Texas Democrats Are Washington DC Superspreaders

Texas Democrats Are Washington DC Superspreaders

Texas Democrats Are Washington DC Superspreaders

This was supposed to be a fun political stunt for Texas Democrats. After all, they brought a case of Miller Lite on the plane, right?

The Texas Democrats held a rally, butchered a Civil Rights era-song, and had the press slobbering all over them.

The Washington DC Democrats hailed the bravery of the Texas Democrats, as they poured out their tale of “woe” in an attempt to pressure Senator Joe Manchin into ending the filibuster (so that the so-called “For The People” Act could be rammed through Congress). Kamala Harris met with the Texas Democrats TWICE as they were told how wonderful and important they were for fleeing (wait, don’t say “fleeing,” that sounds bad) the icky red state of Texas for the enlightened blue area known as Washington DC.

This trip was media gold for Democrats, as the press fawned over them and their “bravery” for enduring the “stress” of having to leave Texas on a private plane with a case of beer.

And then the narrative came to a crashing halt as three of the Texas Democrats were diagnosed with COVID-19. Apparently all of them were vaccinated, but as we well know, that does not guarantee a 100% shield against the virus. However, the news had to have made the DC Democrats kind of nervous, since they had been swanning about with that crowd for the last handful of days. Kamala Harris’s office even went so far as to say that she would NOT be quarantining since Harris is fully vaccinated, and she and her staff weren’t in “close contact” with the Texas group. Even though she met with them twice. But on Sunday, Harris made a stop at Walter Reed, for what her office claimed was a “routine doctor’s appointment.” Routine? On a Sunday? And tweeting about the Delta variant being “no joke” at the same time? Naturally, the press looked the other direction, whereas if this had been Mike Pence, they would have been frothing at the mouth like rabid beasts.

Then the other shoe dropped. On Sunday evening, the news broke that TWO MORE of the Texas Runners had tested positive for COVID. I believe this is now officially called a “superspreader event” – right, media?

Here’s the real problem. Yes, all the Texas Democrats say they are vaccinated. Those who have been diagnosed reportedly have only “mild” symptoms. None are going to be seriously ill, or even be hospitalized. The point of vaccination was to reduce the danger level of COVID to a manageable state. Again, this virus is never going to go away. We are going to have to learn to live with it. Thanks to Operation Warp Speed, and the enormous amount of money and effort the Trump administration poured into the vaccines, we have an amazing tool for adults to use against COVID-19. However, no vaccine is absolute. These Texas Democrats might be positive, but they will recover and be fine. The real problem is, they were running all over Washington DC, talking with a whole lot of other Democrats, especially senators and the vice-president. Who else could now be infected?

One look at Kamala Harris’s Twitter feed tells you just how bad this could be. Harris met with the Texas Runners on July 13th – for the second time, she says. On July 14th, she met with disability advocates. She was also with Biden on the 14th. Harris met German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the 15th. She posed for photos with Olivia Rodrigo on the 15th as well. By the 18th, she is stopping in at Walter Reed for a “routine” appointment? And it doesn’t even have to be Harris who contracts COVID. What if someone in her office passed it to one of the disability advocates, who physically might have a much harder time fighting off the virus?

And what about all the other elected officials that the Texas Democrats have been hanging out with? Klobuchar and Warnock are seen with them in the clip above. We know they talked to Schumer, and they talked to Manchin. In short, this has all the hallmarks of a superspreader – and the press is going to absolutely ignore it, unless someone high profile comes down with COVID.

Remember how the media flipped their lids over the Rose Garden introduction of Justice Barrett as a “superspreader” event? This is much, much worse, and the press will barely report on it. The Texas Runners are about to become persona non grata in Washington DC, because the media will no longer want to cover them. They do not want to have this narrative rubbed in their faces. As soon as they all test negative, the Texas Democrats will probably quietly pack up their laundry, grab another case of beer, and fly back to Texas to fade into oblivion. Hopefully they will all be voted out in the next election cycle, after handing this much campaign ad material to not just general election opponents, but to primary opponents.

But just imagine if these had been Republicans. Just. Imagine.

Featured image: fernandozhiminaicela via Pixabay, cropped, Pixabay license

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  • cirby says:

    “Yes, all the Texas Democrats say they are vaccinated.”

    Let’s look at the most important word in there.


    Considering that the level of anti-vacc sentiment is about twice as prevalent among Democrats, the best odds are that they lied about that part.

  • Chad King says:

    Don’t the Dems all have vaccination records to prove they were vaccinated? My bet is that they’d all vote for a law requiring everyone to produce such a record to get on an airplane. Perhaps they could lead by example and pony up their cards for inspection?

  • Robin H says:

    I love the comment about respecting the privacy of the members and their personal health while at the same time we have people going door to door asking about our private health information. One law for thee but not for me.

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