Crush Working Americans: Marcotte Blames Republicans

Crush Working Americans: Marcotte Blames Republicans

Crush Working Americans: Marcotte Blames Republicans

Crashing the economy, according to some, is all the fault of money-grabbing Republicans. Can we expect anything else from Amanda Marcotte of Salon fame? This latest piece penned by the hysterical shrew tells us why Republicans are at fault and want to crush the economy while well-meaning Democrats are blameless.

Marcotte claims Republicans want to crush our economy by cutting the weekly COVID-19 unemployment benefit from $600 to $200.

The argument for slashing unemployment benefits is that people won’t work if they can make more staying home.”-Amanda Marcotte, Salon

She’s not entirely wrong. This from NPR:

Economists at the University of Chicago estimate that more than two-thirds of the workers on unemployment insurance are making more in jobless benefits than they did at work — in some cases two to three times as much. It’s a stark reminder of just how low the pay is in many hard-hit industries such as restaurants and retail.”-NPR

According to a study at the University of Chicago, more than two thirds of workers are making more in jobless benefits than they did at work — in some cases two to three times as much. Extend that $600 dollar benefit? Let’s see how many actually return to the workforce.

Marcotte drones on to cite Republican law makers (and their estimated personal net worths) in her argument, though. Too bad she did not do the same for her idol, Nancy Pelosi. So, Amanda, we did this for you. According to PolitiFact, Nancy Pelosi’s max net worth based on $257 million in assets and $97 million in liabilities, which produces a maximum net worth of nearly $160 million. Her minimum net worth? Take $54 million in assets and $20 million in liabilities, for a net worth of about $34 million. You’re welcome. Pelosi’s on-par with Mitch McConnell. And her net worth is much higher than that of Ted Cruz and Andy Biggs, both of whom Marcotte cites, combined. Pelosi, of course, does not want to crush working Americans. Even though she’ll be fine through all of this-hunkering down, slapping in her dentures and eating her ice cream stockpiled in a freezer that is an annual salary for some. But I digress…

A major reason 30 million are unemployed is there isn’t nearly enough meaningful work to do. Bars, restaurants, hotels and stores are not exactly flush with customers, even in places where they’re open at all, because most Americans are sensibly staying home rather than risking their lives to get baby-back ribs and a fruity cocktail at Applebee’s. There’s no reason for workers to show up for jobs that don’t need doing, or to risk their own health to do so. Republicans are literally suggesting that people are lazy because they won’t go to work at jobs that don’t exist.”-Amanda Marcotte

To add insult upon injury, Republicans only, want to crush the economy and are calling Americans lazy. Easy to make those assumptions when your view is from one side of the aisle. Who are you calling lazy?

To the contrary, I’ve talked with many restaurant workers who spent weeks-upon-weeks waiting for their $600 unemployment benefits and could not afford to wait any longer. They had families to support and honestly, were happy to get back to work. There are nail salon owners, hairdressers, laborers who all felt the same way. This is here in a blue state run by blue policies. Then, there are the essential workers. The janitors, the day-care workers.

If you’re a janitor and you work at a hospital, you’re facing increased risk at your job and likely have not received a pay raise. But if you’re a janitor and you work at a school that’s shut down, then you actually get a 50% pay raise from claiming unemployment benefits.”-Economist Peter Ganong

Interesting. Schools are currently not opening because of pressure from teacher’s unions with large Democrat backing. Yet, Republicans want to crush the economy? Republicans are calling people lazy?! Don’t even get me started on schools not opening in the fall. That’s another rant for another time. Brace for more drama from Marcotte:

Republicans’ most important agenda item is to crush working Americans, especially those who are not white men, under their heel, while continuing to line the pockets of the ultra-wealthy. Nothing, up to and including the total collapse of our economy, will divert them from this mission. Driving ordinary Americans down to starvation wages, and breaking their political power and their will to resist in the process, is worth any amount of destruction.”-Amanda Marcotte, Salon

Destruction also comes in the form of soul-crushing monotony. Crushing of one’s dreams, one’s spirit, one’s reason for being. Destruction comes with fear-mongering those who are willing to believe the people who “know what’s best” for us and would like to keep us in line and from asking questions. But ask those who really want to get back to normal what they think. As per usual, Marcotte illustrates to us her severe case of spatial-D. Easy to do from the other side of a keyboard in a gentrified Brooklyn neighborhood that you don’t want to leave because…yikes…those family members in Texas! But Republicans only want to crush this economy and bring utter destruction. Poor Amanda has been flying upside down for so long and her yammering is indicative of such.

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  • NTSOG says:

    Why is it that those of the socialist left hate the notion of people working for a living and do not understand that people, in general, enjoy being productive and take pride in what they do. In particular leftists, frequently ‘educated’ in isolated academia, are job ‘snobs’. They seem unable to believe that people like to work. They also seem to consider that some jobs are acceptable, but others, such as the jobs, messy and sometimes dangerous, shown in the series ‘Dirty Jobs’ by Mike Rowe are not acceptable at all in ‘their’ civilised society. Yet someone has to clean the sewers and do all those other dirty jobs, but apparently not the self-proclaimed, caring and sharing socialists living in fantasy land with their expensive refrigerators.

    • This is one driving influence behind job snobbery:

      ASSUMPTION THREE: Credentials, position, popularity, and presentation skills are reliable indicators of the intellect necessary to be an “expert” or “leader”. Conversely, the lack of such indicators is prima facie evidence of inferior intellect, and such a person and their ideas should be summarily dismissed as irrelevant to any discussion.

      One of the Seven Assumptions of the Comfortably Numb, which are keystones of our society’s conventional wisdom in this era.

      • Rick Caird says:

        Glenn Reynolds (instapundit) calls it “credentialed, but not educated”. I enjoyed your 7 assumptions. I am so over Fauci. The damage this man has caused is legion. I ranted on a another Victory Girls thread about his testimony last week where he denigrated the Ford study and then refused to say the protest spread the virus. He is all about credentials and not current perormance.

  • Ima Idgit says:

    The “hysterical shew?” IT’s difficult to take your viewpoint seriously when you stoop to this kind of insult.

    • Lisa Carr says:

      Shrew: a bad-tempered or aggressively assertive woman.

      It’s my viewpoint. The beauty of this country is that we can have them.

      Her viewpoint is the assumption that anyone who is not on HER side of the political spectrum thinks Americans are lazy and wants to choke them out. I’d say that’s an ill-tempered sentiment and generalization used to stir up hysteria. So yes, “hysterical shrew” would be my viewpoint and perhaps I could have exercised a better choice of words to describe a woman but I am personally tired of these people insulting other Americans who do not fall in line with their ideologies-who point out faults of the other side without looking in their own backyard.

      • Scott says:


        As I think the poster you were responding to has a very appropriate screen name, I will say that I believe you showed great restraint in using the term “hysterical shrew”. It is far nicer than anything I would have to say about Ms. Marcotte,,, I believe I’d start with “hateful, seditious”, and probably go downhill from there.
        The previous poster seems to believe (or at least wants you to believe) that being nice, prim and proper will win this fight. Seems to me that conservatives have been trying that approach for decades, which has resulted in nothing but “compromising” with the left, expecting them to reciprocate, and without exception, getting kicked in the head instead.. Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown comes to mind…
        It’s long past time to call out these America haters for who / what they are, and treat them as the “domestic enemies” mentioned in the oaths that many of us have taken.

        • Anna Mac says:

          Right on the money, Lisa and Scott. “Failure to riot” as used to post on their masthead has hurt the right. But, as you know, we’re all too busy working, raising families, paying bills and paying taxes.

      • NTSOG says:

        Personally I’ve always preferred the word ‘harpy’ to describe certain shrill, vindictive and nasty women.

      • No apologies needed, IMO.

        Civility in response to intellectual dishonesty is counterproductive in the defense of liberty.

        You choose to defend liberty. I appreciate that.

    • Riprake says:

      How does “hateful harlot who should be hanged for treason” grab ya?

    • Rick Caird says:

      LOL. That is exactly what Marcotte is. She rants, name calls, and accuses without justification. She needs to be identified and tamed. She is not a Karen. She is a Kate.

  • DEEBEE says:

    My daughter got her first job in NY, last year. Making about 800 a week. She recently got laid off and now makes almost 1100 a week in UI benefits. Enough to eff-up a newbies head.
    The restaurant, in NC, that we frequent had us talking to a waiter who was getting almost a $1000 a week, till he ran out of his 25 weeks and had to come back to work.

  • Paul Pregnolato says:

    On the topic of shrews, I still burst out laughing when I read these two David Burge (“Iowahawk”) columns about the unlovable Ms. Marcotte from 2007:

    (Bad language warning for both of them…and don’t drink anything while reading them, as you WILL need a new keyboard LOL)

  • Sgt Grumble says:

    The being closed is the best bit. Sportz collapse is a significant benefit. There’s plenty of upside. The chronic has become acute.

  • Steve White says:

    Once again we get to repeat Stacy McCain’s joke about Amanda —

    Q: How do you best demonstrate Amanda Marcotte to be a blithering idiot?

    Q: Quote her…

  • Richard P says:

    Working stiffs, especially ones that make little money, aren’t dim.
    Unemployment gives you no health care benefits and, importantly, *end*. 17 year olds know this.
    And if you are offered a job and refuse it? Unemployment ends.
    “Extend that $600 dollar benefit? Let’s see how many actually return to the workforce.”
    Based on what has already happened, people get back to work ASAP.

  • GWB says:

    cutting the weekly COVID-19 unemployment benefit
    This isn’t a new tactic. Heck, it’s so old Reagan complained about it as governor, iirc. It’s baselining any increase – temporary or not – to be the new minimum. Both parties have practiced it in budgeting for something like 80 years. It’s dishonest, but it’s nothing new – a lot like Amanda.

    It’s a stark reminder of just how low the pay is in many hard-hit industries such as restaurants and retail.
    No, that’s actually NOT what it indicates. Of course, it depends on your perspective – but that’s not what they’ll tell you.

    because most Americans are sensibly staying home
    No, because some large portion are scared half to death (thanks to people like you, Amanda) and some portion is being ordered under duress to stay home. Very little of the staying home is ‘sensible’.

    There’s no reason for workers to show up for jobs that don’t need doing
    Which DID need doing before the totalitarians shut it all down.

    Amanda’s a nut. And totally off her rocker, too. And as dumb as a box of hammers (my apologies to hammers everywhere).

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