Acquired COVID Immunity, Newly Discovered by Media

Acquired COVID Immunity, Newly Discovered by Media

Acquired COVID Immunity, Newly Discovered by Media

Naturally acquired active immunity, long recognized by — well, everyone, has been recently re-discovered by the legacy media. After a year spent terrorizing Americans with the idea that nothing short of human sacrifice (preferably Trump) could protect us from COVID, the new narrative is that if you had COVID, odds are low you will become reinfected. How fortunate, and unsurprising, on the eve of Biden’s relocation to the WH basement, and a vaccine rollout. 

As recently as last week, the media narrative regarding naturally acquired active immunity (NAA) derived from COVID exposure was, “we don’t know, probably no naturally acquired long term immunity….. uhhh…”


Now, suddenly, legacy media outlets are proffering that NAA immunity following COVID exposure may be a real possibility (you think?). It’s very convenient timing, considering that the vaccines are being rolled out, and Biden is being rolled in… to the White House basement.

First issue, restarting the economy.

The closures of American small businesses was a factor in the election. Under Trump, labor force participation, and household income for minorities was at historic highs. Putting the country under a lockdown halted prosperity and growth, undercutting one of Trump’s key advantages amongst minority voting blocks.

Following months of draconian lockdowns, how is the narrative going to pivot from “stay home to save lives” into “get back to work to make Joe look good”?


Push information about how “new research” indicates there is a high chance that recovering from COVID actually provides protection against future infection. Basically, if you have already had it, odds are low that you will get it again.

And this is exactly what the media is pushing as headlines.

The Associated Press, headline –“Studies find having COVID-19 may protect against reinfection” and continues,

Researchers found that people with antibodies from natural infections were “at much lower risk … on the order of the same kind of protection you’d get from an effective vaccine,” of getting the virus again, said Dr. Ned Sharpless, director of the U.S. National Cancer Institute.”

What refreshingly new and insightful information! Not.

To put a different spin on this information, estimates that 18,487,519 Americans have recovered from COVID. I suspect this number is on the low end because many people are asymptomatic or not tested. But even if the number is exact, it means that almost 19,000,000 people are presumably immune from becoming reinfected.

Imagine if people with NAA immunity had been allowed back into the workforce? How much leverage would authoritarian politicians have to keep the country entirely shut down? (Not much). A strong economy would not lend credibility that Biden could win the election over Trump. Americans can overlook a personality conflict when they have a healthy bank account. And that’s what Trump gave them.

Second issue, increasing faith in the efficacy of the vaccine.

What is a vaccine? It’s a weakened strain of a virus, designed to produce an immune response in the host (in this case, humans). The body doesn’t differentiate between a wild virus and a vaccine. It responds with an immune response designed to “kill off” the pathogen, and provides artificially acquired active immunity (AAA).

If people are told that the body will not produce a long term immunity to the COVID virus, why would they bother getting the vaccine? It’s one thing to get an annual flu vaccine, but quite another to get COVID shots that may not prevent infection.

In their recent push to highlight this “new information” about immunity, the media is implying that the vaccine confers long term immunity, despite no significant long term research trial data to support the theory. Get the shot, get back to life as “normal.” The tone is set to get people vaccinated, without a draconian mandate, and as USA TODAY headlines, “Faith, trust in vaccine is critical…The government must work to solidify public confidence.”

By associating NAA to AAA immunity, they are legitimizing an unproven vaccine as a definitive path from COVID. Success by association. Very similar to how Kamala entered the White House.

And the media is on board to help them push that story.

Of course, media took Rand Paul to task for his tweet about NAA immunity. attacked Dr. Rand Paul Sen. (R-Ky),

Paul, an actual medical doctor, told host Martha MacCallum that instead of hunkering down, Americans who have already contracted COVID-19 in the past should “celebrate.” “We should tell them to celebrate,” Paul said. “We should tell them to throw away their masks, go to restaurants, live again, because these people are now immune.” This is, unfortunately, not the case. Though increased antibodies immediately after infection may temporarily help people avoid getting the virus again, research shows the protection is short-lived, a matter of a few months.”

Their response is not going to age well. Especially after they start pumping out support for the vaccine, with its long term AAA immunity.

The Biden Administration needs big distracting wins, and it needs them early. So early that they happen during the Trump administration. But the results will be credited to Biden, and he will get the accolades for the, “COVID recovery that saved America.”

Of course, false “wins” are par for the course when it comes to Team Biden. I expect that this suspiciously timely shift in the “immunity” narrative will land in the same place as dead people voting for Joe, and investigating Hunter’s business affairs. Ignored in a dark closet.

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  • GWB says:

    What refreshingly new and insightful information! Not.
    Back in March, when I was suggesting “Covid parties” I was mocked and people were aghast at such an idea.

    What is a vaccine? It’s a weakened strain of a virus
    NOPE! Not this one. It’s an mRNA vaccine. It drops little protein markers in your system that will trigger your immune system to recognize those markers and attack virii that have them, later on.

    Also, therefore, anyone associating the vaccine with NAA Immunity is full of it. They are two different immunological pathways.

    Very similar to how Kamala entered the White House.
    The vaccine will give me a blowjob?!

    research shows the protection is short-lived
    Only if you’re just counting antibodies. The real defense (for most) is the T-cells, which retain their ‘memory’ for likely decades. (One thing Winnie The Flu has done for me is to get me to read a bunch of medical literature, again.) The immune system is more complicated than the 5th grade understanding laid out in the Slate ‘article’.

    BTW, one reason kids are likely immune is because they – if allowed to play in the dirt and such – wallow in coronavirii* all the time. The virii are ubiquitous. And it is thought kids naturally develop an immunity to the whole range because of it.

    (* As I corrected someone the other day, it is not The coronavirus, it is A coronavirus.)

    But here is something else (exactly opposite to your complaint) to notice. The WHO is changing the definitions on us, again, according to Dr. David Samadi, MD.

    But, hey! You better trust the Experts!

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