Nashville: The Police And The Christmas Miracle

Nashville: The Police And The Christmas Miracle

Nashville: The Police And The Christmas Miracle

What we don’t know about the bombing in Nashville that happened early on Christmas morning far outweighs what we do know.

The facts as we know them are spotty and frightening. Surveillance video puts the RV which later exploded on that street in Nashville being parked around 1:22 am on Friday.

The sound of gunshots rang out sometime around 4:30 am, according to witness reports. Police arrived in the area around 5:30 am. The pre-recorded message announcing that the RV was going to explode “within 15 minutes” began later, and began counting down, with the explosion happening around 6:30 am.

The surveillance video that captures the recorded message and the explosion is nothing short of chilling.

While we are still waiting for the FBI, ATF, and all the other involved law enforcement agencies to piece together what happened – and to figure out who the discovered human remains belong to – we can be incredibly grateful for what is nothing less than a Christmas miracle, thanks to the efforts of six Nashville police officers.

As the countdown continued, six police officers who heard those warnings sprang into action, helping residents in downtown Nashville evacuate before the motor home made good on its threat and exploded Friday morning.”

The bomb tore through the neighborhood in the predawn hours, yet only injured three people thanks to the officers’ quick work and bravery, officials said.”

“Officers immediately began knocking on doors and evacuating residents here, not knowing if the bomb was going to detonate immediately or if it was going to go off in the time that it was stated,” Metro Nashville Police Chief John Drake said.”

Nashville Mayor John Cooper praised the six responding officers, saying they “took swift action and directed people away from danger to save lives, even at the time that their own lives were imperiled.”

“They are heroes. And I am grateful for them and all of Nashville’s first responders,” Cooper said.”

The officers have been identified by the Nashville Police Department as Officer Brenna Hosey, Officer James Luellen, Officer Michael Sipos, Officer Amanda Topping, Officer James Wells, and Sergeant Timothy Miller.

You will not hear any asinine slogans about “ACAB” or “Defund the police” being tolerated around the greater Nashville area for a while. It takes a attack like this to make even the most thickheaded of social justice warriors fall silent for a few moments, and realize that without these six officers, there would have been many more than just three civilian injuries. Death would have been claiming innocent people on Christmas morning, but because these six brave men and women ran toward the danger in order to save lives, we are asking questions instead of grieving lives lost.

And there are a LOT of questions to be answered. Why Nashville? Why this street? Why Christmas Day? Whose human remains are these? Why the pre-recorded warning? What were the gunshot sounds? Was someone committing suicide as they were setting the bomb? Was someone covering up a different crime with a larger one? Do the remains belong to an innocent victim that has not been accounted for yet? These are just the ones that come to mind in the first few minutes of taking in some of the details.

An IED bombing of this size and this scale is nothing to be scoffed at or glossed over. Someone, or multiple someones, put a lot of thought into how this was going to happen. It is now the job of law enforcement to figure out the who and the why. And despite the miracle of the Angel of Death passing over these blocks of Nashville, thanks to the efforts of the police officers, those tasked with investigating the attack didn’t take Christmas off. Authorities have already identified a person of interest in the case, and following multiple leads via tips.

However, authorities are being cautious and not openly naming anyone publicly during their press conference as a person of interest. A person of interest is just that, and that doesn’t mean that the person named is the suspect, despite the random Twitter sleuths now trying to pick apart every detail in response to a name being provided.

We can be thankful that the investigation is moving swiftly, and hope that they find the perpetrator quickly. And we can also be thankful for the Christmas miracle that, through unexplained motives by the bomber, six brave police officers seized the initiative to evacuate as many people as they could before the bomb went off, resulting in few injuries. THIS is the reason why we must support those men and women on the thin blue line. When presented with a truly terrible moment, they acted in selfless service to save lives. They deserve our respect and our gratitude.

Featured image via JimmyDominico on Pixabay, cropped, Pixabay license

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  • Scott says:

    A couple pieces of Info I’ve seen, from usually reliable sources say it’s possible that the “gunfire” was part of the recorded message from the RV, which could have been intended to draw attention to the vehicle.
    Second thing is that the building it was parked next to, and towards which the damage seems to have been directed is a ATT switching center, and it has knocked out 911 service, and monitoring of alarm systems over a significant area. No confirmation if this was intentional, but something to consider.

  • GWB says:

    I am not going to denigrate those police officers’ actions in any way (absolute heroes), but “miracle” implies the bombing didn’t happen the way it was supposed to. It’s entirely possible the bomber didn’t want to hurt folks. It could have dispensed with the warning. It could have gone off while everyone was asleep, instead of waiting until people were getting up or about to get up. The “miracle” might be the bomber’s intentions weren’t more malign than they were.

    Of course, there’s also the possibility this bomb was intended to be bigger (though I think we would have already had evidence of that), or that the bomber pulled a NASA Mars booboo* and thought the boom would be bigger for what he rigged. (* He read kg as lb and built something half as big as he required, for example.)

    Until we figure out this guy’s motives, it will be hard to tell how much is miracle (intervention) and how much is miracle (intention).

    I will reiterate my admiration for the cops who went door-to-door while this thing is counting down – not knowing if it was a ploy to draw in first responders/bomb squad as the targets or not.

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