Feinstein Could Face the Dumbest Possible Primary Competition [Video]

Feinstein Could Face the Dumbest Possible Primary Competition [Video]

Feinstein Could Face the Dumbest Possible Primary Competition [Video]

Dianne Feinstein has been in her Senate seat, fighting to erode our gun rights, steal more of our earnings, and increase the size of the federal government since 1992. That’s longer than either of my kids has been alive. That’s a quarter of a century. That’s longer than some of my employees have been alive.

And some Democrats feel it’s time for Feinstein to un-ass the AO, as we say in the military. Leave. Scram. Retire. Go away.

While the 84 year-old Feinstein is the most fossilized of all Senators currently “serving” in the chamber, and has been ardently fighting against our freedoms, some progfascists feel the woman who famously proclaimed she would have banned all “assault” weapons (without actually understanding what they are), had she had enough votes, just hasn’t gone far enough in promoting their causes.

The progs, in all their tolerant glory, became highly chafed with Feinstein when she – in a bout of rare honesty – admitted Donald Trump could be a good president if he took the time to learn. Because, you see, any implication that Trump has even the potential to do good, makes the progs’ labia itch, and no amount of Vagisil will alleviate the irritation. But getting rid of Feinstein will!

Her decision to run for reelection comes in the face of grumbling from progressives in California over some of the senator’s recent remarks about President Donald Trump. Among them: She said two months ago that she hopes Trump “has the ability to learn and to change, and if he does, he can be a good president.”

Well, gosh! We can’t possibly have that, now, can we?

Enter the competition in the form of barely coherent, dumb as a bag of broken hammers derpasaurus California state Senate president Kevin de León, to whom anything resembling complimentary of Trump is the highest of insults, and even though Feinstein immediately backed her wrinkled, mossy ass up into a mea culpa, clarifying that she is “under no illusion that it’s likely to happen and will continue to oppose his policies,” that just wasn’t good enough for de Leon.

Now, Feinstein is dumb on gun control. Brick dumb. Box of hair dumb. Drooling on the front of her shirt dumb. After having been schooled by Ted Cruz on the Second Amendment and the Bill of Rights in 2013, Feinstein famously and hysterically whined that she’s been a Senator for a long time, that she was a Mayor, that she’s read the Constitution, and even though she’s “not a lawyer,” she understands the Constitution and that GUNSBADBLOODINTHESTREETS!!

Note the lack of actual substance in Feinstein’s sniveling rant. While Cruz explains patiently why “the People” in the Second Amendment has the same meaning as “the People” in the First and the Fourth Amendments, Feinstein counters with “I’m not a sixth grader,” and then proceeds to debate like one.

And this is why I experience no small amount of mirth at the thought of Kevin de Leon challenging Feinstein for her seat, because if there’s one person in California who is dumber than Feinstein on guns (I’m not counting Nancy Pelosi, because I truly believe in my heart that some parasite has been eating away at her brain for more than a decade, and she’s at a point where she can’t even put a coherent sentence together), it’s Kevin de Leon, and to show you just how dumb,  I present this video without comment.

Ghost gun.

Thirty-caliber clip.

Thirty magazine clip in half a second.

Say what?

But if you think ole Kevster here was just having an off day when he unleashed his monumental amount of anti-gun DERP on the world, trust me when I tell you, he’s an imbecile on other days as well – those that end in “y.”

In a mind-boggling attempt to oppose Trump’s executive order against ‘sanctuary’ jurisdictions by garnering sympathy from the frothing masses, de Leon in February said the EO would be bad, because “half his family” was in the country illegally, using false documents, and therefore would be eligible for deportation.

Yeah, you got that right. We must oppose efforts to end sanctuary jurisdictions that protect those whose first act when stepping foot in the country they claim to love and respect is to violate its immigration laws, and engage in forgery, possible identity theft, and Social Security fraud, because de Leon’s family did it.

Oh, please! By all means, Kevin, do challenge Feinstein for her seat! The hilarity that ensues will be epic in scope, and will require buckets full of popcorn to truly enjoy!

And by the way, if anyone has actually seen one of those fancy “ghost guns,” do let me know, will ya? I need one for my collection.

Also, a thirty magazine clip. Need one of those too.

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Marta Hernandez is an immigrant, writer, editor, science fiction fan (especially military sci-fi), and a lover of freedom, her children, her husband and her pets. She loves to shoot, and range time is sacred, as is her hiking obsession, especially if we’re talking the European Alps. She is an avid caffeine and TWD addict, and wants to own otters, sloths, wallabies, koalas, and wombats when she grows up.

  • Scott says:

    Thanks for the post Marta, though I think you should post a spew warning… Since he was so kind to identify his family as criminals who not only came here illegally, but are now using forged documents, and stolen SSN’s, it would seem a logical and easy thing to do for ICE to round em up, and put em on a fast track to prison, or country of origin…

  • GWB says:

    I’m gonna go waaaay out on a limb here……
    Perhaps “ghost gun” was intended to mean it had no serial number? (And, therefore, mostly already illegal. Derp!)
    Perhaps it actually is an automatic weapon, allowing for 30 rounds in a second (or even 12-15)? (And, therefore, illegal, unless it was built before 1984, iirc. Double-derp!)
    Now, the magazine/clip/caliber thing…. Sorry, but I can’t give him ANY leeway on that asininity. That’s just outright stupid.

    Heh, and since CA went all sanctuary state, ICE is now going there to find and deport illegals. How fun if his family ends up being deported! That would go far to proving some sort of cosmic justice to me. (BTW, does that half of his family include him? Maybe someone should look into the credentials he has used throughout his life….)

  • Jack says:

    It probably refers to a rifle built on an 80% lower. Those do not have serial numbers.

  • Scott says:

    GWB. actually while you may be right in the first part about why he called it a “ghost gun” the fact is that any citizen can build a firearm, for personal use only, which cannot be sold or transferred, without a serial number, and it’s completely legal (at the federal level at least). And the manufacture date for private full autos was 1986.. just FYI… none of which changes the fact that this idiot is dumber than toe-jam

  • John K says:

    Dat hair doe!

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