NY Governor Hochul Jeopardizing Lives With Vaccine Mandates

NY Governor Hochul Jeopardizing Lives With Vaccine Mandates

NY Governor Hochul Jeopardizing Lives With Vaccine Mandates

NY Governor Kathy Hochul is turning out to be as or more dictatorial than Andrew Cuomo. As of midnight last night, any medical personnel across the state of New York who haven’t been vaccinated have lost their jobs.

The deadline for hospital and nursing home workers in New York state to be vaccinated against COVID-19 arrived Monday with the prospect of severe staff shortages fueled by workers getting suspended or fired for refusing to be inoculated.

With thousands of workers still thought to be holding out, hospital administrators prepared contingency plans that included cutting back on noncritical services and limiting admissions at nursing homes.

So, let’s take a step back and review. The new Governor, drunk with power, has mandated vaccines for all. If you aren’t vaccinated, your job is gone. This is causing such a shortage that she now has to scramble to bring in the New York National Guard and is hoping to source people from other states to cover the shortfall. 

Who is affected by the issues surrounding her power hungry vaccine mandate?



Emergency rooms

Other medical that would likely include dental and eye care


Kathy Hochul’s vaccine mandates tell me the following. A. There’s zero science involved in this mess. B. She likely was totally on board and cheered on Cuomo’s nursing home mandate that killed thousands of seniors. 

Keep in mind, in 2020, all our medical personnel were regarded as heroes by the media and political ruling class. The very same medical personnel who worked themselves to the bone, some of whom contracted Covid, are now being regarded by Kathy Hochul and our media as evil for daring to refuse the vaccine. Instead of taxing the unvaxxed, she’s moved right to firing them. 

This is the same governor who is completely and utterly ignoring the very real science called NATURAL IMMUNITY. If one has had the virus, there is a boatload of natural immunity built into one’s system. There are multitudes of very real studies verifying the same. 

More than 15 studies have demonstrated the power of immunity acquired by previously having the virus. A 700,000-person study from Israel two weeks ago found that those who had experienced prior infections were 27 times less likely to get a second symptomatic covid infection than those who were vaccinated. This affirmed a June Cleveland Clinic study of health-care workers (who are often exposed to the virus), in which none who had previously tested positive for the coronavirus got reinfected. The study authors concluded that “individuals who have had SARS-CoV-2 infection are unlikely to benefit from covid-19 vaccination.” And in May, a Washington University study found that even a mild covid infection resulted in long-lasting immunity.

To wit:

The political class and their media toadies are refusing to recognize that natural immunity is and should be a factor. Kathy Hochul has emphatically declared that waivers due to natural immunity are forbidden. Thus, her vaccine mandates are now creating critical healthcare shortages across the state. 

Are there enough trained NY National Guard medical personnel who can step in? No. Which is why she’s attempting to source from other states (who are ALSO facing healthcare shortages due to mandates and burnout), and allowing people whose medical licenses have expired. What could possibly go wrong? You don’t just slot a nurse, doctor, or other medical staff into a place and say “Go!” That person has to have the CORRECT medical training, otherwise the health of the patients is further jeopardized! 

But again, that hasn’t stopped Kathy Hochul from not only going power mad, she’s decided to pervert the Bible and use that as a bludgeon against those refusing or delaying vaccines due to religious concerns. 

Did you catch all of that? I was utterly astounded that she would go this route. But then again, as I noted above, she’s power mad. Yet, to go as far as she has and pervert the Bible in an effort to force people to get vaccinated. And, again, this includes those with natural immunity and those who have religious concerns. According to her dictatorship, Kathy Hochul has determined that zero religious exemptions are possible with the Covid vaccines.

Kathy Hochul has now told us that her government is the only god available. Which flies directly in the face of our Constitution. 

New Yorkers lives are at risk on multiple levels because of Kathy Hochul’s vaccine mandates. Lives are in jeopardy because she is putting politics above science and reality. What happens next is all on her. Period.

Feature Photo Credit: KC Kratt, CC BY-SA 4.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

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  • Cameron says:

    “If one has had the vaccine”

    Did you mean “virus”?

  • Mark says:

    Governor Hochul? That wouldn’t be High Priestess Hochul of the First Church of COVID, would it?

    Hopefully, there might be a person or two left over from the 1990’s WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) craze who might remember Christ’s own words (recorded in John 10:27-28 and taken from the NASB):

    My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me; and I give eternal life to them, and they will never perish; and no one will snatch them out of My hand.

    If you would like to continue reading reviews of Biden administration acts along these lines, consider my blog post today.

  • Bob Cooper says:

    We moved to Florida from NJ this month. Have met many people from NY. The new Governor’s edicts will simply fuel increased movement out of NY. When asked why they left NY, all basically say the same thing: time to go, had to get out, state is becoming unlivable. People from NJ say the same when asked. The phrase “voting with their feet” is never more true than now.

    • Scott says:

      Hopefully all those leaving understand that it was their voting habits that created the problem in the first place, and don’t do the same dumb shit in their new homes..

      Yeah, them dems do love them some fascism! This shouldn’t surprise anyone, and they’ve never given a damn about the lives of us “peons”, they’ve just finally decided to stop pretending.

  • GWB says:

    I’m still trying to figure out how she is going to fire these people. The medical businesses where they work are not gov’t entities. It’s only if the administrators (who are, sadly, terribly risk averse) fire them under the supposed mandate (which, again, where is the power to do that?) that there will be a problem. And fines can be held up in court for years. The medical establishments should refuse and demand either the gov’t force them closed or back the heck off.

    Also, if I were a hospital administrator (or other medical establishment) I would refuse to put the NG folks on my staff, as they are not hired by me or my folks. Sorry, Sgt Shmuckatelli, you’re welcome to sit in the reception area and sleep or something, but you’re not touching any patients we have here.

    But, who am I kidding? These folks are (as said above) awfully risk averse and would never do anything to upset their little apple cart. Not even when the thieves are already making off with it down the road.

  • F.D.R. in Hell says:

    This Hochul woman is another of Satan’s pin-up girls. Beware.

  • ROP says:

    FDR you are So right! Putting herself in place as a messiah and that god told her ( her god ? the devil ?) Any doubt in ones mind that this drug is to be left out of your body this is it !
    We have many drugs and treatment for covid that are quick and 100% effective if taken in time. These evil people are preventing these cures from getting out and being used. The only people in the last few months that got covid are the ones who had the vaxx !
    5000 doctors Nobel Laurels have signed on to the Rome doctrine denouncing what is going on with the power and dictatorship connected with the covid fraud! They have denounced the worlds governments as performing CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY
    Is it just me or has everyone who had the vaxx getting judgmental against those who havent
    Its your Constitutional choice ( 1, 4, 5) and ( 9.10, ) (14)

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