Fauci: Masks Until Mother’s Day 2022

Fauci: Masks Until Mother’s Day 2022

Fauci: Masks Until Mother’s Day 2022

Masks until Mother’s Day 2020 according to Anthony Fauci. Yes indeed folks, he moved the goalposts, ALL the goalposts once again.

“Dr. Anthony Fauci said he agrees with loosening up guidance on wearing masks indoors as more Americans become vaccinated against the coronavirus.

“We do need to start being more liberal as we get more people vaccinated,” Fauci said on Sunday.

“As you get more people vaccinated, the number of cases will absolutely go down,” he went on.

But the president’s chief medical adviser said the U.S. needed to get daily cases “much, much lower” than its current 43,000 a day.”

One year ago Fauci was all about that “15 days to flatten the curve” horseshit. Then it was, open the schools with conditions, conditions set by the teachers unions, and we’ve ALL seen how horrific that’s been for our kids. Then he says it’s possibly ok to be outside without a mask, yet his advice obviously hasn’t resonated or impacted Joe Biden since he STILL traipses around wearing a mask outside…by himself…even though he’s fully vaccinated. A creepy photo INDOORS with the Carters sans mask is fine…but get that damned mask on as soon as you walk outside. 

Not enough people are vaccinated snivels Fauci. Then in the very next sentence or interview he tells the world that vaccinated people STILL have to wear masks, even if you are outside. 

Fauci is a key figure in the issues of vaccine hesitancy in this country. Hell, he’s probably contributed to vaccine hesitancy around the world because of his role in the Johnson & Johnson vaccine pause!

“As expected, trust in the Johnson & Johnson vaccine plummeted and the same administration trying to combat vaccination hesitancy literally created an environment where more people don’t trust the safety of a very important vaccine.

But the Biden administration’s lifting of the pause has done little to restore faith in the vaccine. As President Trump predicted, its “reputation will be permanently challenged.”

And Trump was right. According to a New York Times analysis, doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine were rising before the pause, but even after the pause ended, people don’t seem to be interested in taking it.”

Bobblehead Fauci is living in SUCH a bubble that he doesn’t or refuses to understand that much of the rest of the United States could give a flying flip about his “expertise” nor that of the CDC’s. Both he and the CDC’s credibility went into the sewer about this time last year and continues to sink further into the sludge. 


Just one month ago Fauci decided to tell vaccinated parents that their kids still can’t play with other kids because danger! Science!  Yesterday while chit chatting with Chuck Todd, he babbled more science! 

Want to know what has proper ventilation?? THE OUTDOORS. As in parks, hiking trails, beaches, soccer fields, and baseball fields. You know what is also better for your health and ability to fight off all sorts of viruses? THE OUTDOORS. 

But good ole Fauci the toad is telling us that masks will be seasonal after Mother’s Day 2022 and we will be locked down and wearing face diapers until then because SCIENCE! 

As for the reluctance to continue masking and getting vaccinated? He has a GREAT idea!

“Fauci told the host the country should work to convince people reluctant to get one of the available shots by using “trusted messengers” such as sports and entertainment figures to promote the benefits of getting vaccinated.”

Uh huh…hard pass. Why? Because many of his fans..err “trusted messengers” have been all about ‘lockdowns for THEE, not for MEEEE!!’ 

Fauci is enjoying his power trip way too much these days. He’s being enabled by the Biden Administration and cheered on by the leftist media. 

Fauci needs to be and MUST be asked these questions. Rand Paul and Jim Jordan were absolutely correct in calling Fauci out on his hypocrisy on masks and this Covid virus itself. Fauci, along with the media, has enjoyed their fear-mongering a bit too much. I’m astounded and disturbed as to how many people, who ARE vaccinated are still cowering in fear and wearing masks.

Fauci has been and always will be the very worst thing about this country’s response to the Covid Wuhan lung flu virus. 

Masks until Mother’s Day 2022? No and 100% HELL NO. 

Feature Photo Credit: Fauci vaccinated December 20,2020 at NIH via Flickr, cropped and modified

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  • Taylor says:

    Trump should have sidelined Fauci a year ago.

  • F.D.R. in Hell says:

    I hear the Bible gives you 70 years; at age 80, Dr. Faustus’ time is way past expiration.

  • GWB says:

    needed to get daily cases “much, much lower” than its current 43,000 a day.”
    This is entirely because they’re using the wrong measure to track severity. We want everyone to get it (and I’ve said this since almost day one). The only way to not have to worry about it is to reach herd immunity.

    But, they sold this as ebola with muscles, and now they don’t dare let go the tiger’s tail.

    because of his role in the Johnson & Johnson vaccine pause
    Arguably, the Europeans set it up. But I think the world knows the Euros are weenies and idiots, and it didn’t really scare people until the US said “Hold on a minute!”

    You know what is also better for your health and ability to fight off all sorts of viruses? THE OUTDOORS.
    While mostly true, my sinuses will argue with you about last weekend.

    after Mother’s Day 2022
    Pfft. I stopped wearing them before this Mother’s Day.

    He’s being enabled by the Biden Administration
    He was first enabled by the Trump admin.

    No and 100% HELL NO.
    So, start. Start now by disobeying the idiots and fear-mongers. Start now by telling the tyrants, “Not here, fascists!” START.

  • American Human says:

    We always seem to be governed (or ruled) by the least capable among us. Joe Biden seems to be the cumulation of all that is stupid and incompetent. We, the unwilling…..

  • JAW3 says:

    The dude just riffs and nobody ever challenges him. History will not be kind to him, IMO.

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