LibsofTikTok Fights Back After Taylor Lorenz Hit Piece

LibsofTikTok Fights Back After Taylor Lorenz Hit Piece

LibsofTikTok Fights Back After Taylor Lorenz Hit Piece

LibsofTikTok is fighting back after the Washington Post gleefully published Taylor Lorenz’s garbage hit piece this morning.

Who is LibsofTikTok? Simply, it’s a Twitter handle that has gained considerable attention for posting TikTok videos of liberals pushing their CRT, LGBTQZ, and other atrocious liberal agendas on their co-workers, students, and more. Essentially LibsofTikTok is just shining a very bright light on the liberal craziness that is destroying our society from within. And the liberals can’t have that. 

They’ve had Twitter suspend that account several times, but when it’s found that all LibsofTikTok is doing is just retweeting what THEY THEMSELVES willingly posted, Twitter unlocks the account. 

Evidently, Taylor Lorenz, who has a long history of doxxing people she doesn’t like, got wind of what LibsofTikTok is doing and decided to not only publish a hit piece, but dox the account owner and her extended family as well! The Washington Post is completely ok with this, otherwise the piece would’ve been killed. 

Here’s an example: Earlier this month, she posted an account about a theatre in the UK planning to do a full production, including nudity, specifically aimed at educating children about sex, masturbation, and porn. Needless to say, once that information was made public, the blowback was immense. Rightfully so, the theatre while whining that the “Family Sex Show” was necessary, the show was canceled. 

That’s just ONE of a multitude of liberal degenerate videos uncovered and published by LibsofTikTok. Well, Taylor Lorenz couldn’t have that. Neither could some of the liberals she helpfully interviewed in her doxxing hit job

Members of the LGBTQ+ community who still attempt to use platforms like TikTok to educate people on gay or trans issues are subject to intense online abuse, causing a chilling effect. “[Libs of TikTok] is playing on fears and misunderstandings of who trans people are, while amping up extreme rhetoric and normalizing portraying queer people as inherently dangerous to children,” Branstetter said. “It’s hard to stoke moral panic without main characters, and the role Libs of TikTok is playing is finding those characters.”

No, the so-called “Family Sex Show” wasn’t about education. It was totally about grooming and conveying the morally repugnant implication that behavior like this should be mainstreamed. LibsofTikTok is fighting back against that assertion, which is a big reason why Taylor Lorenz decided once again to throw on her ‘Mean Girl’ hat and take a swipe at LibsofTikTok. While doing so, she reframed another incident to make it seem innocuous. Except that what LibsofTikTok exposed was a degenerate sex camp for kids in Kentucky! 

Here’s the ultimate irony of this. Just weeks ago Taylor and some reporter who is some sort of nonbinary trans “journalist” were interviewed about…ONLINE HARASSMENT! 

If you watched the video, you’d see the disclaimer at the beginning. What was that about? OH:

Reporter Kate Sosin, who covers LGBTQ issues for The 19th News, objected after being identified as a female during a segment about women journalists who face online harassment. 


Meanwhile, Taylor Lorenz, a Washington Post journalist also featured in the segment, criticized MSNBC after it aired.

“Instead of using me for clickbait NBC news needs to educate their journalists on how to cover these types of campaigns,” Lorenz wrote on Friday. “Their segment lacks crucial context and only serves to fuel the right wing smear campaign I’ve been dealing with for a year. The media must do better.”

Lorenz then wrote on Sunday, “If your segment or story on ‘online harassment’ leads to even worse online harassment for your subjects, you f–ked up royally and should learn how to cover these things properly before ever talking about them again.”

Hold on, read the above quote again. A. If Taylor hadn’t wanted to be “clickbait” then why did she sit for the interview and blubber about getting PTSD from online harassment? B. It’s rich irony that she’s lecturing MSNBC about how to cover harassment campaigns and then turns around and initiates another major harassment campaign of her own this morning!

Needless to say, many people including myself are squarely in LibsofTikTok’s corner. Christina Pushaw, Governor Ron DeSantis Press Secretary broke the news last evening. Then it was confirmed that Lorenz and others showed up at the homes of LibsofTikTok’s relatives! 

Yep, fight back twice as hard!

Taylor called out multiple people in her hit piece, including Glenn Greenwald, who is anything BUT a conservative. He was having NONE of it and wrote a lengthy Twitter thread calling Lorenz on the carpet. 

Taylor Lorenz wants to have her cake and eat it too. She wants to be able to whine and blubber about being bullied and harassed, yet wants a free pass to do the same to anyone whose agenda she doesn’t agree with. She and many others in the liberal media are now scrambling to “explain” that this is just regular “journalism.” 

No, it isn’t. Taylor Lorenz gleefully published a hit piece doxxing LibsofTikTok. She is now reaping what she sowed.

You bought this Washington Post, enjoy the ride. 

Feature Photo Credit: Press clown via Pixabay, cropped and modified

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  • Cameron says:

    I believe the scorched earth approach is all we have left. Start releasing the names, addresses and phone numbers of these “people” along with the information of their spouses and their children. When they whine about it, we show pictures of their houses.

    • Rick Yarnell says:

      Either: “So if we dislike some reporters’ works can we show up at their houses and the homes of their family members to question them about it?”
      Or: “So if we dislike a reporter’s work can we show up at one’s house and the homes of family members to question all of them about it?”

  • There are no rules. The Left has already decided that. Remember it, when some custardhead starts ranting that “We mustn’t sink to their level!”

    • Cameron says:

      The only thing the Moral High Ground is good for is a place to stage the artillery.

      • GWB says:

        Honestly, I prefer the moral high ground.
        But I don’t think it’s giving it up to destroy those who would drag (and already have dragged) our culture into the cesspit. I do not think the colonials gave up the moral high ground when they started shooting British military formations. Nor when they tarred and feathered oppressive agents of the crown.

  • GWB says:

    Members of the LGBTQ+ community
    Based on her tweets about the article, it was ALL about teh gays. Her concern was entirely “They’re hurting our feelings! Waaaaaahhhh!” because they aren’t affirming the homosexuals, perverts, and mentally ill who are acting out in public. They’re saying “Huh. Look at this.”

    misunderstandings of who trans people are
    No, I don’t misunderstand who these people are, at all. They are mentally ill, for the most part, indoctrinated into a cult in their entirety.

    normalizing portraying queer people as inherently dangerous to children
    Well, if you don’t want it normalized, then maybe you should talk to the people flying their freak flag on TT?

    Libs of TikTok … is finding those characters
    Yes, they are. Because those characters are having a casting call in the street.

    Basically, she thinks they should be able to be total perverts, in public, demanding to groom your children into being perverts, and nobody should even notice. All the normies should just politely look away as every last bit of society is pulled down and burned to ash.

    the morally repugnant implication that behavior like this should be mainstreamed
    One of the main doctrines of Progressivism is hedonism. That you should be able to do anything that feels good and there should be no consequences to you. And, since there shouldn’t be any consequences to bad behavior/choices, there’s no problem at all with getting kids into the act. Everything is a construct and should be brushed aside in favor of your own special concept of self and your evolution to a higher plane.

    She is now reaping what she sowed.
    And this is why so many people are lacking any sympathy whatsoever for her. We want to see someone get what they’re actually asking for in a just world.

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