#HarveyWeinstein: Symptom of a Corrupt and Incestuous Power Structure

#HarveyWeinstein: Symptom of a Corrupt and Incestuous Power Structure

#HarveyWeinstein: Symptom of a Corrupt and Incestuous Power Structure

Last evening, this was the pic and caption at the very tippy-top of the Drudge Report:

Photo Credit: Drudge Report

And this was directly below it…

Yes, shortly after the “boyfriend” mentioned in the articles’ headline criticized Hillary Clinton, the usual suspects lobbed a full-frontal Twitter attack. Because how DARE he question Her Highness?

Hillary’s former spokesman:

Hillary’s Comms Director:

A Hillary advisor:

Anthony Bourdain is finding out what happens when you dare criticize American power structure royalty. (Photo Credit: People)

Yes, these are minions of THAT Hillary Clinton, who apparently are trained attack dogs, pouncing on anything that might paint her in a bad light. And, as noted, the “boyfriend” of said “Harvey Weinstein accuser,” model and actress Asia Argento, is none other than Anthony Bourdain. Yes, THAT Anthony Bourdain, the man who made traveling around the world in search of interesting culture and amazing food cool. His sin? Daring to have the opinion that their queen is—wait for it—disingenuous in her condemnations of her buddy, Harv. Does this attack sound familiar? If not, let’s take a quick walk down Memory Lane:

Three of Bill Clinton’s accusers, in their own words:

Now if that doesn’t lend proof to Mr. Bourdain’s criticism of Mrs. Clinton and her propensity for disingenuousness in the face of sexual predation, I don’t know what would. Perhaps Mr. Bourdain has finally come to the conclusion that millions of Americans already have: that The Queen of All Feminists is one of the biggest sexual predator enablers on Earth.


But wait, the iceberg continues melting. As of last evening, this was the other major, red-lettered headline on Drudge:

That would be Jeff Bezos, owner of both Amazon—the place where you can buy just about anything, cheaply. The irony is thick—and the Washington Post. This is the same Amazon where top executive Roy Price, the head of Amazon’s TV and film studio, has reportedly just been placed on leave for, drum roll, please…sexual harassment.

Ms. McGowan is now accusing Bezos of also lending cover to Mr. Weinstein:

You can read the entire thread on her Twitter timeline. It’s enough to make your skin crawl.

And, while we’re on the subject of heebie-jeebies, did I mention Ben Affleck, former defender of Harvey Weinstein, an apparent protege in the Icky Hollywood Creep department?

Smell that? It’s the stench of rotting carcuses buried beneath the Hollywood sign.

While it now says it reviles Harvey Weinstein, much of Hollywood reveres people like Roman Polanski, an admitted child rapist. (Photo Credit: Deadline.com)

Folks, if you want to see what corruption looks like, and just how intertwined this monster’s tentacles are, we are watching it play out right now. Politicians, Hollywood, and the media—the current Most Corrupt of the Week Award going to NBC News—are all sleeping together in one giant bed, massaging one another’s backs. But should one dare to pull back the covers, the hammer falls, even upon those of the “correct” political leanings. Is it any wonder that so many felt they couldn’t speak up—not the Angelina Jolies of Hollywood, but people with no power whatsoever—in the face of decades of unbridled sexual predation? Harvey Weinstein is not the problem with Hollywood; he’s a symptom of a much broader illness, one that has infested media, entertainment, and politics: rampant and unabashed corruption where they all cover for one another, they abuse and discard the powerless, and there’s rarely any accountability, all the while portraying themselves as champions of human rights. We can look no further than Hillary’s Flying Monkeys doing what they do: shaming anyone who dares criticize her, just as Hollywood and much of the media circle the wagons whenever they find themselves under siege. Yes, Hillary Clinton is Harvey Weinstein. The question is: will these growing scandals take down the power structure, a grotesque, incestuous blend of media, entertainment, and politics? Or will Weinstein be the sacred lamb in the Power Structure’s effort to keep the sheep appeased?

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  • Skil1lyboo says:

    As Rahm so famously said… “never let a good crisis go to waste”… I think the left is using her words against her in an attempt to make her go away.

  • GWB says:

    On Hillary Clinton’s wedding anniversary

    I’m sorry, but this is relevant, just how the f*? If it were totally a private matter, someone advising “you couldn’t wait until tomorrow to spring that on her?” might be appropriate. (*MIGHT* being key there.) But on a public scandal, with accusations of rape and sexual assault of potted plants and all the other ickery, with a public figure? Go take a leap, Adam.

    As to McGowan, she seems a bit… unstable with all of this. I’m not denying her claims, but she certainly isn’t laying them out in a way that will best help her case. Throttle back, Rose, collect your thoughts, organize them, then build a case. Don’t give anyone a reason to poo-poo you, so you can get close enough to stick the blade right under his ribs. And twist.

    • Scott says:

      While I liked Ms. McGowan in some of her work, like the TV show “Charmed”, she is quite the screeching leftist SJW, so expecting stability in this from her might be a bit of a stretch GWB

  • Scott says:

    OOh, and as I’ve seen posted elsewhere, all the people coming out of the woodwork now, while being called “brave” are really just engaging in “me-tooism”.. true bravery would have been putting the truth above their careers, and gone to the police, spoke out, whatever when these crimes happened.. if any of these women had done that, maybe this scum would have been stopped before he victimized all these other women.. this goes doubly for those who knew about it, but were not victims, because they would have none of the guilt, etc. that I’ve been told victims experience under such circumstances, thankfully having never gone through such myself.

    • Jodi G. says:

      Exactly right, Scott. Hanoi Jane Fonda being the latest to say she knew but didn’t speak out. That same oh so brave Jane Fonda who publicly berated Trump for his WORDS at the most recent awards hug-fest. They’re no better than those who aid and abet murderers.

  • Scott says:

    Thanks Jodi! as for Hanoi Jane, she pulled her shit while my dad was in country, so I will always believe it was a complete travesty that that communist loving whore wasn’t shot for treason! There is no depth to which she would sink that would surprise me.

  • roger says:

    “…Roman Polanski, an admitted child rapist. ”

    …Roman Polanski, a convicted child rapist.

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