WaPo Doesn’t Want Banned Conservative Accounts Reinstated

WaPo Doesn’t Want Banned Conservative Accounts Reinstated

WaPo Doesn’t Want Banned Conservative Accounts Reinstated

The WaPo, specifically doxxer Taylor Lorenz, is now on the record. Conservative accounts that were banned must not be reinstated or the ‘gates of hell’ will be unleashed.

Elon Musk plans to reinstate nearly all previously banned Twitter accounts — to the alarm of activists and online trust and safety experts.

After posting a Twitter poll asking, “Should Twitter offer a general amnesty to suspended accounts, provided that they have not broken the law or engaged in egregious spam?” in which 72.4 percent of the respondents voted yes, Musk declared, “Amnesty begins next week.”

While many seem to believe that Musk is using Twitter polls to conduct business, I happen to think he is expertly trolling in order to see how people will respond. Case in point, Taylor Lorenz’s massive pearl clutching. I’m sure she’s trying to figure out how to dox friends and family of Musk’s, yet is wary of the massive blowback that would ensue. 

That said, while many honestly thought Twitter would die last week, the very opposite has happened. And, according to The Washington Post (Taylor specifically), very troublesome conservative accounts have been reinstated. Oh. The. Horror. This shall not stand! 

What’s even worse in the media’s opinion is that Musk is now signaling that he may very well release all the info regarding the push to censor all info about Hunter Biden’s laptop. 

In an act of ‘politically motivated censorship’, Twitter deliberately prevented users from sharing a link to a front-page newspaper article about Hunter Biden’s private life and his controversial business ties to Ukraine in the run-up to the 2020 Election between Biden’s father and Trump.

One person wrote: ‘Raise your hand if you think [Musk] should make public all internal discussions about the decision to censor the story on Hunter Biden’s laptop before the 2020 Election in the interest of Transparency.’

Musk responded: ‘This is necessary to restore public trust.

As we’ve reported multiple times since 2020, the media went all in to stifle the NY Post’s reporting of the Hunter Biden laptop. To wit, Twitter locked down the NY Post account for weeks after the story was initially published. Hunter Biden needed to be protected. Anything to do with his work with ‘the BIG GUY’, China, Ukraine, etc etc had to be censored in order to get Joe Biden to the electoral finish line. 

And what was the result? Biden got elected, Hunter Biden is playing paint by numbers, our foreign policy is a shambles, and our economy is in the crapper. 

Yet, what are many in the media concerned about? Letting THOSE banned accounts back on Twitter. Specifically conservative accounts. THEY are the problem you see. 

Certainly Joe Biden isn’t a problem. Except, he is a problem. His cognitive issues ARE a problem, for him, for his family (who should be horsewhipped for enabling this), and for the security of this country. 

Just yesterday, Biden couldn’t seem to handle a Thanksgiving call, and then turned around to suddenly parade grandson Beau around while they visited a Nantucket fire station. 

Conservative accounts were banned for questioning government and media narratives, including the info about Hunter Biden. Now, as Elon signals he may let even more back onto the site, the media is clutching pearls and yelling at the sky. The ‘big guy’ needs to be protected, so let’s circle the wagons! 

Just watch over the next few days and weeks. The media firefighters are already at work to try and stop Elon from letting information about Hunter and specifically the details on his laptop see the light of day. Furthermore, as more reports come in, it does seem that Biden is contemplating a second term. Ok, it’s not Biden, it’s all his handlers who are planning this. However, the media firefighters don’t want adverse reporting on Twitter by any conservatives, specifically those who were banned because they tweeted stuff that went against the chosen narratives. 

Here’s the kicker in all of this. Taylor Lorenz and evidently the Washington Post agree that allowing THOSE banned conversations back onto Twitter are the problem. The irony is… 

Reversing the suspensions would mean “turning Twitter into a one-stop shop for operationalizing doxing and harassment, and an engine of radicalization,” Carusone said. “It’s a red pill Pez dispenser.”

Libs of TikTok would like a word about her experiences with Taylor’s brand of doxxing, as well as other media firefighters piling on.


You see, doxxing conservatives for going against the narrative is GOOD! But allowing conservatives back onto Twitter who might have questions about Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, or any of the media’s chosen narratives is BAD! 

I say, let the chips fall where they may. 

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  • Cameron says:

    Their caterwauling is sweet to listen to. But if they are that sad, why don’t they just create their own platform?

  • LTC (Ret.) Ted says:

    Anyone who tells you categorically that, “Yelling, ‘Fire!’ in a theater is not protected by the 1st Amendment” leaves out one thing they missed in 11th Grade Civics: It is is protected, if the theater IS on fire.

    IMO, If someone, on Twitter II says, “I think Barnaby Rudge is a bigot”, the statement is inarguable. If the statement is “Barnaby Rudge is a bigot”, a complainer may have recourse at law, but not in Twitter II.

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  • GWB says:

    One point of order, Nina. A lot of those banned accounts were not actually conservative. They were merely not in tune with the Progressive fundamentalists and the power center of the Democrat party. Musk is restoring conservatives, but he’s also restoring a lot of people/groups left of center who just weren’t left enough for the cabal.

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