Negative Nancy Strikes Again In Post-Acquittal Statement

Negative Nancy Strikes Again In Post-Acquittal Statement

Negative Nancy Strikes Again In Post-Acquittal Statement

Speaker of the House, Negative Nancy Pelosi has seen better days. The world looked on to see eye-rolls page-tearing on Tuesday evening:

All eyes were on Negative Nancy and her epic temper tantrum. The foot-stomping continues in the latest statement from Madame Speaker on the Senate Impeachment Vote. The venom-spewing continues here:

Today, the President and Senate Republicans have normalized lawlessness and rejected the system of checks and balances of our Constitution. Our Founders put safeguards in the Constitution to protect against a rogue president. They never imagined that they would at the same time have a rogue leader in the Senate who would cowardly abandon his duty to uphold the Constitution.”-Nancy Pelosi

All of a sudden, The United States Constitution means something to Pelosi and her tribe? The sheer haste made in an attempt to impeach President Trump was not in violation of the Constitution? More:

The President’s legal team could not and did not refute the facts of the case. Instead, they argued that the American people have no right to stop the President from using the power of his office to cheat in our elections.”-Nancy Pelosi

Do you really want to go there, Nancy? Let’s talk about cheating in elections, shall we? Walk into our parlor, put your feet up. Stay awhile. Have some vodka, pop out those dentures. Sorry, this is no botox-and-filler party but entertain us, if you will, speaker Pelosi, about the honesty and integrity (cough) of the Democrats. How’s that Iowa caucus going, by the way?

Pelosi goes on to explain how the House pushed through the two articles of impeachment in December. Pelosi, who was quick to throw a party complete with commemorative pens, held on to these same articles in the House and stalled on sharing with the Senate. But Negative Nancy wasn’t violating Americans and the Constitution when she exercised this abuse of power, right? Using funds to build a three-ring circus with Schiff as the ringmaster in an ordeal that lasted months was not a violation of the American people? Nope. Trump is normalizing lawlessness.

Democrats will continue to defend our democracy For The People.”-Nancy Pelosi

Their democracy for the people. Their ideas. Their philosophies. Not a Republic but Democracy. And by this, they mean their party of Democrats. Of course they will defend the United States Constitution-but only when it suits their narrative. What has me reeling is the fact that Negative Nancy and her crew still have the audacity to think they know what is best for us Americans even though they clearly can’t think for themselves. Case in point, a bunch of “independent feminists” who all color-coordinate their wardrobes. The Democrats still think they know what is best for Americans even though they cannot seem to get caucus results to voting Americans in a timely and accurate fashion. They do not have the organizational power to even get this right and yet people still want to give them the complete reins to rule (because that is what they want) our country? In the land of theatre, Democrats project constantly. They point out the flaws of their opponent (in this case, Trump), in the hopes of minimizing their incompetence and their corruption. Sheep follow because they pull the “intellectual” card and call the opposition ignorant. Nobody wants to be on the side of ignorance and “racism” and “bigotry” and “misogyny” (you get the drift) so they follow who they think to be the ones on the “right side of history”. And thus, supporters still view their Democrats as the moral betters in any situation because Orange Man=Bad.

Orange Man Impeached. Orange man Acquitted.

And just like that, when things do not go their way, these Democrats throw fits like petulant little children. They don’t lose gracefully. It’s no wonder we have a bunch of whiny-ass adults who want everything handed to them on a silver platter and who are a bunch of sore losers in this country. In reality, the Democrats are quite possibly the most unhappy individuals in the United States to date. I will say this about Nancy, Schiff and the gang: Baboons. Trees. Asses. Any questions? They lost. They’ve embarrassed themselves. Bigly. Time to move on and be adults here. Negative Nancy, their speaker, may want to consider really doing the courteous thing for once. This could mean resigning.

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  • GWB says:

    The President’s legal team … did not refute the facts of the case.
    They don’t HAVE TO, you bint. Especially when you don’t bother to make the case in the first place!

    Of course they will defend the United States Constitution
    Oh, stop it! They’re not even doing that now! They’re merely using those words as the cover for their numerous lies and attempts to destroy the country we built on the Founding’s principles. They get no benefit of the doubt for this! It’s not the Constitution they’re defending, but their own lawlessness.

    reigns to rule
    Heh. While those who rule, reign, while they rule they hold the reins. 🙂

  • Bill Smith says:

    This is how the Dems now roll. When Constitutional processes do not deliver their prescribes results, they trash the process (I.e. Constitution). Examples; Trump’s Electoral College victory was illegitimate; Trump’s acquittal is illegitimate.

    The Constitution defines the election and impeachment PROCESSES. It does not prescribe a specific outcome. By claiming that the Senate acted contrary to the Constitution, Democrats are essentially trashing the Constitution and our democratic institutions.

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