Democrats Sending Country Off a Fiscal Cliff: Republicans Finally Unite

Democrats Sending Country Off a Fiscal Cliff: Republicans Finally Unite

Democrats Sending Country Off a Fiscal Cliff: Republicans Finally Unite

Monday afternoon, Senate Republicans blocked Democrats from spending the U.S. off a fiscal cliff. However, tensions are high. The federal government is set to shut down Thursday because—darnit—Republicans locked arms and voted in unison on something.

Mainstream media is quick to blame Republicans for anything related to a shut down. But let’s not forget the train wreck week Democrat leadership has had trying to spend as much money as they can before they loose momentous amounts of seats in both chambers next year.

First, Pelosi had announced to the world the vote for $3.5 trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill would be Monday. It wasn’t. She couldn’t get her own party to quit bickering long enough to pass a vote—even though she had Republican votes. Yes, that should anger you. She had the Republican votes, not her own Democrat votes. For cripes sake.

According to Biden, after today’s attempt to spend the country off the fiscal cliff, “victory” is at stake.

Pelosi is going to push the vote of her spending spree to Thursday. Thursday huh? Who wants to take a bet that ain’t gonna happen. Why? The government is set to shut down on Thursday because of the fun shenanigans over in the Senate on Monday.

Senate leader, Chuck Schumer couldn’t get any Republicans to vote to approve his spending bill or his bill to increase the debt ceiling. None.

“After every House Republican opposed the measure, the Senate GOP also refused to help Democrats suspend the debt limit. In a 48-50 vote, all Republican senators opposed advancing the legislation. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., voted no as a procedural move so he can bring up the bill again later.”

That means all the typical Republican turncoats acted like actual Republicans. The usual turncoats being Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT), Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) and Senator Susan Collins (R-MN). Nope, they didn’t go for reckless spending either. In fact, Mitt tweeted something that sounded Republican.

Shocking. Even more startling, he’s right. The Democrats created this mess let them clean it up.

Oh let’s not forget, there are those many would consider solid conservative Republicans who have flinched at a government shutdown in the past. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) voted with Democrats in 2013 to avert a government shutdown. Odds are, he regrets that vote to this day.

Leading up to Schumer’s dismal failure Monday, Cruz made it clear; Republicans aren’t going to own the Democrats’ debt spending.

“’Republicans have made clear we’re not going to vote for the Democrats’ debt…I think when Schumer is done playing chicken, he will back down…If Schumer attaches the debt ceiling to a continuing resolution and insists that’s the only way of funding the government, then Schumer will force a shutdown,’ Cruz said.”

Now what?

“Democrats now have to pull off a daunting series of maneuvers to avoid a sequence of events that could ravage the economy and cost millions of Americans their jobs. The Republican opposition may force them to pass a short-term funding bill with GOP support, then approve a debt limit suspension on their own — potentially as part of their up to $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation plan.”

We must stop and parse out the frenzied spending Democrats were attempting in one day. Then we need to hold tight to our wallets since Friday is days away. First, Nancy signaled that she was going to pass the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill on Monday, which we know didn’t happen.

“’Let me just say we’re going to pass the bill this week,’ she said Sunday…She later added, though: ‘I’m never bringing a bill to the floor that doesn’t have the votes.’”

At the same time, Schumer was supposed to pass a budget and raise the debt ceiling. Nope. Didn’t happen because Senate Republicans grew a spine.

Next big deadline for both chambers is Thursday. Nancy’s going to try to spend $3.5 trillion dollars. Chuck will attempt to avert a government shutdown by passing a budget that includes funding all the crazy trillion dollar spending he and his colleagues have done since January.

Here’s hoping Republicans will hold tight to the locked arms demonstrated Monday. This fiscal cliff is for Democrats and Democrats only to own.

Photo Credit: Chuck Schumer – Caricature/DonkeyHotey/FlickR/CC BY 2.0/Cropped

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  • Cameron says:

    “I’m not for the government shutdown if they’re just going to start it up again.” -Frank Fleming

  • aivanther says:

    If you look at some of the wording from the Republicans they weren’t acting like conservatives, they were mad because they didn’t get to put their hand in the cookie jar too. This isn’t about principles or even true partisanship, it’s about being angry they couldn’t get good kickbacks for their own donors.

  • ROP says:


  • Rfhirsch says:

    It is a PARTIAL government shutdown. A number of parts of the government have carry-over funding and will not shut down.

  • American Human says:

    So what is the debt limit? $100T? $500T? It really doesn’t matter at all to them. If all they’re going to do is borrow or print money, why tax us at all? The taxpayer totals about 1/4 of the spending so why even worry about that. Pretty soon $2T will be a rounding error, just like $200B is a rounding error now.

  • Bucky says:

    Sending America over the fiscal cliff is the Lefty plan. Remember “Never let a crisis go to waste”? At the bottom of the fiscal cliff the Lefties will be ready with their proposals to save the day by nationalizing all private retirement funds “for the good of the country”. They will also impose a wealth tax on your assets, most of which are not liquid. Think death tax on the living. Time to wake up to the reality.

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  • JohnB says:

    The only major “accomplishment” of the Republican controlled first two years of the Trump presidency was a tax cut for billionaires. They did not a damn thing to slow down the destruction of the nation. This isn’t the Republicans growing a spine, this is the Republicans doing what they have always done for the last 50 years – whoring for the Chamber of Commerce regardless of whether that is good or bad. They’ve always been ready to be brave for the downtrodden billionaire class, in all other areas not so much. Doesn’t indicate any change on the part of the Republicans, they’re still the fake political party and con men they’ve always been. Mitch McConnell should have been forced to resign years ago because of his failures, no real, decent political party would retain such a deadbeat. But for business whore Republicans such failure is a feature not a bug, it keeps the majority of their voters from asking for things*. That allows them to concentrate on their true constituency – the billionaires who pay their bribes.

    *They asked for little and less was granted
    Lest getting little they’d ask for more

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