Kamala Harris Wins Biden VP Lottery

Kamala Harris Wins Biden VP Lottery

Kamala Harris Wins Biden VP Lottery

Well, Joe Biden has finally been told who his vice presidential pick will be, and it’s Kamala Harris.

Yes, the Kamala Harris who called Joe Biden a racist and who said she believed Biden’s accusers? Yup, HER.

Now, while many on the Democrat left are celebrating this choice, it’s worth noting that Kamala Harris carries a lot of baggage. Not to mention that the person who got her, um, “started” in politics, one Willie Brown, just told her that vice president wasn’t the job for her. Brown thought Kamala Harris should be Attorney General. But there is no way on this earth that this failed presidential candidate was going to pass up the chance to be Biden’s puppetmaster – even though her own record is terrible.

To my mind, Kamala Harris as vice president is just one more piece of evidence that Joe Biden is not in full control of his faculties.

First, it was clear at the debate when Harris pulled the racist card on him that they don’t like each other. And that debate was OVER A YEAR AGO, if you can believe that. At the time, it was well and truly assumed that Kamala Harris had burned her bridges with the Biden campaign. This announcement today is likely proof that Grandpa Joe can’t even remember what happened a year ago. There is no way, looking at that debate video, that Biden has a change of heart regarding Harris unless he no longer remembers what she said to him. And if Biden still had his wits about him, then he should probably be watching his back should he win the presidency.

Second, Kamala Harris is a poor electoral choice. California is a guaranteed blue state, even if it does have a lot of electoral votes. Choosing Harris as VP does nothing to win over swing states. And Harris herself was not exactly a popular candidate by any stretch of the imagination. She got clocked by Tulsi Gabbard in a debate on her record as Attorney General of California, and was never able to get her footing on the debate stage again. Her campaign collapsed before there was even a vote. She will giggle her annoyingly grating laugh during her debate with Mike Pence and hope that she gets away with not answering any questions.

Finally, Kamala Harris is a gift to Republicans. She has a terrible record in office, and was chosen by the higher ups in the Democratic establishment for three reasons – she is a known quantity, she is a woman, and she is black.

The memes are writing themselves right now.

Biden is hiding in his basement, and even though his gaffes are obvious and terrible, the media refuses to cover them. Kamala Harris will now be the face of the campaign, and the amount of campaign ads from her brain freeze moments when she is asked direct questions alone will be amazing, not to mention the ads likely being made right now of her calling Biden a racist.

Team Trump ought to be smiling right now. Kamala Harris is an opponent that they are ready for. Joe Biden is probably ready for a nap before dinner.

Featured image: Senator Kamala Harris, official Congressional portrait, public domain

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