Biden On Kimmel: It’s Obvious Why He Went There

Biden On Kimmel: It’s Obvious Why He Went There

Biden On Kimmel: It’s Obvious Why He Went There

The current president of the United States, Joe Biden, cannot handle a sit-down interview with even a friendly “hard news” outlet.

And the friendly “hard news” outlets know it – and they are befuddled as to why Biden won’t talk to them. Fortunately, some on Twitter were kind enough to help them out.

The media bent over backwards to rig the election for Biden, and now they’re shocked, SHOCKED, that Biden is treating them worse than Hunter treated his hookers.

As we all know, Biden is really angry that his poll numbers are worse than Donald Trump’s, and he’s decided the press is at fault. He’s also decided that he needs to get out more, so that meant the softest of all softball interviews: a visit to Jimmy Kimmel on ABC for an ego-stroking, back massage, and pudding break.

And Biden STILL could not get a complete sentence out coherently. Just how bad was it? The show actually cut to commercial because Grandpa Brandon couldn’t finish a thought, even with all of Jimmy Kimmel’s prompting.

If you have 23 minutes of your life to waste, the entire interview can be watched here.

But it really didn’t go any better than the clips reveal.

Biden, whose approval is now more than 15 points underwater and worse than what former President Donald Trump’s was at this point, walked onto Kimmel’s set while performatively removing a face mask that he awkwardly gripped in his hand while slouching in his seat throughout the interview.”

Subsequently, Biden refused to take accountability for…anything throughout the supposedly hard-hitting interview. The president repeated many of what he probably thinks are his greatest hits, invoking “ultra-MAGA,” blaming the NRA for tragic shootings, and accusing Republicans of being the radical party.”

It’s always someone else’s fault, according to Joe. If we REALLY want things to improve, we just have to give him MORE power.

Biden also bragged about his efforts to address climate change, and said it would be possible to move to alternative — read: more expensive, less reliable — energy even more quickly than his administration has managed to kill off American energy independence and double gas prices since taking office.”

But again, Biden blamed his party’s slim majorities in Congress when Kimmel asked why more hadn’t been done to pass a federal takeover of elections, extreme abortion policies, and other leftist priorities.”

And Jimmy Kimmel was too busy changing Grandpa’s Depends on air to actually ask him any hard questions – which is exactly the reason that Joe Biden was on his show in the first place.

As everyone expected, Kimmel was unserious and responded to Biden’s repeated misleading statements and flat-out lies by saying at one juncture that it “all makes perfect sense.” Sure, Jimmy.”

Let’s put it this way – if Biden had been sharp and snappy and had delivered some great one-liners, those clips would be going viral. Instead, we are treated to the proverbial “Old Man Yelling At Clouds” angle when Biden brings up… “biracial couples” in commercials.

Jimmy Kimmel opened this entire interview by talking about how “proud” he was that he had voted for Biden. Still feeling that way, Jimmy? This is not an example of “the leader of the free world.” This is an example of the elderly grandpa who is angry that no one wants to listen to him anymore, and his ramblings sound stuck in the 1960’s (which might have been the last time that Joe Biden watched a commercial on TV). It’s painfully obvious why the White House staff prefers the “fake” White House set, and it’s because of the permanent teleprompter installed there, and not letting Biden take any questions without permission.

This is what Team Biden wanted, though. As we learned recently, the “inner circle” of Jill Biden and Valerie Biden Owens (Joe’s sister) wanted to let Old Joe get out and connect with the voters again. After this performance on Jimmy Kimmel, how many months will it be before they let Grandpa Joe back out for an unscripted softball interview again?

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  • Iwoots says:

    “Jimmy Kimmel opened this entire interview by talking about how “proud” he was that he had voted for Biden. ”

    To be fair, if I was sitting where Jimmy was, and knowing that 1. A bunch of guys with guns were looking at me through sunglasses (even though my security has that super-deadly pepper spray allowed by California), and 2. That my upper echelon bosses are good friends with Bill & Hillary……..

    Yeah, I just might be tempted to choose the path of that NO-GOOD, LOW-DOWN YELLOW-BELLIED COWARD Jimmy Kimmel and try to ensure that I am the last one eaten by the crocodile.

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