Dan Sullivan Scores At Hearing With SecDef and Generals

Dan Sullivan Scores At Hearing With SecDef and Generals

Dan Sullivan Scores At Hearing With SecDef and Generals

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Mark Milley and Commander of Central Command General Kenneth McKenzie finally appeared before the Senate Armed Services Committee to answer questions about the fustercluck withdrawal from Afghanistan. There were two exceptional standouts as questioners: Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan and former NCAA head football coach and new Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville.

The questions generally fell along party lines. The Democrat line was, “It was horrible the mess that “Orange Man Bad” left for you.” The Republican line was, “Tell us how many times Biden lied and why didn’t you plan better.” Senator Richard “DaNang Dick” Blumenthal actually grilled SecDef Austin over the people left behind. Austin blew him off by saying that’s State’s problem.

One of the two surprise standouts for me was Senator Dan Sullivan (R-AK). Sullivan is currently a Colonel in the United States Marine Corps Reserve. He has been on Reserve most of his career but has been called up at least three times and spent a short stint in Afghanistan. In questioning the panel of Generals, he pulled no punches and focused on Biden’s lies. Colonel Dan Sullivan got four-star General Mark Milley to utter the words that the “retrograde” from Afghanistan was a “logistical success but a strategic failure”. Too bad about all the people dead, wounded and left behind, but, doggone, our logistics were great. I would argue that our logistics weren’t all that hot either, since we left so many people behind and brought a lot of Afghan male pedos and their child brides over here. General Mark Milley thinks we are all utter morons.

Here is Senator/Colonel Dan Sullivan with his questions:

This part of the video was fun:

Squirm, you worms. No, their duty is not to the people, the country, or The Constitution. Their duty is to the structure that gives them power. They lie to protect their power and their future earnings potential.

While Senator Tommy Tuberville got ratioed bigly on Twitter, I really enjoyed his statement to Generals Austin, Milley, and McKenzie:

Tuberville captured exactly how many Americans feel, “disgusted”. Disgusted that the “Perfumed Princes of the Pentagon” were too busy preening their feathers, feathering their nests and squawking to reporters rather than making a cohesive logistical plan to exit Afghanistan, remove our allies, and protect our “retreating military personnel during the retrograde.

Notable idiots from the hearing:

The aforementioned Dick Blumenthal burped that asking questions in the hearing matches the courage of those men and women who fought in the war. You would expect that from someone who lied about being in Vietnam.

Senator Jack Reed of Rhode Island blamed the Afghanistan debacle on Donald Trump’s Doha Agreement. Austin, Milley and McKenzie played bobblehead dolls and agreed. The three blind mice also agreed that the Doha Agreement demoralized the Afghanistan Army. Gee, was there any time between February, 2020 when the Agreement was signed and July of 2021 when we abandoned Bagram Air Base that the Bobblehead Boys could have, um, brought that up. I am not a military strategist but I would think skulking out of Bagram under cover of darkness might just be a little more demoralizing.

Senator Elizabeth Fauxcahontas Warren just couldn’t kvell enough over what a great job Joe Biden and the military did in snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory in Afghanistan.

You know what’s not going to come out of this hearing? Accountability. No one is going to be held accountable. Lot’s of gums will flap. Lot’s of hands will slap backs and no one will be held accountable.

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  • American Human says:

    Apparently the buck stops no where!!!

  • Skillyboo says:

    There is just so much wrong with everything this regime is doing. Don’t know who said it but it is never been more apropos than now. “When the law doesn’t apply to the lawmakers you’re not being governed you’re being ruled.”
    What we are witnessing is a lawless government taking over our lives. And I believe remaking the military into an army that will turn it’s weapons on us. Since they cannot take away our arms and we aren’t organized, and unable to do so since they control the media and internet, it will a simple matter of turning loose all the genders, that are now allowed to enlist, that have grudges against us if we ever stand up to them. Just look at what is happening to those who protested on January 6th and now USMC Lt. Col Scheller. They are all being held in solitary confinement without a means to speak. Is this not a gulag they are being held in? If it isn’t I’d sure like to know what it is.

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