Well Looky Here: Trump Border Restriction Will Stay

Well Looky Here: Trump Border Restriction Will Stay

Well Looky Here: Trump Border Restriction Will Stay

Who had this on their Bingo card for the week? Apparently folks in the Biden administration found that a Trump era border restriction isn’t so bad after all.

This isn’t exactly a game-changer, however. After all, with these guys you know that there’s some ulterior motive behind this move.

Trump rules


On Monday, the Centers for Disease Control confirmed that with all those migrants crossing the southern border possibly carrying — gasp! — Covid, the administration decided to keep Title 42, a Trump public health rule. In short, due to Covid, the border patrol will expel illegal migrants, with the exception of unaccompanied minors. Supposedly, anyway.

The CDC’s media release reads, in part:

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued an order . . . that temporarily suspends the introduction of certain noncitizens . . . the danger is so increased by the introduction of such noncitizens that a temporary suspension is necessary to protect the public health.”

As for when the administration would lift the order, the CDC stated that it would be up to the director:

“This order was issued on August 2, 2021 and shall remain in effect until the CDC Director determines that the danger of further introduction of COVID-19 into the United States from covered noncitizens has ceased to be a serious danger to the public health. . .”

However, the ACLU doesn’t care for this turn of events. In fact, they’re now planning a lawsuit to force the administration to lift the health order — the nation’s safety be damned, of course.

And, as an ACLU lawyer added in a statement:

“We gave the Biden administration more than enough time to fix any problems left behind by the Trump administration, but it has left us no choice but to return to court. Families’ lives are at stake.”

But, as Nina pointed out, Title 42 hasn’t been followed very well by the Biden gang, anyway. So why rock the boat now?

Because the hypocrisy and double standards of this administration are not a good look. And they know it.

The recent shenanigans of Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley in Texas are jaw-dropping. And while CNN and MSNBC are loathe to cover it, Fox News reporter Bill Melugin found that the Charities are now using two hotels to house Covid-positive migrants.

Meanwhile, the CDC is advising regular Americans to mask up again, even though they may have received their Covid vaccinations. Washington, DC, and San Francisco have issued mask mandates once again, and now New York City is requiring vaccination proof for indoor settings. So you know they’ll lower the boom again soon. It’s just a matter of time and the Delta variant.

Plus, doctors are getting an earful from their patients who remain confused about the flip-flops of the CDC. Especially when they see bigwigs like Barack Obama host several hundred people for his birthday bash.

Watch Jen Psaki try to spin her way out of that kerfuffle:

In other words, Americans are experiencing some real Covid whiplash. So the administration is throwing them a sop to shut them up — for now. As I said above, there are ulterior motives afoot.

The Democrats know that 2022 is coming much quicker than they would like. They also know that Joe Biden is a decrepit simpleton in serious cognitive decline. And no one likes Kamala Harris, either.

So even though the Biden gang would prefer to throw out All Things Trump, they’ll crow about keeping Title 42 to protect the nation’s health. But make no mistake — they just want to keep the rabble quiet. Meanwhile, after the Covid dust settles a bit, they’ll go back to business as usual, which means throwing the borders open once again. That is, if they truly planned to close them in the first place.


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  • Mark says:

    Somehow, I expect them to reverse this in the middle of the night. After a month or two of pushing illegal aliens through, they might crow to a crowd of liberals. Problem is, the press will probably not report it to the general public.

    The only hope conservatives might have of hearing of it would be if Brietbart or the Washington Examiner gets a camera in.

  • Scott says:

    As evidenced by the catholic charities debacle, they have no intention of enforcing title 42. As you point out, it’s just a lie to shut people up. The ACLU suit is just window dressing to sell the lie, those communist lawyers know this is just part of the plan, and they have a part to play. In addition, this allows biden and co to transfer money to the ACLU under the smoke screen of “lawyer fees”..
    They are all domestic enemies of our free republic, and their intent is a communist dictatorship, never doubt or forget that! Keep your powder dry.

  • talgus says:

    The ACLU has a long history of marxist policies and distain for the country they live and work. A counter group of lawyers needs to be found to oppose their law fare. Heritage? heritage anyone. Or is all you lawyers do is pontificate and raise money.

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