Gavin Newsom Tries To Bribe His Way Out Of Recall

Gavin Newsom Tries To Bribe His Way Out Of Recall

Gavin Newsom Tries To Bribe His Way Out Of Recall

Bribe your way out of a recall. That’s Gavin Newsom’s new gambit. It seems California has quite the surplus, $75 billion dollars worth.

“A year after slashing spending to fill a record-breaking deficit spurred by the pandemic, California Gov. Gavin Newsom is eyeing a massive surplus and hopes to send out a second, larger round of stimulus checks to residents.

“It’s a remarkable, remarkable turnaround,” Newsom said in an interview with All Things Considered Monday.

California’s progressive tax structure means the state budget suffered early in the pandemic but quickly rebounded, bolstered by capital gains taxes and high-income earners who’ve seen their wealth grow over the past year.

Who exactly will benefit from this surplus? Those who haven’t paid rent in over a year, those who are behind on their utility bills, and undocumented workers here illegally. The rebate bribes of an additional $600 will, if approved by the state legislature, go to most of those who work for the state of California as well as two-thirds of California residents. 

Gosh. It all sounds so fabulous! MORE money magically falling from the sky just as Gavin Newsom is facing a major recall. His bribe game is LIT I tell you!

California residents have been handed money through three federal stimulus payments already. California has also handed out money in terms of unemployment benefits. 

Here’s the problem with Newsom’s bribe. Jobs are available and NO ONE is showing up to apply or work. One example via Legal Insurrection is the Corvette Diner. 

“CRG Operations Manager, Sofia Picazo, told KUSI’s Allie Wagner that they are urging people to just walk-in to apply for a job, and they will even “one-up” competing offers to secure new employees. Picazo said people have been coming in for interviews, accept the job, and then don’t show up for their first shift.

This is likely because they can claim to be actively looking for work, and continue receiving benefits from our government.

The Corvette Diner used to be open full-time prior to the lockdowns. Now, even as Gavin Newsom has reluctantly eased his business-killing lockdowns, the Corvette Diner can only open with limited hours for five days a week. Why? Because they just don’t have the staff as people would rather stay home and enjoy the seemingly unlimited government gravy train. 

“There are nearly 15 million jobs going begging, according to online job site ZipRecruiter, far more than the 7.4 million “old economy” estimate of the Labor Department. Yet, data from April’s distressing jobs report shows that nearly 9.2 million Americans remain unemployed, 29% of those for more than a year.

Gee, I wonder why? As Deanna wrote here, the Biden Administration is completely ignoring the root causes as to why thousands of jobs remain unfilled. When you can make more money by sitting at home because of those fabulous magical checks that show up from the federal government… why apply for a job?

Oh wait, for some who DO apply for jobs, good paying jobs at that ($18-26 an hour), the applicants are demanding up to $30 or more an hour instead! I know of one company that has eighteen good paying jobs with full benefits in just one of its divisions that have been vacant for six months now because A. no one applies and B. when they do, they demand outrageous salaries. 

Yes indeed, this stunt is walking, talking, and acting like a bribe.  

In addition to the recall, California has had people leaving the state in droves because of the astronomically high taxes. So much so that California, once the Census results were published, lost Congressional seats. 

This bribe by Gavin Newsom will provide $5 billion to cover all back rent and over $2 billion to pay down utility bills, and direct payments of $1,000 to illegal immigrants. Which will certainly incentivize people to go back to work…right? WRONG. 

Newsom is bragging about the surplus and how much it will help everyone. At the same time he and the state legislature are planning to raise taxes, they’ve shut down water sources for crops (and plan to raise water tax rates), do little to nothing regarding the rampant homeless problem, and continue to push legislation such as AB5 that shuts down the gig economy and decimates people’s livelihoods. 

While some people think this bribe will ensure the recall is a failure, what they refuse to realize is that the taxes will remain in place and this lovely little surplus has an infinite shelf life. 

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