Rand Paul: Governors Are “Tin Pot Dictators”

Rand Paul: Governors Are “Tin Pot Dictators”

Rand Paul: Governors Are “Tin Pot Dictators”

Rand Paul is no fan of the governors who are keeping states locked down. Specifically, he is all for stopping the gravy train and reopening the economy.

The lockdowns are killing small businesses. In New York, Cuomo has shut down restaurants despite the statistics. Barely 1.43% of restaurants across the entire state have had any kind of Covid issues. One restaurant that has been in business since The American Revolution may not survive Cuomo’s dictatorial response to Covid. Fraunces Tavern, which typically holds up to 400 people, may not make it through the pandemic because of all the unscientific rules he has imposed over the state. 

“Travers said Cuomo’s indoor dining ban is “driving people into that … danger area” and argued that restaurants are far safer than households.

“When you go into a restaurant, you know, we’ve got air filtration systems, we’ve got social distancing, we’ve got cleaning going on,” Travers noted. “Nobody’s house has it. It really doesn’t make sense. I can’t, for one, cannot figure out why he would do that. In my opinion, he should be encouraging people to go to restaurants, where it’s safe.””

But as long as the gravy train from the federal government keeps flowing in to New York’s coffers, do you think Cuomo will back down? Not hardly. 

It isn’t just Cuomo, it is every Democrat and some Republican governors around the country. Rand Paul speaks bluntly about his own governor’s arbitrary mandates. 

“”In my state, you can’t have indoor dining, you can’t have outdoor dining, and your kids are not in school. We’re worse than New York City right now. In Kentucky, our governor has shut the schools down even though all of the science shows that — and all of the evidence — that you really aren’t having a surge when you have the schools open.”

Governors around the country have imposed restrictions to varying degrees during the pandemic. In Paul’s home state, Democrat Gov. Andy Beshear has implemented a mask mandate, limited private gathering sizes, and set minimal capacity for indoor small businesses such as gyms. All schooling is done remotely. Restaurants can offer only takeout.”

We are supposed to adhere to and continue the lockdowns because our political betters tell us it’s SCIENCE! Except it isn’t. 

“The fundamental issue is that although scientists can tell us what actions risk viral spread, they cannot decide for us how to balance the risks of the virus against the risks of our countermeasures, and just how much of life we should sacrifice to reduce the viral threat. There has too often been a tendency to speak in terms of risk elimination, rather than mitigation.”

Fauci, whom I’ve loathed since the beginning of this pandemic, has admitted in recent days that he has moved the goal posts on EVERYTHING because he knows better than the rest of us. 

In that infuriating New York Times article, Fauci and others also admit that the numbers they are touting for herd immunity are GUESSTIMATES. Yes, that’s right. They are playing freaking GUESSING GAMES with our lives! 

Fauci, in the midst of all the cloying birthday greetings sent his way, is also now telling us that we will be dealing with masks forever, in spite of the vaccines. 

“FAUCI: I would recommend that that is not the case. I would recommend you have an added area of protection.

Obviously, with a 90-plus percent effective vaccine, you could feel much more confident. But I would recommend to people to not abandon all public health measures just because you have been vaccinated, because even though, for the general population, it might be 90 to 95 percent effective, you don’t necessarily know, for you, how effective it is.”

Fauci is a complete and utter tool of a jackass. He is as much a tin pot dictator as are all the governors who are rabidly keeping people locked down and enclosed in their homes. You want to know why cases are surging in places like California, Virginia, New York, Colorado, and Kentucky?? The lockdowns and the lies told us by all the politicians and so-called medical “experts.” 

Vaccines are here and being distributed, but lockdowns must continue! 

Exactly. Rand Paul is correct. We need to open up, we need our political betters on all levels to stop playing games. The federal gravy train needs to be halted in its tracks.  

Creating more and more debt and using this pandemic as an excuse to do so is wrong on every single level. Quite frankly, I don’t want the federal government handing American citizens $600 or $2000 dollars right now. What SHOULD happen is letting those businesses reopen IMMEDIATELY. 

Small business owners have spend MONTHS assessing the risks to their businesses. They’ve spent thousands of dollars on PPE, air filters, sanitizers, masks, and more. But the “tin pot dictator” politicians continue to tell us that we are too stupid to realize the dangers of this virus, and so we must be treated like children. 

It’s long past time for Americans to take back the reins and become WE THE PEOPLE once again. 

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  • 370H55V says:

    What do NY and KY have in common?

    Governors named Andrew who are even bigger assholes than the fathers who preceded them in those offices.

  • Jakey says:

    I would like to see Rand as Guv of KY. I’d feel alot better voting for him as POTUS if he had that executive experience putting his libertarian and constitutionalist ideas in practice.

  • william francis says:

    Rand Paul is correct. Here is the other group of village idiots:

    We are living in an animal farm world where some are more equal than others.

    A 2020 study of public satisfaction with Congress reports a 22% favorable rating and a 72% disapproval rating.

    Here are some of my 2021 New Years Questions for Congress.

    When will members of Congress step up the plate and do their job as it should be done? When will members of Congress be required to follow the same laws that apply to citizens?
    When will members of Congress end their private slush funds to payoff those who were and are victims of members of Congress actions while they were not held to account for their crimes?
    When will members of Congress only get the same benefits as citizens?
    When will members of Congress ever eliminate unnecessary costly programs?
    When will members of Congress return programs they “manage” to States where they belong when they are not specifically authorized by the Constitution?
    When will members of Congress balance the Federal Budget?

    The list goes on.

  • Fred Natural says:

    Beshear was “elected” governor using our fine Dominion voting machines here in Kentucky, even though Republicans won down ballot including Attorney General. Sound familiar?

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