Hunter Biden Introduces Dead Brother At Convention

Hunter Biden Introduces Dead Brother At Convention

Hunter Biden Introduces Dead Brother At Convention

Tonight is family night for the Bidens. Hunter Biden made an appearance with his sister Ashley, and the two of them proceeded introduce their dad – while telling us who the Biden family really loves the most. And it’s not Joe.

Yes, poor, broke Hunter Biden, father of FIVE children (this is important to note for later) appeared via video along with his sister Ashley to introduce dear ol’ Dad to the American viewing public. When this news was announced, it was if a million jaws dropped on Twitter, and then were suddenly laughing.

Now, remember that poor, broke Hunter has had a tough few years. First he lost his brother, and then was “in a relationship with” his brother’s widow (which Joe and Jill approved of), then got a woman pregnant who ended up suing him for child support (herein lies his claims of “poor” and “broke” which are quite dubious considering his magical resolving of a tax lien recently) while dating his sister-in-law (which led to them breaking up), and then ran off to marry yet another woman and get HER pregnant. All while ducking and dodging questions about just how much money he made off Burisma and his trading on the Biden name for his entire life.

This entire debacle has led, deservedly, to a lot of scrutiny of Hunter Biden’s life, and Joe and Jill forgetting how many grandchildren they have – either unintentionally or deliberately. This is something that the press has also helped cover up, as if Hunter’s child with Lunden Roberts doesn’t exist. Even if Hunter Biden is nothing but a support check to that child, shouldn’t Grandpa Joe and Grandma Jill make some kind of effort?

But Hunter didn’t speak, so much as recite. Because this was completely scripted in tribute to the Biden who should have had a political career – not Joe, Beau. There was a Beau Biden tribute video. There’s nothing that screams “family harmony” like deifing the dead son, pictured with the wife who would eventually date his brother. That’s awkward.
And then Hunter Biden and his sister Ashley introduced their father with a weird, prepacked speech that was supercut between them, with the two of them exchanging lines, and then handing it off to… BEAU.

This is so cringey, and it displays an unhealthy picture of the Biden family dynamic. Beau Biden, by all accounts, was a fine person who served his country honorably. But his family has turned him into an untouchable idol that they are all perpetually worshipping. And they want us all to join in their worship. Hard pass.

Oh, and Joe glossed over the number during the acceptance speech by simply saying “all our grandchildren.” Nice save. How many do you have, Joe?

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  • Ann in L.A. says:

    I’m actually beginning to feel sorry for Hunter. It’s obvious he lives in the shadow of Golden Boy Beau. His life is defined by his mom and sister’s death, his dad’s success, and his brother’s brilliant career (heh) followed by tragically heroic tragic death. He’s done nothing of note himself–besides marrying his sister-in-law and getting a stripper pregnant at the same time, nor does it look like he ever will.

  • Mary says:

    Dead brother a bit freaky IMO.

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