Unhinged Teacher In Oregon Goes Mental On Protestors

Unhinged Teacher In Oregon Goes Mental On Protestors

Unhinged Teacher In Oregon Goes Mental On Protestors

The latest tale of an unhinged “Karen” comes from Bend, Oregon, where a self-professed teacher decided to give some lockdown protestors a piece of her mind.

Hmmm. Was she the same crazy person who went nuts after hearing about the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg? Or was that her sister from another mister?
We know, she’s driving a Subaru in the great state of Kate Brown’s Oregon. Shocker, I know. Why was this “teacher” telling some “b*tch” to “kill herself”? Why was she frantically flipping people off at an intersection? They had the nerve and audacity to show up on the streets of her city and hold up a couple of signs that triggered her into a completely unhinged temper tantrum. Let me guess. She probably has one of those “In This Classroom, We Believe Science Is Real, Love is Love” signs. Well, in this case, love ain’t no Subaru. Thank God there wasn’t a pooch in the back seat. (Please, oh please, Dear God, I hope this woman does not have any animals!)

Seriously, can you imagine this unhinged woman teaching your kids? She literally just told someone to kill themselves. She must be a joy at circle time! If she is indeed a teacher, and indeed a teacher for the Bend-LaPine school district, you’ll get good a laugh at this. Their Facebook cover photo says they “choose kindness”. Just throwing that kindness around like confetti, we see.

Lots of comments on Twitter, including the fact that she became so unhinged at one point, we think she accidentally set her windshield wipers off. Maybe she lived in a foreign country that is obviously sooo much better than the United States and she confused her turning signal with her wipers? Who knows?

But this. This is what is teaching the upcoming generation. You don’t like someone’s opinion or views? Call them names, wish death upon them, cuss and scream at them and wave your middle finger for all to see. “I’m a f*cking teacher“, she says. What were these people saying to her in return? “God Bless You.” Don’t like what you see and hear? Throw a temper tantrum. Man, she must have been a joy when she was a young girl! And guys, don’t even think of it-you can’t swipe left fast enough!

She is paid by taxpayers in her district, no doubt. She gets a pension. She gets her summers off. She also gets unhinged when Americans convey ideas that she, apparently, does not like. How would this pan out in the classroom with one of her students? The left loves to talk about our President. They love to talk about how unhinged and undisciplined he is in his remarks on television, on Twitter, what have you. Here, we have a self-proclaimed teacher, an occupation that has been revered-they are our unsung heroes, some say, yelling profanities out of her Subie that include telling people to kill themselves. If a student did that on a ZOOM meeting to another student, this would be grounds for either suspension or expulsion. Which begs the question, what discipline will her school’s administration put forth? Don’t all hold your breath here.

My students’ families are dying!”

Why are they dying? Perhaps not from COVID-19 as she may think. I am willing to bet more families are suffering from the effects of job loss and economic despair than from the symptoms of COVID-19. Schools have been shuttered for months on end with no end in sight. Parents are faced with either quitting their jobs to assist their younger children with online learning, thus not bringing in a paycheck, or they are working during the day, leaving children at daycare centers or with (high-risk category) grandparents to assist with online learning-both scenarios not ideal and one, yes, could “kill” a beloved family member. Unhinged Suzie Subaru still collects a paycheck. Some of the parents of the kids who may be in her (virtual) classroom? They may not be as lucky.

But unhinged teacher yelling at the people bestowing blessings upon her? She wants peaceful reopen protestors to know what’s what and to kill themselves. Such a dangerous disease we’re dealing with here. She’s an effing educator who believes in science. Can’t teach in a classroom of 20 but we’re sure she went on her Target run with more than 50 people in the store during the pre-Christmas rush. And then there’s this:

But by all means, lady, scream out your window all of your hateful bile. I never thought I would say this but this unhinged lunatic would be one good argument for pulling masks up and keeping them there.

UPDATE: According to this, teacher has been identified as an employee in Jefferson Country School District (Motto: Unite. Engage. Soar). She is a first-year teacher and has been suspended. The incident is being investigated while she is on leave. The district has declined to release a name.

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  • RCPete says:

    I’ll defend Subarus east of the Cascades. I can’t speak for Bend, but further south, we have plenty of Deplorable Trump voters driving Foresters and Outbacks. They are good in snow and (with the studded tires that TPTB hate) ice. Klamath Falls on a shopping day is a mix of 4 x 4 pickups and Subies.

    OTOH, west of the Cascades, that’s another story. You don’t *have* to be a lesbian to drive a Forester there, but it helps.

  • Andrew X says:

    OMG, she’s been suspended! That’ll teach her. Force her to face the consequences of her idiocy by making her live… exactly as she’s been living for the last eight months.

    While the admin mumbles and shuffles their feet and mutters to her about not doing stupid stuff that will make them look bad… before reinstating her and forgetting the whole thing after the Net caravan has moved on.

    Man, she is in for it.

  • Sam L. says:

    Hey! I used to have a Subaru Outback, for the 4-wheel drive, until I sold it to my wife’s nephew.. Good car.

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