The Democrat Party Is Center-Conservative Says AOC

The Democrat Party Is Center-Conservative Says AOC

The Democrat Party Is Center-Conservative Says AOC

According to the brilliance that is AOC, the Democrat Party is “center-conservative.” Yes folks, that is what she said yesterday.

It took me about twenty minutes to stop laughing at that. The Democrats of today aren’t leftist?

“The current Democratic Party stands for far left-leaning ideas. Every single 2020 Democratic candidate is running on some form of expanded government-issued insurance, whether “Medicare for All” by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, “Medicare for all who want it” by Pete Buttigieg, or expanding Obamacare, as Joe Biden suggests.

These Democrats are also running on removing remaining abortion restrictions, canceling existing student debt, and attempting to establish free college for everyone. These radical proposals are the epitome of far-left ideologies. The Democratic Party isn’t “conservative” in any sense.”

Let’s take a deeper look at the evidence shall we?


AOC is all in for Bernie Sanders. He wants the version of Medicare-for-All that ensures our healthcare will be completely government run and taxpayer funded. With the end result that our economy will tank, healthcare costs will skyrocket even more, and the quality of medical care received will deteriorate.

Not being able to get a floor vote on Medicare-for-All is because the center-conservative Democrats can’t gain traction in the House and it’s the left (meaning Republicans or something??) are holding things up? Her logic leaves a lot to be desired.

However, according to AOC, championing M4A is “center-conservative.” Not left, and definitely NOT socialist.

Green New Deal:

As if Medicare for All isn’t socialist left enough, let’s look at AOC’s pet project. Going after those darned cow farts and working to get rid of air travel won’t be enough with her deal. Nope, let’s retrofit every building with solar and other green energy stuff – even if it destroys the historical value of the home. Let’s work to make everyone drive electric vehicles (which are powered by coal, etc), and gardens galore for all, even for those who don’t realize that our veggies come from dirt.

The hefty costs of that sweet wonderful cow fart deal would bankrupt the world. That’s center-conservative? Not hardly.


Abortion is NOT center-conservative. The Democrats have been all in on this hideous evil for decades from Congress to the local level. Yes, Ralph Northam, I’m looking at you.

Second Amendment/Gun Rights:

Mike Bloomberg is running so he can take control and get rid of every gun, our Constitutional rights are not his concern. Democrats in Congress as well as the state levels want to take away our Second Amendment rights. Yesterday’s events in Virginia shine a very bright light on Democrats and the media’s grave disappointment that violence didn’t happen. They wanted it to because that would’ve made their premise of ‘conservatives are the ones inciting violence’ come true. It didn’t and they have no idea how to deal with that.

Doing away with our Second Amendment is definitely NOT center-conservative!


The trial starts today. Pelosi’s Avengers along with the Squad, the media, and every Democrat out there wants Trump impeached. Due process? Hasn’t applied from the beginning. Facts? We don’t need no stinking facts!

The impeachment boogaloo championed by the Democrats and the media is NOT, by any definition, center-conservative. The impeachment is an affront to our Constitution and this Republic. The fact that the Democrats are all in on this defines them as LEFT. Conservative? Not. A. Chance.

This from one of her defenders.

And here I thought AOC’s statement was bad enough! For Dao to state that there aren’t any leftist voices in the media… The absurdity of that is jaw-dropping. The media reaction on the night of the election showed their true colors loud and clear. Since then, the mainstream media has gone all in 24/7 trumpeting BAD ORANGE MAN!

CNN has doxxed supporters, had to settle with Nick Sandmann for their atrocious coverage of him last year, has had story after story debunked, and don’t get me started on Brian Stelter or Jim “Dear Diary” Acosta.

AOC says the Democrat party is center-conservative.

That is pure socialism on stage. Power corrupts and we are watching that corruption happen in real time with AOC, the rest of the Squad, Bernie and his crew, and the entire Democrat party.

You want to know where the NON conservative political lice are? Look no further than AOC and the Democrat Party.

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  • Mike says:

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? Shrug.

  • John C. says:

    It is quite possible that not only AOC but a lot of other Democrats believe this. A couple of decades back, there was a poll of journalists that showed that about 90% of them had voted for Bill Clinton, but nearly all said that they considered their personal political beliefs to be centrist. If these things are still true, and applies to Democrats who aren’t journalists, then political stances that are actually centrist are going to look alarmingly right-wing to them, and conservative stances will look alt-right or worse to them.

  • Joe in PNG says:

    Then again, some people consider anyone to the right of Stalin to be centrist.

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