin.

So how does Biden keep getting away with things? The editor of the Washington Examiner had some thoughts.

When President Joe Biden delivers his State of the Union address on Feb. 7, he’ll blame Republicans for his failures and take credit for things he hasn’t done. That’s what he does. It’s what many Democrats are doing intensely right now — a strategy I wrote about recently — but Biden has a special sauce that allows him to get away with it more than any of his colleagues.”

Unofficially launching his reelection campaign, he’ll cast the GOP as the inflation party for opposing his inflationary Inflation Reduction Act, which spent hundreds of billions of borrowed federal dollars on subsidies. Biden will boast that inflation is falling fast without giving credit where it is due, to the Federal Reserve raising its target interest rate from zero to 4.5% since March. This was necessary because Biden’s policies stoked the worst inflation in 40 years. But he will get away with his casuistry.”

But most people, even those who recognize his incompetence, think Biden is a folksy nice guy. This is his special sauce. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), a Trump ally, called Biden “the nicest person I think I’ve ever met in politics.”

The public takes Biden’s carefully crafted image at face value — a blue-collar, Corvette-driving, ordinary Joe, who modestly commuted to Washington each day and rose to the top. People think he’s too old and know he has a bottomless ability to “f*** things up” (as former President Barack Obama put it). But they still like him. When asked about this, irrespective of whether they agree with him, Americans like him more than dislike him. Right now, he’s 10 points on the plus side.”

That’s a big reason why people think Joe is just being Joe when he’s trying to fool them. Their judgment is right in this, even though it’s regrettable that their response is to shrug, or even smile.”

It is true that Team Biden has taken full advantage of the “senile grandpa” angle. But there are so many examples of Joe Biden being a vindictive old man, especially when he feels that the media isn’t sufficiently subservient.

But the true test of Joe Biden’s character can be fully seen in the way that he treats his granddaughter. Ron Klain might sob that Joe is a good dad, but as we recounted yesterday, the adult Biden children have some complex issues with their parents, and Hunter has fought providing for his daughter every step of the way, now to the point that he doesn’t even want her to bear the Biden name. If Joe was a “good” man, what would he be telling his son to do? What would he be doing to reach out to a little girl who has done nothing wrong? Joe and Jill deliberately leave her out of their number of grandchildren, and do not acknowledge that she even exists. Is that what a “nice guy” does?

The media has enabled Joe’s “nice guy” persona, even though they know that he has a short fuse and treats women inappropriately. They took sides against Donald Trump, and that means they are stuck with a mean old man who has rejected his own grandchild because his son is a sexual predator who uses women. I hope they’re happy with their decision, because the rest of us sure aren’t.

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