Kamala Harris Won’t Go The Extra Mile At Border

Kamala Harris Won’t Go The Extra Mile At Border

Kamala Harris Won’t Go The Extra Mile At Border

A leader goes the extra mile. Kamala Harris was finally shamed into going to the Southern Border by President Trump’s scheduled visit next week with Texas Governor Greg Abbott. Harris doesn’t want to see the dirty truth. So, just as when she wiped her hands after meeting the South Korean President, she will keep herself clean by not going to see the real problem in the Rio Grande River sector of the border.

Kamala Harris flew into the El Paso International Airport. She is scheduled to visit the El Paso Customs and Border Patrol Processing Facility. The Processing Facility is two miles from the airport. If Kamala Harris just went the extra mile, she could visit the the Fort Bliss Migrant Facility. Fort Bliss is three miles from the airport.

There are hundreds of children held at the Processing Center. But, you can bet your Tio Juan, those children will be bright as a new baby and the facility spick and span and smelling like lavender. No kids in cages here. If Harris wanted to see the real truth, she would go that extra mile. She would go to the Fort Bliss Migrant Facility, which is not so sanitary.

Earlier this month, El Paso station KVIA filed this report:

A group of disgruntled employees working at the Fort Bliss shelter for migrant children, gave ABC-7 some insight Wednesday regarding what they said are unsanitary conditions inside the shelter.

Among the issues: Lice, scabies and accusations that unaccompanied migrant children inside the facility were forced to eat raw chicken.


Members of the group talked with ABC-7 about those poor shelter conditions, which the workers described as being unsanitary.

The workers said about 500 unaccompanied children are packed into tents with little to no social distancing, and they claimed the children go without taking showers for weeks at a time

Some of the now-fired employees said they spoke with supervisors about conditions, but added that those complaints were ignored.

This is not the first time ABC-7 has heard reports of unsanitary conditions at that shelter. In fact, El Paso Congresswoman Veronica Escobar told ABC-7 last week that conditions at the facility were less than acceptable in her view.

Congresscritter Veronica Escobar is Harris’s host on this trip, and upon landing in El Paso, she proclaimed that El Paso is the new Ellis Island. Ellis Island? These people are delusional.

In the early days of Ellis Island, America had an open immigration policy, but not everyone was accepted. President Warren G. Harding set the first quota in 1921. Ellis Island was shut down in 1954 and for a while, America did not allow immigration. But, the point is Ellis Island was a point of legal immigration. The Southern Border is overrun with illegal immigrants from around the world.

But, way to invite more people to cross illegally, Escobar.

As a side note, watching the coverage of Harris in El Paso, they are all wearing freaking masks. What in the sweet cornbread Hell is the point of that?

Two days ago, Senator John Cornyn and Representatives Tony Gonzales and Henry Cuellar posted an Op-Ed in the Dallas Morning News. They invited Harris to the real border, not El Paso 700 miles away and they talked of Harris’s grand gesture:

The momentum for this crisis has been building for months, but no significant action has been taken to address it. The president and vice president have yet to even visit the border.

When asked why, Vice President Kamala Harris said she is interested in doing work that leads to real results as opposed to “grand gestures.” We agree, which is why we’ve spent significant time meeting with officials in Texas who are on the front lines of this humanitarian crisis.

We’ve seen the ways our immigration system is abused by cartels and criminal organizations. We’ve heard the stories of migrants who paid thousands of dollars to make it to the United States, only to be abused along the way. And we’ve felt the frustration of law enforcement, nongovernmental organizations, and community leaders who are expected to make up for the failures of the federal government. Sitting down with these men and women isn’t a gesture — it’s the critical first step to change.

These gentlemen know as well as you and I that Harris didn’t have to make any trip, really. If she was at all interested in the border crisis, she could have invited Border Patrol and I.C.E. agents to the Naval Observatory for dinner. Maybe, she could make them cheese puffs.

Henry Cuellar was on Fox News Channel this morning and roasted Kamala.

Cuellar knows that Harris doesn’t want to talk to landowners, stakeholders or the front line first responders that work the border. Harris won’t go the extra mile to Fort Bliss. She won’t go that extra 800 miles to McAllen, Texas.

Cuellar is also right. She checked the box and can say that she went to the border. It is a politically safe trip.

Harris made a politically safe, meaningless, grand gesture. She won’t get her hands dirty and won’t see the truth. She won’t go the extra mile. That’s a picture of Kamala Harris right there.

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