Trump Tantrum: New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio Encourages More “Peaceful” Protests

Trump Tantrum: New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio Encourages More “Peaceful” Protests

Trump Tantrum: New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio Encourages More “Peaceful” Protests

The Democrat Party—crushed Tuesday night like a lobster at a Surf ‘n Turf feast—wants to take its power back. And it’s thinking Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, and creepy commie George Soros are the three compadres to do just that. (Why, by the way, has Mr. Soros not been arrested and prosecuted for funding domestic terrorism?) But they’re not alone. Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City—the same Bill de Blasio whose claim to fame is allowing public urination, demonizing his own law enforcement, and overseeing an increase in violent crimes in his city since taking office—has jumped on to the CryBaby Bandwagon, encouraging more anti-Trump protests riots:

New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio (Photo Credit:
New York Mayor Bill de Blasio (Photo Credit:

“We have to recognize that all over this country, the more disruption that’s caused peacefully … the more it will change the trajectory of things,” said de Blasio in an interview.

De Blasio said that resistance is entirely necessary, claiming that Trump is likely to lose the popular vote and therefore will ‘not have a mandate to rule.’

Trump has no “mandate?” Have you seen this map, Mr. de Blasio?

Or this graph?

Or these maps that bode not at all well for Democrat power in the foreseeable future?

Might I remind you of this photo, of those “protesters” you support, advocating for the rape of the President Elect’s wife:

The Love Trumps Hate Crowd calling for sexual violence against future First Lady, Melania Trump. (Photo Credit: PJ Media)
The “Love Trumps Hate” Crowd calling for sexual violence against future First Lady, Melania Trump. (Photo Credit: PJ Media)

And that this:

…and this:

…and this:

…is what you’re supporting, Billy. It’s nothing short of domestic terrorism.

Meanwhile, following said red-tide whiplash, suddenly Mr. de Blasio is concerned about accountability, and seems to think that our divided nation is a recent phenomenon:

“We need to hold Trump accountable for anything he does that encourages hate and division…The more extreme he is, the more people fight back, the more it takes away his power.”

Strange. Where have you been for the past eight years while Barack Obama has wielded the IRS, the EPA, the DOJ and just about every other federal agency like the master of the One Ring?


We the People have had enough, Mr. de Blasio. We’re tired of your bullying, your exclusion, your failed policies. And we’re tired of the sitting president and the twice-failed Democrat nominee whose silence in the face of astroturfed chaos continues to speak volumes. We shouted it loud and clear last Tuesday. Get over it. Your side lost. And you didn’t just lose, you lost in a nationwide bloodbath, from the White House all the way down to your friendly neighborhood dog catcher. Your party is smaller and weaker than it’s been in nearly a century. And just like Obama boasted: elections have consequences. Now get to the back of the bus while the adults clean up your eight-year-long mess. Here’s hoping the citizens of New York City see fit to toss your incompetent tuckus out in 2017 in similar fashion. Because it’s more than obvious that you still don’t get why it is that your party was filleted like a Chilean sea bass. And that’s the very reason your own electorate should remove you from any position of power.

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  • VALman says:

    Donald Trump has his faults. (Don’t we all. How many of us would volunteer to have them on public display and to the degree that he has?) Nevertheless, I’d rather be in a foxhole with him than any of the leadership of the Democrat Party.

    Trump may be caustic and abrasive, at times, but the latter are just hateful. They’re revealing as much to all who will see.

    I think the supporters Donal Trump has will dig in all the harder.
    And he may actually can some more after persons witness the asinine behavior of the protestors. (Incidentally, I reference an article came to by way of Drudge. It reports that of 112 people arrested in Portland, 70% didn’t vote in Oregon. They either didn’t vote or were not registered in the state.

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