Michelle Obama For President 2024

Michelle Obama For President 2024

Michelle Obama For President 2024

Our Lizard Overlords aka the Deep State have been floating the name of Michelle Obama for President of the United States since about five minutes after her husband Barack (Praise be upon him.) Obama won election in 2008. Call me a cynical RACIST YT woman, but if the Overlords wish it to be so, it will be so. Woe be unto us peasants if the fondest desires of the Deep State come to fruition.

We began ruminating on this subject because the Washington Examiner posted this column today “Could Michelle Obama become the Democrats’ 2024 presidential nominee?”. It’s an honest question. Creepy Joe Biden for another term? Cackling Kammie? As Elizabeth Stauffer writes in the Op-Ed:

The party certainly doesn’t have a deep bench of candidates. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s miserable performance shows he’s incapable of running the country. Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) would be 83 years old on his Inauguration Day. Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) likely lacks the charisma to gain national support.

These are desperate times indeed for Democrats when California Gov. Gavin Newsom and Warren are the best the party has to offer.

But there’s another candidate who just might save the day. As abhorrent as the thought may be, former first lady Michelle Obama’s name is increasingly being bandied about as a potential nominee.

She has been on the Deep State Presidential wishlist for ages. As our Dear Jenny wrote in 2017:

Michelle Obama, the next possible politically catastrophic natural disaster for America, has said many times she is not interested in running for president. But Doug Schoen, a long-time Democratic commentator says Michelle is by far the best choice for the Democrats. Her approval ratings top her husband’s and her potential rivals’. Barack Obama enjoys very high approval ratings and anyone associated with him will certainly benefit from that relationship.

While Michelle is not currently indicating any interest to run for president (though her Facebook fans want her to), I have a sneaking suspicion it really would not take too much to nudge her into a candidacy. Her husband, who can’t seem to go about his life without interfering in ours, would very likely be a supportive spouse, and it cannot be denied that Democrats and liberals really love her. She has little known baggage, except for that time in Chicago when a $316,962/year position to handle community affairs at the University Medical Center was created with her in mind, and then when she left, no one replaced her – that’s how valuable the job was apparently.

Ah yes. That oh so important job Our Lady of Grievances held before she ascended to the throne of FLOTUS. And, speaking of Grievances, that’s all Michelle Ma Belle has. She was unhappy at Princeton University. She was never proud of her country until Barack was elected. She hated living in the White House and President Donald Trump’s Inauguration upset her.

It wasn’t just the eight years in the White House either when she was unhappy. She actively was unhappy with Barack (Praise be upon him.) Obama in their marriage for ten years. Ten years???

Look every human has days when they don’t like themselves or their spouse, but ten years??? Girlfriend has issues. Michelle Obama may say she doesn’t want to be President, but if her country needs her, she will swallow the bile she feels for this country and step up to be our First Authentically Black and Female President. Who could resist. Joel Gilbert definitely thinks she is running and copying Barack (you know the drill) Obama’s formula. She introduced Joe Biden at the 2020 Democrat Convention, she has a book, and she has a voter registration group.

Who could blame Michelle? She would go down in history. She would be the Mother of the Rebirth of Our Country Without Original Sin. You can hear it now, can’t you? She will finish the “fundamental transformation” of our country begun under her husband. Joe can’t do it. Eight years of Michelle Obama will do the job. Our country will be finished.

And my dear friends, I don’t think we will get a choice. If our Lizard Overlords choose Michelle, she will be the Chosen One. The scowling America Hater will be the next President of the United States. She will be installed just as creepy Joe was installed. The Deep State is like a Marvel Cinematic Universe Villain. It cannot be destroyed. Trump tried and look what they are still doing to him. You may think Donald Trump is too damaged to run again. When the Lizard Overlords run Michelle, Donald (Obi-Wan Kenobi) Trump will be our only hope. File this away under predictions and then thank me when I am right. May the force be with you.

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  • Hate_me says:

    YT? Not familiar with that particular bit of woke cant.

    Personally, I’m hoping for a winning AOC ‘24 ticket. I don’t know if there’s anyway to make a sinking ship hilarious, but she’s the best candidate for that.

    If this great American experiment has run its course, I’d prefer it go out with a laugh.

  • Joe R. says:

    Can’t spell HOPE it’s expensive [the campaign, that is] without HO.

  • FOAF says:

    “Michelle Obama couldn’t stand Barack for ten years”

    Give her some credit, she’s catching up to the rest of us.

  • Lsi says:

    Big Mike!

  • John Medina says:

    If I had known that being an angry b!+ch qualified you for public office, I would have run a long time ago.

  • frank hammond says:

    Bill O’Reilly has been predicting for over the last year that Michelle will be the Dem nominee in 2024. Nothing can stop her. The Dems will win big in 2024. The Country is doomed.

  • Tell-the-Truth says:

    Moochelle had some *very* important jobs at U of C Hospital!

    She was first hired as Director of Being-Married-to-a-State-Senator, and later promoted to V.P. of Being-Married-to-a-U.S.Senator, with a staff of 22, no less (no doubt to help her prepare to handle her staff of 26 as First, ah, whatever).

    But the hospital did land some impressive earmarks during her tenure there, so I suppose the “investment” did pay off. (U of C Hospital is a *very* political organization.) And, yes, when Barack was elected and she quit, her department & its entire staff was eliminated.

  • Stephen C says:

    re-stated, Obama’s fourth term as President.

  • Scott says:

    ” The Deep State is like a Marvel Cinematic Universe Villain. It cannot be destroyed. “.. Oooh, I beg to differ… the problem is finding enough people willing to do what would need to be done to destroy it.. Then again, installing Mooch as pResident might just be the catalyst needed to get those numbers..

  • Lloyd says:

    UGH! The thought of Mobama running for president makes me sick. We do not need a
    big, ugly, angry black woman for president.

  • Yeah-Me-Neither says:

    OK, others have said this about other presidents and then not acted on it, but you have to think, “If Michelle Obama is president, why am I still here?”

    The only hope would be disunion.

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