Issac Stands For National Anthem While Others Take The Knee

Issac Stands For National Anthem While Others Take The Knee

Issac Stands For National Anthem While Others Take The Knee

Orlando Magic forward, Jonathan Issac, did a thing yesterday. Issac became the first NBA player to actually stand for the National Anthem. The NBA resumed its season after a 20-week hiatus due to COVID-19 and amidst racial upsets and protests nationwide caused by the death of George Floyd.

Issac, who is Black, was seen standing as players and coaches from both teams, as well as referees, took a knee during the playing of the National Anthem. The 22-year-old was also the only player seen not wearing a “Black Lives Matter” shirt.

(GASP!) Stop the presses. People are mad.

For me Black lives are supported through the gospel. All lives are supported through the gospel. We all have things that we do wrong and sometimes it gets to a place that we’re pointing fingers at who’s wrong is worst. Or who’s wrong is seen, so I feel like the Bible tells us that we all fall short of God’s glory. That will help bring us closer together and get past skin color. And get past anything that’s on the surface and doesn’t really get into the hearts or men and women.”-Jonathan Issac, Orlando Magic

Issac has been called a “BOZO” by some. But the BOZO of a reporter in this interview feels completely validated asking a BLACK man if he thinks, Black lives matter? It makes us want to ask the reporter a follow up question: “What do you think, genius?!”

Kaep was out of line. But not for kneeling, exactly. It was his other actions and general attitude beyond The Great Knee That Started It All that categorized Colin Kaepernick as “out of line”. Let’s talk about his choice of socks at practices. Interesting how we see disturbing videos of Antifa and anti-police rioters setting a pig’s head with a police officer’s hat ablaze in Portland a few nights ago. Colin Kaepernick further showed the NFL and fans who he was in his punk move of moving his practice to another location even though the NFL was poised to perhaps make him gainfully employed once again. Apples and oranges here.

Jonathan Issac gets criticism, however, for being “out of line” because he did not fall in lockstep with the rest of his teammates and take a knee or wear a BLM t-shirt. He did not go along with the mob. He should be punished for this. The very same people who are criticizing those who raised eyebrows at Kaepernick’s infamous kneel in opposition to police brutality are criticizing a man who decided to stand in the name of God and our country and in the name of Black lives. Why? Because Issac realizes there is a Higher Power than the people who sign his paycheck. Good on him. Hopefully, this does not have repercussions on the young Magic forward. While Kaepernick’s taking the knee was seen as “individualistic” the left will say Issac’s stance was divisive. That, as a Black man, he should have been in unity with his teammates. That, as a Black man, he should realize Black Lives Matter and he can only do that by wearing a stupid t-shirt and not standing for his nation’s colors.

Here is an athlete that gets it. That we all fall short. That God doesn’t see skin color because He created us in His own image. But God, not seeing color and not falling in line with the masses now is a racial construct-even if it is exercised by a typically marginalized race. Because Jonathan Issac quoted the gospel as his compass and his reasoning for taking a stand, he is a “wacko” a “bozo”. He was supposed to listen to what the woke, white liberals told him. Yes, even in his Christian circles and yes, there are many who blacked out a few weeks ago on Instagram and now will use THIS to promote their church. Issace should have just worn the damn t-shirt and took a knee.

But he didn’t.

I remember a slogan from a few years back:

“Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything. Just do it.”

Unless, you’re Jonathan Issac. Then, your beliefs apparently DON’T matter.

Photo Credit: the feature photo used from Ashley Landis was altered, cropped, and colorized to meet fair use standards

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  • Scott says:

    Good on Mr. Issac. He’s obviously an intelligent, God fearing man. As such, he’ll obviously be driven out of the NBA, and ostracized as an “Uncle Tom”…

    Tell me again who the racists are???

    Good post as usual Lisa

  • Mary says:

    Dear young man, you have my respect for standing up for your Christian principles. I salute you.

  • Ampleforth says:

    NBA? I thought they had moved to China. Didn’t realize it was still a thing here.

    Is Chairman James wearing a red uniform with the five yellow stars?

    I guess it makes sense now that professional sports have made themselves another tool of the left.

    Except for hockey. This Southerner is trying to learn that sport. I thought icing was on cakes and cookies.

  • Bevo says:

    ……….Something to ponder:

    The United States has become a place where entertainers and
    professional athletes are mistaken for people of importance…

    I’ve needed a Doctor..
    I’ve needed a Teacher..
    I need farmers every day..

    I have needed an auto mechanic, a plumber, a house painter
    and a lot of other everyday people.

    But I have NEVER, not even once, NEEDED a pro athlete, a media
    personality, or a Hollywood entertainer for ANYTHING!

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