Hydroxychloroquine, Covid-19 And The Scare Tactics

Hydroxychloroquine, Covid-19 And The Scare Tactics

Hydroxychloroquine, Covid-19 And The Scare Tactics

Every single time the anti-malarial drug, Hydroxychloroquine, is mentioned in connection with Sars Covid-19, the media and medical experts scream in horror. Is this a dangerous drug? Does it have efficacy in the treatment of Covid-19? What are the problems with its use? Nobody will ask the questions because of the scare tactics and derision that will be heaped upon the questioner. The Cancel Culture zealots leave no room for questions or doubt. Once a subject, science, law or today’s weather, is considered settled, no questions are allowed.

This morning, a high school friend posted some interesting information on Uganda, Hydroxychloroquine and Covid-19. I will not use her name, but she is quite credentialed. Her Ph.D. is in biochemical endocrinology, her post-doctoral work studied receptors and viruses in and on cells, and purification of proteins, RNA and messenger RNA. She is one of the authors in a study on Glucocorticoid Receptors. In other words, she knows about this sciencey stuff. I do not.

Now about Uganda. Uganda, not a first world country, has a population of 45 million. The country has 1140 confirmed Covid-19 cases, and two (2) deaths. Uganda treats Covid-19 with Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin, and Zinc. Whether or not you believe in this therapeutic regimen, you have to have questions, right?` Malaria is a huge health problem in Uganda and what is the main therapeutic for Malaria? Go ahead and shout it out. Any way, my high school friend’s big brain got me thinking about this “controversial” therapeutic.

Here in the good old U.S.A., just saying the word Hydroxychloroquine will get you shunned, cancelled and/or fired.

Speaking of Sub-Saharan Africa and getting cancelled, let’s talk of Dr. Stella Immanuel. Dr. Immanuel is one of a group of doctors who promote the use of the malaria drug as a therapeutic for Covid-19. She was born in Cameroon and received her medical degree in Nigeria. She is also a Christian pastor. To say that Dr. Immanuel has some different religious beliefs is a definite understatement. I saw on social media some of the most wypipo, snarky Karen comments. Something about demon lizard people. I will let Kenzie Bryant of Vanity Fair “whitesplain” it for you:

Understanding how “demon sperm” entered the discourse should start, I suppose, with the woman who inadvertently introduced the phrase to the broader public in the first place, pediatrician and fire-and-brimstone-type minister Stella Immanuel. The Houston doctor joined the group of other medical professionals on Monday in D.C. in what they’ve called the “White Coat Summit,” a Tea Party–driven gathering meant to drive a wedge of distrust into COVID-19 consensus. They have some pretty kooky ideas in general. Immanuel, for example, recounts in sermons and books the devil’s various plots to take over the world, which is obviously wrong because as I stated above, we are already living in hell.

Kenzie makes me not want to be a wypipo anymore. I am going to call myself Pinkish. Kenzie Bryant represents the highly intellectual refutations of hydroxychloroquine we have come to expect from the wokerati. What happened to all cultures and beliefs are equal?

With Dr. Immanuel at the White Coat Summit was Dr. Simone Gold. Dr. Gold was fired for attending the Summit. In this video, Dr. Gold talks about this whole kerfuffle:

Yes, Dr. Gold said that pharmacies are refusing to fill prescriptions for Hydroxychloroquine. I don’t understand everything she said about heart arrythmia, but many drugs are contra-indicated for certain patients. Have you ever read the insert that comes with a new prescription. Yeah. I take Levothyroxine for hypothyroidism. Here are the adverse reactions listed for that life-saving drug:

Ruh, roh, Shaggy. There is that scary word arrythmia. Which is why when you take any drug, your doctor will monitor the effects. Duh. Also, some of the adverse effects were found in .00000001% of the population.

The favored therapeutic drug of the “medical professionals” advising President Donald Trump on Covid-19 is Remdesivir, which is priced at $0.93/day per patient. Hydroxychloroquine is priced at less than $0.08/day. Things that make you go hmmmm?

Two years ago, President Donald Trump signed the “Right to Try Act”. This act gave terminally ill patients the right to try unproven therapeutics. Wouldn’t an off-label use for a 50 year old drug fall into this category?

Finally, we have no vaccine for AIDS or the common cold. How can the experts develop a vaccine for a novel virus so quickly?

Every citizen of the United States deserves answers to the questions I asked at the start of this article: Is this a dangerous drug? Does it have efficacy in the treatment of Covid-19? What are the problems with the use of Hydroxychloroquine?

If we had any real journalists in all of the media, we might have someone digging into this. Sadly, they are all part of the cancel culture mob.

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  • Pat says:

    Dr Risch from Yale University School of Public Health has written about the use of Hydroxychloroquine and AZT in early treatment of CV-19. Directly counters the claims by Dr Fauci et.al.




  • Politically Ambidextrous says:

    I like your use of the term therapeutic instead of the misused term cure.

    How much you (don’t) want to bet the goal posts get adjusted for anything but hydroxychloroquine? The current standard appears to be that any proposed pharmaceutical must be proven 100% effective in peer-reviewed double-blind studies, there must be zero side effects or ancillary risks (esp to people in previously compromised health, like the elderly), and it must be plentiful/cheap enough not to require rationing (er, I mean “health care justice“, or create competition for any other possible treatment uses. Even if it reduces the mortality rate, all COVID-related deaths must considered an excess death that could have been prevented. (And this count certainly includes the people who got the placebo in the double-blind study and sadly died).

    Of course the NYT, MSNBC, and FBI must fully investigate that there was zero systemic racism in the selection of either group because people didn’t specifically volunteer to be in the placebo group or to be in the unproven treatment group. We may need to call it a double-squint study.

    Watch the fast shift to something akin to the “chicken soup” standard: “well, it may be not a cure but it couldn’t hurt… and it’s better than doing nothing.” Like some of the mask reasoning.

  • Rick Caird says:

    I believe Fauci is a fraud. He piles error on top of error and pushes unsupported opinion as fact. He refuses to say these protests can spread covid, but believes churches do. All he needed to say was “Of course these protests spread the virus, but the protests are a Constitutional right and beyond the reach of public health”, Done.

    What really upset me was his response to a Senator’s question on the Ford study. The babbling fool started talking about placebo studies (as if killing random patients was a good idea) and then complained the Ford study had a confounding use if steroids. So Fauci is willing to ignore the AZT, HCQ, and Zinc treatment because of a steroid. So, if the doddering old fool is concerned, add the steroid to the cocktail. Baby, bathwater, doderring old fool.

    Sorry for the rant, but I am so over Fauci. He has inflicted major damage on this country, He still does not seem to understand Bell curves and shutdowns. I would not trust him to babysit my dog.

    • GWB says:

      He is a Safetyist. He advocates – as bureaucrats and academics tend to do – for zero infection, zero spread. Zero Risk.

  • […] mess, and Fauci sang the same damned tune. So much so, that ANY therapeutics such as Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, were essentially banned and doctors, including one who kept at least 500 people OUT of the […]

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