China Watch: Trump Hangs Tough, but Biden?

China Watch: Trump Hangs Tough, but Biden?

China Watch: Trump Hangs Tough, but Biden?

President Trump may be nearing the end of his term — whether we like it or not. However, even in these waning days, he’s still standing tough on China, as are members of his administration.

But what will Joe Biden do? That’s a scary thought, considering that China is our greatest threat, and Biden is part of the elitist squad in Washington who have kowtowed to that nation. More about that later.

On Monday, the U.S. slapped sanctions on multiple Chinese officials after they clamped down on Hong Kong. Due to China’s new draconian security law passed in June, the Trump administration singled out 14 vice chairs of the Standing Committee of the National Peoples’ Congress. As a result, the U.S. will bar them from traveling to America, and will freeze any U.S. assets as well.

Nor are these officials the first to feel the sting of Trump. Hong Kong chief executive, the pro-Beijing Carrie Lam, can no longer can no longer maintain a bank account. The U.S. Treasury is putting the squeeze on her finances, and Lam recently stated that she now relies upon her “piles of cash.”


Carrie Lam. World Economic Forum/flickr/CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

Plus, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement that these new sanctions would “underscore that the United States will continue to work with our allies and partners to hold Beijing accountable for undermining Hong Kong’s promised autonomy.”

He added:

“The United States again urges Beijing to abide by its international commitments and to heed the voices of many countries, which have condemned its actions.” 

Not only that, but last week Pompeo ended five cultural exchange programs that Beijing had funded. He also said the State Department would limit visas for members of the Chinese Communist Party.

Pompeo will also travel to Georgia on Wednesday to speak at the Georgia Institute of Technology. His topic? The “China challenge to U.S. national security and academic freedom,” according to the State Department. He wants to tighten the screws on China. Pompeo knows how dangerous China is. He correctly stated:

“The Chinese Communist Party has long sought to spread Marxist-Leninist ideology and exert its influence all over the world. These malign activities are intended to co-opt and coerce subnational leaders, overseas Chinese communities, academia, and other civil society groups both in the United States and other countries in furtherance of the CCP’s authoritarian narratives and policy preferences.”

Even the House of Representatives voted on Monday to provide relief for Hongkongers who want to seek refuge in the United States. In a bipartisan vote the House passed the Hong Kong People’s Freedom and Choice Act, which would provide Temporary Protected Status. Under this act, Hongkongers could live and work in the U.S. without fear of deportation.

Democrat Rep. Tom Malinowski (NJ) and Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger (IL) sponsored the bill, which also has support across party lines in the Senate. Malinowski said:

“It’s actually much more than a humanitarian gesture — it’s one of the best ways to deter China from crushing Hong Kong.”

Another member of the Trump administration who acknowledges the danger of China is John Ratcliffe, Director of National Intelligence. Ratcliffe appeared on Fox News Monday night with Tucker Carlson.

But now that Joe Biden will probably become president, don’t count on him to take the same hardline stance that Trump has. Yes, Biden has promised that he’ll keep the tariffs in place. Moreover, Wei Zongyou of Fudan University predicted that Biden won’t come to the table with China until “the second half of next year.”

We’ll see. However, you should be alarmed.

That’s because China expects Biden to sweep away all that bad blood from President Trump, with the help of Wall Street. On Monday, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said he wants to “dialogue” with the United States and return their relationship to “rationality.” He also called Trump’s attitude “outdated Cold War mentality.”

Yi expects help from the business world, too.

“Strategic researchers, business, and industry representatives are all encouraged to enhance dialogue and communication, pushing forward bilateral ties. American businesses should play an active role in stabilizing a healthy relationship.”

Yi said this while addressing a video conference with the U.S.-China Business Council. Executives from General Motors, Caterpillar, FedEx, Visa, and Qualcomm were among those attending. Matt Margulies, vice-president for China Operations at the Council is also very enthused about working with China again.

“China’s top leadership continues to support engagement with business leaders from American industry during a year of heightened tensions. This sends a necessary, positive signal to Chinese industry that, despite tensions, it’s okay for US and Chinese companies to do business together.”

Of course they are. Wall Street, along with powerful politicians, has been allowing China to infiltrate the top echelons of power for decades. On Monday, along with the interview with Ratcliffe, Tucker Carlson aired portions of a video with Di Dongsheng, Dean of International Relations at Remnin University in Beijing. Di boasted of how China “has people at the top of America’s core inner circle of power and influence.”

But Di also told his audience that President Trump had put a crimp in China’s quest to be the world’s superpower. So China worked with Wall Street to help elect Joe Biden. As it had previously helped to set up Hunter Biden’s foundation, too.

“Trump has been saying that Biden’s son has some sort of global foundation. Have you noticed that? Who helped him to build the foundation? Got it? There are a lot of deals in all these.” 

Yeah, we’ve got it. Wall Street, the media, and the political establishment are more willing to suck up to China than to put America first.

(In case you’re interested in more revelations, you can watch the full video here.)

So just who put America first? President Trump, who understands that China is our biggest threat. But don’t count on Joe Biden to do the same. He’s a creature of establishment politics and a crony of Wall Street. Biden will work with his corporate buddies to make China — and their bank accounts — Great Again.


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