Hunter Claims On Audio That He Pulls Joe’s Strings

Hunter Claims On Audio That He Pulls Joe’s Strings

Hunter Claims On Audio That He Pulls Joe’s Strings

Well, we all know SOMEONE is pulling those strings. Why shouldn’t it be the guy Joe Biden calls “the smartest man I know“?

It certainly would go a long way to explaining the cynically co-dependent relationship that Hunter Biden – a certifiable screw-up who knows he’s ridden his last name like the hookers he paid off – has with “The Big Guy.”

The Washington Examiner has this new sordid story, plus audio recordings, from a backup copy of Hunter’s iPhone XS via the infamously abandoned laptop. In 2018, as Joe was mulling over yet another presidential run, Hunter was bragging to a friend that “The Big Guy” would do anything for Hunter, and he knows it.

“He’ll talk about anything that I want him to, that he believes in,” Biden said in reference to his father, Joe Biden, in the Dec. 3, 2018, recording. “If I say it’s important to me, then he will work a way in which to make it a part of his platform. My dad respects me more than he respects anyone in the world, and I know that to be certain, so it’s not going to be about whether it affects his politics.”

“All those fears you think that I have of people not liking me or that I don’t love myself … I don’t fear that. You know why I don’t fear that? Because the man I most admire in the world, that god to me, thinks I’m a god,” Hunter Biden added in the 77-minute recording, which was taped about five months before Joe Biden launched his successful 2020 presidential campaign in late April 2019. “And my brother did, too. And the three of us, it was literally — I had the support to know I can do anything.”

In the recording, Hunter Biden bragged to his friend, British artist Phillipa Horan, that he was “better than anybody you know” as the pair discussed matters ranging from Joe Biden’s presidential aspirations, Hunter Biden’s struggles with addiction, an art project the two were working on together, and philosophical musings on how to live a fulfilling life.

“Everyone thinks it, talks about how — ‘How can you be as good as your dad?’ I’m better than my dad,” Hunter Biden said. “You know why I’m better than my dad? Because my dad tells me I’m better than him, since I was 2 years old.”

The conversation was taped at a house in Plum Island, Massachusetts, amid the throes of Hunter Biden’s addiction to crack cocaine.”

Oh yes, the crack cocaine.

Yeah, this sounds exactly like the healthy, well-adjusted personality that you would want whispering in the ear of the most powerful person on earth, right? A spoiled narcissist with a drug problem, who Daddy has built up by telling him he is so smart, and so wonderful, and together they will launder millions of dollars change the world and make sure that Hunter can keep bringing in the money with his art.

Hunter Biden foretold his notoriety would rise if his father won the 2020 presidential election and said they could parlay that attention to promote an art project he and Horan were working on together.”

He said a personal story Horan told him “will literally be a f****** blip in a f****** radar fucking screen as compared to my presence if my dad becomes president of the United States.”

“You will have attention,” Hunter Biden added. “I have figured out a long time ago, if you’re going to be involved in politics the way that I am, which is to choose to engage with my father in that life because I believe in what he does — if you’re going to, one of your obligations is to use that platform with intent, is to not allow the platform to sit on top of you.”

While Hunter Biden’s art project with Horan doesn’t appear to have come to fruition, he successfully reinvented himself as an artist following Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration.”

Hunter Biden has sought upward of $500,000 for his art, and he sold at least five pieces of artwork for $75,000 each at an exhibition in October, raising concerns that his anonymous buyers may have been trying to curry favor with the White House.”

The co-dependent relationship between father and son here is becoming pretty clear. Hunter also reveals that he was in on decisions related to Joe running for president.

“Been on calls with Dad most of day,” Hunter Biden texted his psychiatrist, Keith Ablow, on Dec. 16, 2018. “Talking what’s next with political team. Slot of polls that are way outside the norm for anyone in the last 20 years of presidential politics.”

“My dad asked me to be in a call at 7:30 re political decisions,” Hunter Biden texted Ablow on Jan. 16, 2019.”

And yet Joe never talks about Hunter, but keeps invoking Beau. Why? A family psychologist could likely have a field day with all of the warped dynamics within the Biden family after the death of Beau Biden, but it also explains Joe’s dependence on Hunter as his only surviving son. Hunter could never have a political career like his father and brother – his life and decisions are too well known – but he can live vicariously through Joe. And “The Big Guy” gets his ten percent.

We all know that Hunter Biden has an overinflated ego, many emotional problems, and has manipulated the people around him endlessly. The real question at hand is, just how much influence does he have over Joe now? We also all know that Joe’s cognitive state is on the decline. What is currently developing within the White House is a very scary situation. Just who controls the president? It always seems to be the last person that he talked to, with aides on standby to perform cleanup. But what if it is The Family Biden, consisting of Jill, Joe’s sister Valerie, and Hunter, fighting Shadow President Chief of Staff Ron Klain and the West Wing aides for control of the puppet that Joe Biden has become?

If the person pulling Joe’s strings is really Hunter Biden, then it’s little wonder that the voices speculating about Joe’s fitness for a 2024 presidential run are getting louder and more obvious.

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