Anthony Fauci Wrong About A Whole Lot

Anthony Fauci Wrong About A Whole Lot

Anthony Fauci Wrong About A Whole Lot

This morning, Victory Girls’ Deanna wrote about the media wishing for a falling out between President Donald Trump and Covid-19 media superstar Dr. Anthony Fauci. Fauci has been getting good press for years, but what is his track record? Ah, there is the rub.

In Deanna’s post, she wrote about Trump’s rage-tweeting and the #FireFauci retweet that starting this latest firestorm. Donald Trump has every reason to be fuming about the doctor’s dirty-double dealing ways. It’s not bad enough that Fauci gives ABC’s Jonathan Karl the finger gun after Karl brought in a ChiCom reporter. He tells whatever story he thinks will curry favor with the media at any given time. Like when he talked to Al Sharpton (Right?) on MSNBC yesterday. Here is the video:

So, the doctor knew back in mid-January that the WuFlu was bad, but he got incredible push back from the White House. Except that is not true at all. As the great investigative journalist Sara Carter reported, Facui said that Covid-19 was no big deal in January and February of 2020. From her article:

“This is not a major threat to the people of the United States and this is not something that the citizens of the United States should be worried about right now,” Dr. Fauci told Newsmax’s Greg Kelly on January 21.

Dr. Fauci has backtracked on his original message. He now says the U.S. has yet to receive the worst of the COVID-19 outbreak. He has even encouraged a national shutdown after telling NBC in late February that Americans should go about their normal lifestyles.

The infectious disease specialist rewrites history to serve his own ego.

Speaking of rewriting history. Dr. Fauci first came to prominence during the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Although now he is considered a hero of that fight, that’s because he played the media then, too. American Greatness had an interesting take on Fauci last month:

Indeed, we always fight the last war. For Fauci, that war is HIV/AIDS. It was not for nothing that Larry Kramer of ACT UP called Fauci “an incompetent idiot.”

Kramer may have been too kind. Let’s look at Fauci’s public utterances in his very long career at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Fauci allowed himself to be bullied by HIV/AIDS activists, once claiming at a conference that researchers “do not have a lock on correctness.” (Contrast that with now, when he believes that we should follow everything public health authorities say.)

And, he manipulated the press then:

Then, as now, Fauci mastered manipulating the press. He quickly dismissed other scientists with ad hominem attacks, claiming that the risk to the general population of HIV/AIDS was orders of magnitude larger than it actually was. In fact, HIV/AIDS transmissions in the United States outside of the intravenous drug user and homosexual community remain extremely rare.

Fauci first scared us with the hundreds of thousands who would die from Covid-19, told us face masks wouldn’t help and then would help, publicly scoffed at the Hydroxychloroquine/Zpack cocktail and now wants to keep us confined to our houses past April 30.

As noted in several articles, experts never pay a price for being wrong. Experts, like Fauci, just go on to the next crisis. Trump may not want to fire Fauci. I want to fire him.

Featured Image: Anthony Fauci caricature by DonkeyHotey/Cropped/Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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  • GWB says:

    “This is not a major threat to the people of the United States and this is not something that the citizens of the United States should be worried about right now,”
    Oddly enough, that was more accurate than the pronouncements like “I think nobody should ever shake hands again” and “It’s gonna peak soon!”

    In fact, HIV/AIDS transmissions in the United States outside of the intravenous drug user and homosexual community remain extremely rare.
    Which was about when I stopped listening to “medical experts” without checking on their pronouncements myself. Because that was the most obvious case of quarantine as a useful epidemiological tool in the last 50 years (at that time). But they all refused to do it and told us it wouldn’t help. Which is a load of crapola. It was behaviorally based (still is) and those people could have been easily singled out based on that behavior. But, no, that would have been discriminatory – which is what a quarantine is supposed to be……..

    experts never pay a price for being wrong
    And this is the problem. Tar and feathers never should have gone out of style. Pillories. Stocks. We’d have a use for all that rotting produce that used to go to restaurants. Humiliations galore! He should walk into a restaurant anywhere in this country and be treated as a pariah. “I’m sorry, we don’t serve your kind in here.”

    I want to fire him out of a cannon.

  • Lloyd says:

    Dr. “Farcy”, as I prefer to call him is a media freak: What he says is delivered with concern for how much positive press it is going to get him. For me….I am simply sick of seeing this old fart every day..!!

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  • Jim says:

    Nobel Prize for Dr Faustus, sorry Fauci, for dissembling and self-promoting?.

  • Don’t apologize; his name is Faustus and his Soul hangs proudly down here right next to Hillary Clinton’s. Actually, it’s kinda sweet…like Hugh Hefner buried next to Playboy’s first playmate Marilyn Monroe.

  • Taylor says:

    The HIV/AIDS crisis of 1984-86 was one of the worst handled and exaggerated in my lifetime. The so called experts told us that millions of heterosexual Americans who never engaged in male homosexual relations or used intravenous drugs were all going to get AIDS and die if we did not find a cure.
    “The disease of them is now the disease of us” was a fallacious News week cover.

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  • DAVE says:

    The good Doctor has long list of failures — NO effective H1N1 vaccine, NO HIV vaccine, NO Hep C vaccine, vastly overblown estimates for mortality / morbidity in EVERY instance ! I mentioned hydroxychloroquine/zinc/azithromycin to a colleague and called it TRUMPICILLIN — I thought her head would explode!! Time for all of us to pull out Occam’s Razor and get to trimmin’ — A leading Israeli mathematician has calculated a 40-day “bump” and a 70-day “burnout” for COVID-19 disease THOSE numbers should be looked at, and how!! Dr. Fauci is an ADVISOR, not a savant.

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