AB5 & Lyin’ Lorena Wants Your Little Dog, Too

AB5 & Lyin’ Lorena Wants Your Little Dog, Too

AB5 & Lyin’ Lorena Wants Your Little Dog, Too

AB5 is still wreaking havoc across California and the Assembly critter, Lorena Gonzalez (D-ranged), who had the AFL-CIO write the legislation, continues her personal attacks against all dissent.

As has been written about here before, AB5 is a train wreck that keeps on rolling. Not only does our Norte Venezuelan Socialists support destroying freelance work in California, Democrats in Congress and running for President are just drooling to take AB5 nationwide with HR2474 PRO Act.

On February 27th, Assembly member Kevin Kiley went to the floor to ask that rules be suspended so his bill AB1928 (a suspension of AB5) could be considered right away. Now, suspending the rules for emergent issues is not unknown. Allowing AB5 to continue unmodified while people are having their livelihoods destroyed and the people they serve harmed isn’t just negligent, it’s malignantly cruel.

But, of course, the CA Democrats voted it down. Then Lyin’ Lorena smirked her way through this piece. She takes sneering condescension to 11. Compare and contrast the demeanor of Kevin Kiley and Lorena and see just who is playing political theater here.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that Lyin’ Lorena’s modus operandi is not to engage in the substance of the debate but in attacking the identity and motives of those who disagree with her. Her Bulverism is epic.

Leave aside that the Chamber of Commerce did NOT endorse AB5, to assume that this is all a GOP plot is to assume all the musicians, actors, transcriptionists, writers, photographers, videographers, forensic nurses, interpreters, translators … and every live performance group that is signaling their last season … are all just hotbeds of MAGAhat-wearing conservatives!

When a group of mostly Democrats showed up to protest AB5, Lorena’s response was to just yell, “F**k Trump!” over and over.

Yep, that’s some real compassion and listening skills there, Lyin’ Lorena! Unions before rape victims!

There are many forensic RNs who work on a 1099 basis for private nursing companies and hospitals providing sexual assault forensic medical evidentiary examinations. All of this work is at risk due to AB5. Patients who have been sexually assaulted will suffer long wait times and may receive substandard forensic medical exams if provided by untrained medical personnel in an emergency department. It is not feasible for many hospitals to have a forensic nurse on duty 24/7 so they contract with us to come in when needed. We are paid per exam, and receive a 1099. The forensic nurses are free to sign up for work around their other jobs or family commitments. We also have patients who were assaulted in skilled nursing and adult care group homes. We have worked very hard to increase the number of forensic nurses in California. I also do consulting and training on best practices for forensic nursing. Vicarious trauma among forensic nurses is a huge issue in this work. I’ve been told I’ll have to get a business license in order to keep working as a trainer and consultant, but I live in a rural area outside of city limits and my county does not provide or require business licenses for my type of work (I called and they said basically unless it involves hazardous waste or a few other very narrow industries, businesses licenses are not an option). The other alternative is to incorporate. I do not make enough money to incorporate.

Unions before dying children!

Kelly Zeien Summer: I am a music therapist who provided music therapy to children in palliative and hospice care. I was an independent contractor for two agencies in the past. We are talking about children with feeding tubes and who relied on respirators to survive. Arts therapy was very important to them and their families. That is over now, because of AB5.

Unions before allowing the chronically ill to have the chance to support themselves and their families!

Mary Jordan: I homeschool my learning disabled child and entertain part-time to make ends meet. I usually bring in about $40k per year because I am paid well for my services, but this year I lost almost $30K in contracts. The stress is having a major toll on my mental and physical health, as my adrenals can’t keep up with the stress level and my anxiety is through the roof.

Vote as if your life, or the life of someone you know depends on it. Most likely, it does.

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  • GWB says:

    The solution is simple: destroy unions as a privileged entity.
    Unions are NOT simply a collection of people bargaining for their pay and benefits. They are MASSIVE organizations that are primarily a barrier to entry for labor, with privileges their counterparts (the employers) do not have*.

    (* One privliege? If the companies banded together to control an industry, they’d be taken down under the anti-trust laws. Unions face no such hindrance – they can cover an entire industry [or several!] with a single union, and no one bats an eye, much less screams “monopoly!”)

  • alanstorm says:

    “Lily, with all due respect, every Democrat running for Congress in California voted for the ProAct. And every Dem running for President supported AB5 & ProAct.”

    I’m surprised that she’s calling every Democrat candidate a moron in public.

    • Mike-in-Keller says:

      Well, they are. The truth hurts. But then, as my daughter says, “Stupidity should be painful.”

      • GWB says:

        Yes. A vast amount of our problems in America – especially the “good ideas” – are centered in there not being pain and suffering for stupidity.

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