Mitt Romney Is A Milksop Weasel

Mitt Romney Is A Milksop Weasel

Mitt Romney Is A Milksop Weasel

The Merry Impeachmas season is over, for now. President Donald John Trump was acquitted of both Articles of Impeachment along party lines, but for one vote. Senator Mitt Romney voted to convict Trump on the First Article of Impeachment, Abuse of Power. He gave a tortured speech on the Senate floor giving his “reasons”. In the end, it really didn’t matter. Romney proved once and for ever that he is a milksop weasel.

For those not familiar with the Middle English term “milksop”:

A person who is indecisive and lacks courage.

‘you could have respect for a man who fought for you, but none for this milksop, who backed away’

Late Middle English from milk + sop. The literal meaning was ‘piece of bread soaked with milk’, as formerly eaten by children and invalids.

People lost their teeth early in the 14th century. Bread soaked in milk didn’t need teeth to be consumed. Mitt Romney is the perfect milksop.

We all know what a weasel is. Just for clarity, the second definition is:

A deceitful or treacherous person.

‘he was a double-crossing weasel’

Mitt Romney aka Pierre Delecto has been all about himself for years. Remember back in 2012? I was so excited to vote for him. I had held my nose and voted for John McCain. But, Romney. He was hot and he had a hot wife. Despite the fact that he didn’t punch back, he seemed to say all the right things. However, the signs were all there.

Watching Romney give his ten minute speech on the floor of the Senate was gut-wrenching. It was also eye-opening. Here it is:

By 48 seconds in, he has wrapped himself in our Constitution and told us that he is profoundly religious. He even pauses for dramatic, emotional effect. Sorry, Mitt, I ain’t selling what you are buying. Neither is Christopher Barron of the Washington Examiner. His article is titled “Mitt Romney is not ‘principled’ — and he never has been”. Mr. Barron excoriated Romney for his “principled” remarks and he noted:

Throughout Romney’s entire political career he has been willing to put political ambition over principle and conviction.

It’s almost hard to keep up with him. Romney has been on every side of almost every issue of consequence, from gun control to abortion to gay rights to taxes. And it has clearly been political opportunity and public opinion guiding Romney’s ever-evolving positions on these issues — not principle.

And, just to prove what a milksop weasel he is, Mitt leaked news of his vote to convict to a reporter who had previously mocked him:

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) leaked advance news of his vote to convict President Donald Trump on one of two articles of impeachment to McKay Coppins, the same reporter who mocked Romney during his run for president in 2012.

As Romney stood to speak in the Senate, Coppins, who writes for The Atlantic, published his scoop, “How Mitt Romney Decided Trump Is Guilty.”

Coppins revealed that Romney reached out to him personally and directly, inviting him to his office in the Senate on Tuesday — the day before the vote — to reveal his decision, embargoed until his speech.

The irony is rich. In 2012, Coppins, then working for Buzzfeed, was caught on a hot mic telling another reporter before Romney took the stage at a campaign event just days before the election was to be held.

As Politico reported at the time:

BuzzFeed reporter McKay Coppins was picked up on a hot mic at today’s Mitt Romney event in Kettering, Ohio, saying there was “at least a 40 percent chance” that the candidate would “say something stupid.”

Oh, if only we knew then what we know now.

On the other hand, it was the eight years of President Barack Obama that made the nation ready for President Donald Trump. I thank God every day for Trump, Tweets and all.

Mitt Romney/Pierre Delecto is the perfect example of the former Republican establishment. The people who went along to get along. We don’t need milksop weasels. We need people of principle and backbone.

Hey, Mitt, quit!

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  • Beb says:

    Exactly. Read the last paragraph again, everyone. That sums up how we got here, and how we can dig out.

  • MikeyParks says:

    The fact that Rosie O’Donnell now likes Mittens is a good indication of who and what he is.

  • GWB says:

    Despite the fact that he didn’t punch back
    That was why I held my nose to vote for Romney, too. (That and his Northeast liberal Republican credentials.)

    his ten minute speech
    TEN friggin’ minutes?!? To tell how tortured he was about voting to convict for something that isn’t even a crime? Seriously?

    Romney has been on every side of almost every issue of consequence
    Including impeachment, where he was obviously playing to the fence-sitter crowd by splitting his vote.

    Congresscritters like Romney are why I despise a lot of the voters in this country. They’re without principle, voting almost entirely on either gimme-ism or celebrity, with enough don’t-change-horses thrown in to create the mess we’re currently in. (And concur with those last two paragraphs!)

  • Joe in PNG says:

    Mittens reminds me of those Russian sodiers who defected to the Nazis- during the siege of Berlin in 1945.
    What a maroon!

  • twolaneflash says:

    Willard the Rat, DemocRAT. Mormons and muslims have that wolf in sheep’s clothing thing pretty much down pat: insidious, duplicitous, and vicious.

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