Judge Rules Remain In Mexico Policy Must Resume

Judge Rules Remain In Mexico Policy Must Resume

Judge Rules Remain In Mexico Policy Must Resume

The Remain in Mexico policy must resume says U.S. District Judge Matthew J. Kacsmaryk. This is a definite victory in the long battle regarding keeping our borders secure.

The Remain in Mexico policy implemented by President Trump, with the full agreement of the Mexico government, operated thusly. Those who come to the border and wish to enter the United States attended a hearing presenting their case. They were then moved to specific areas BACK in Mexico until an investigation was complete and that person was either granted entrance into our country or sent back to their home country. 

The day that Biden took office, he wrote an EO calling a halt to that policy. In June DHS Director Alejandro Mayorkas got rid of the entire policy, without embarking on a thorough review of the program. To be honest, that program was working. HOWEVER, since it was implemented by President Trump, the program was summarily dumped. 

It was dumped at a time when the numbers of illegals were showing up at our border were at a 21 year HIGH. It was dumped at a time when the Biden Administration was providing very little support to the Border Patrol and also had ordered illegals bused or flown around the country without providing the resources to test those illegals for Covid BEFORE said transportation!

One of the reasons Mayorkas dumped the Remain in Mexico policy?

In June, Mayorkas signed the formal termination of the MPP rule, saying “any benefits the program may have offered are now far outweighed by the challenges, risks, and costs that it presents.”

Among other reasons, Mayorkas cited concerns about whether “lack of stable access to housing, income, and safety” forced asylum-seekers stranded in Mexico to abandon “potentially meritorious protection claims.”

Read that again, the program was costly. The program didn’t give those illegal immigrants INCOME and HOUSES. But busing illegals all over the country without knowing whether they are Covid positive or are carrying other diseases is FINE??!!

Supposedly Biden has ordered DHS to ramp up deportations. I don’t know how given in July over 212,000 illegals were apprehended. That is 212 thousand in one month!

People have been sounding the alarm for months now. Yet the Biden Administration does nothing or sends Kamala Cackles for a fly by visit to the El Paso airport. 

Outgoing Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott is retiring, not by his choice. He sounded the alarm regarding the national security threat we are dealing with on our southern border. 

Watch his speech, and then watch it again. Then, watch this from Mayorkas the incompetent fool. 

Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while. The numbers ARE unsustainable. So he decides he’s gonna look at policy options. Guess what, a federal judge just handed him notice that the Remain in Mexico policy IS one of those key options that needs to be restarted immediately. 

The ruling found that the termination of MPP “has contributed to the current border surge” and that DHS counsel had conceded as much. The judge also noted the increase in border apprehensions from fewer than 80,000 in January to about 173,000 in April when the lawsuit was filed. In July, there were more than 212,000 encounters at the border.

The ruling found that the states have shown they will suffer injury attributable to the ending of MPP, since it leads to more migrants being released and paroled into their states. It also found that DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas failed to consider a number of factors, including some of the main benefits of MPP.

The ruling accuses Mayorkas of not having addressed the problems created by false asylum claims, that it discouraged migrants from traveling, or that DHS had previously found that 9 out of 10 asylum claims from Northern Triangle countries are ultimately found not to have merit.

Did you read that? 90% of the asylum claims over these last few years have been found to be…FALSE! Evidently the Biden Administration doesn’t care about pesky facts like that. Hence their dumping of the Remain in Mexico policy. 

Well now, a federal judge took a look and has determined the administration acted outside the law. 

This is what CBP, Border Patrol, and ICE are dealing with. 

Let’s hope the Biden Administration appeal falls flat, and they reimplement the policy. The border crisis is a definitive threat to our national security and we need the Remain in Mexico program, along with Title 42, back in place to help lessen that threat. 

Feature Photo Credit: DHS photo of Mayorkas and Kamala Harris 25 June 2021, U.S. gov’t work public domain via Flickr, cropped and modified

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