Biden Admin And Media Gaslight U.S. Over Gas Shortage

Biden Admin And Media Gaslight U.S. Over Gas Shortage

Biden Admin And Media Gaslight U.S. Over Gas Shortage

Gas shortage? What gas shortage? The Biden Administration and the media would like you to believe there’s nothing to see here, move along.

Long lines for gas? Shortages? Not according to the New York Times. 

Let’s take a look at what The NY Times had to say when “explaining” the pipeline shutdown. By saying the hackers went after corporate data rather than the pipeline itself, the implication is that all is good as soon as everything gets turned on. Except, “The company cautioned, however, that “this situation remains fluid and continues to evolve.”

You know what that tells me? Is that the security system protocols for the entire company and ESPECIALLY the pipeline are still at risk from these jackass hackers. 

The NY Times admits within their article, about ten paragraphs down, that oh wait! There is a bit of a shortage. Sort of. 

“On Tuesday, hundreds of filling stations in the Southeast either ran out of gasoline or restricted sales as panic buying surged, particularly in Georgia and Tennessee. Nationwide, the price of regular gasoline climbed by nearly 2 cents a gallon, to $2.99, on Tuesday. In Georgia, the daily price rose by nearly 10 cents a gallon.”

Read that paragraph again…and then read the above tweet. That’s some serious gaslighting by The NY Times! Putting out a lede like that knowing that WAY too many of their ill-informed readers won’t even click on the link! It’s a thing of beauty I tell you! 

Here’s the problem with the NY Slimes reporting as they did. Not only did the Biden Administration, as Deanna reported, declare an emergency across seventeen states, North Carolina has declared its own emergency. Meanwhile AAA issued an incredibly tone-deaf statement, saying there will only be “modest” increases. Gas stations are running out of fuel because the is a shortage of truckers to move fuel around the country. Gas stations are running out of fuel because people rightly understand that a shutdown like this will and does have an immediate and long-term impact. 

Oh, but wait. It’s all ok. The hackers apologized. 

“We are apolitical, we do not participate in geopolitics, do not need to tie us with a defined government and look for other our motives,” the group reportedly wrote. “Our goal is to make money, and not creating problems for society. From today we introduce moderation and check each company that our partners want to encrypt to avoid social consequences in the future.”

Well that certainly makes everything hunky dory now doesn’t it?? Yeah, NO. 

What ALSO doesn’t help is that, even though there is fuel in storage in various places around the country and along the pipeline routes specifically, there would be MORE storage if refineries hadn’t shut down. And no, NY Times, it wasn’t that those refineries weren’t economically viable, they were shut down as part of the long process of moving to the Green New Deal green energy crap. 

Fuel cannot get to the gas stations, and what does the Florida Ag commissioner do in Pensacola??

That’s going to resonate so very well with Florida voters now isn’t it?

If none of the above is enough gaslighting for you, enter the Biden Administration. 

Yes, Elizabeth. There IS a shortage of gas in multiple places along the Eastern Seaboard. Why? As I noted above, because there AREN’T enough truckers to get it from point A to point B! It doesn’t matter right now that there is plenty of fuel in those big ole storage tanks! If it can’t be moved from there to a gas station, then yes there IS a shortage! 

This yesterday from the Biden Administration was completely and utterly jaw-dropping. 

Evidently the Biden Admin has shit for brains. This is VERY must a Domestic AND a National Security issue for this country! And the Biden Administration is essentially washing their hands of the problem?? WOW. 

There ARE long gas lines and there ARE and will be gas shortages, even if Colonial is able to get back online by the end of the week. 

Within 100 days the Biden Administration has given us

Schools still closed

Joblessness and unemployment

Sky high national debt


Wide-open borders

Middle East on fire

Iran flexing its muscles

Russia laughing at us

Gas shortages

The media and Biden Administration gaslighting Americans about the gas shortage. 

Did anyone else anticipate that we’d be yanked back to the Carter years? I sure as hell didn’t. 

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  • Scott says:

    Two things need to happen here…
    First, all the above politicians and their minions in the media need a date with tar, feathers, and a rail!

    Second, Spec Ops needs to be sent to hunt down and KILL each and every one of the hackers involved in this plot. Hackers like this are some of the lowest form of scum in the world, and exist only to destroy the lives of others. Until they are removed with extreme prejudice, this type of asshattery will continue.

    Of course with the current administration in charge, none of this will happen.. Hell, most likely, the hackers are connected to Hunter Biden in some fashion, and both he and the “big guy” will be getting their cut once the ransom is paid.
    Is there really still doubt that the democrats are traitors?

  • GWB says:

    North Carolina has declared its own emergency
    So has Governor Coonman in Virginia.

    From today we introduce moderation
    Uh huh. I’m betting it went like this, “Hey, Ivan, hand me another Dew and watch what I put in this statement next!” followed by loud guffawing.

    nearly half the gasoline and jet fuel supplies (emphasis added)
    Wait, what? JET fuel, too? As in, what makes our fighters and bombers go? Hoo boy……..

    Did anyone else anticipate that we’d be yanked back to the Carter years?
    *raises hand*
    What’s really gonna grab you is when you realize they’re returning us to the Carter years… in the Soviet Union.

    • Jeff Gauch says:

      The fighters and bombers will be able to get gas. Even if the domestic supply chain relies on the Colonial pipeline, the military has other ways to get gas. After all, we can keep planes in Afghanistan fueled.

      Your plane to visit grandma, on the other hand…

  • Linda S Fox says:

    Notice, too, that all of the statements from the * Administration reference NATIONAL prices. Local prices
    When 71% of NC gas stations are OUT OF GAS, this is putting lipstick on a pig. That’s 49% in SC.
    Those in high-base price states don’t think of $3/gallon gas as high. But, for many of us, it’s almost a 1/3 increase. For those with jobs involving a long commute or need to travel, that’s a budget-killer.
    Within a short time, the stores will start seeing food/supplies shortages, because fewer trucks will be on the road.

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