Rand Paul Torches Anthony Fauci’s Double Mask Theatrics

Rand Paul Torches Anthony Fauci’s Double Mask Theatrics

Rand Paul Torches Anthony Fauci’s Double Mask Theatrics

Rand Paul just eviscerated Anthony Fauci’s double mask theatrics during today’s hearing before the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions.

Well, it is very obvious that Fauci didn’t like the pushback. Of course, the media is now scrambling to protect their favorite little Covid guy. The headlines are all about Fauci getting exasperated with Rand Paul. 

“Fauci shows exasperation with Rand Paul in COVID-19 hearing: ‘Here we go again…’

Notice something about Fauci’s responses? He doesn’t offer any proof that infections or reinfections will happen for those who come across the variants. Secondly, Fauci literally implies that masking is necessary because immunity doesn’t work. Third, he also is saying that we will have to mask against the variants. 

Here’s the deal you little toad. The FLU shot historically has only worked with the flu from the previous year. The FLU is a serious of continual variants, with many more deaths than we are seeing from this Covid crap. But Fauci wants us to mask forever, based upon pure conjecture and the idea that whatever variant “may” or “might” be worse than the wild type of Covid rot. 

Rand Paul cited several studies. Fauci only pushed back against one. Not only that, but Fauci offered ZERO facts as to WHY the mask theatre needs to continue for those who A. have survived Covid and B. have been fully vaccinated. 

Here’s a story about a guy who is getting several blowback for his very credible study. Dr. Jonas Lidvigsson, a pediatrician conducted a study among kids aged 1-16. His study ended with some interesting results. 

“The pediatrician’s research focused on children from age 1 to 16 during the first wave of COVID-19 last spring, tracking admissions to intensive care units March 1-June 30. It included those with “laboratory-verified or clinically verified Covid-19, including patients who were admitted for multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children” because it’s “likely” related to COVID-19.

Just 15 children went to the ICU, for a rate of 0.77 per 100,000. Four had “an underlying chronic coexisting condition (cancer in 2, chronic kidney disease in 1, and hematologic disease in 1),” and none died. As for teachers, “fewer than” 10 in preschool and 20 in school went to the ICU during the same period. The schoolteacher ICU rate was about 19 in 100,000.

Relevant to school reopening debates across the globe, Ludvigsson notes that children weren’t wearing face masks. As with the rest of Swedish society, they were simply “encouraged” to practice social distancing.

With the final result being that, of the kids studied, deaths from ANY cause in a four-month span went from 65 deaths to 69. Again, this wasn’t 69 Covid deaths among kids, this was ANY death in that age group span. Oh, and were masks mandated in that group? NO. 

But Fauci ignores relevant and CREDIBLE studies like the above in favor of double mask theatrics and mandated mask-wearing in perpetuity. Hell, he even thinks that no one has been getting married since a year ago March!

Fauci has enjoyed the limelight for far too long. It is proven that his work with AIDS research was a truck load of crap. Private enterprise came up with medications and vaccines to help fight the AIDS pandemic, while Fauci floundered around and finally had to give up his one research project (actually it was taken away) because he produced NOTHING. 

And he’s still producing nothing and continuing his parade of “noble lies” to boot. 

When your only response is “I disagree” that means your credibility is below zero. If he thinks that the CDC guidance for continuing to mask after the vaccine is a credible argument, then Fauci needs to think again. Why? Because suddenly, today, the CDC realized that our kids are being HARMED by masking and the lockdowns. 

Rand Paul was on point regarding Fauci’s theatrics and lack of credible knowledge. 

The mask mandate is and ALWAYS has been fear-based. There is boat loads of good scientific evidence showing that our immunity that is acquired after either dealing with Covid or getting the vaccine, or both means we are protected against the virus. Yet Fauci wants us cowering in fear, and wearing masks. 

It’s all theatre at this point. ALL of it. Fauci, with his asinine responses and parading around wearing double masks is a key reason why so many people are hesitant to get vaccinated. 

Fauci’s double mask theatrics needed to be torched, and Rand Paul was just the guy to do it. 

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Feature Photo Credit: Fauci receiving Moderna vaccine December 22, 2020, NIAID via Flickr, cropped and modified

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  • Lloyd says:

    Dr(?) Farci is just that…a Farce! This guy is a joke, and yet, liberal Americans line up to kiss his butt!

    • Scott says:

      yep, he downplayed treatments, because he was invested in vaccines, and he downplayed masks until he could buy enough shares in the companies that make them…

  • DW says:

    It’s fine if vaccinated and/or survivors of Covid want to continue to wear masks, but there should be no requirement to.

  • John A Wilson says:

    Fauci is all over the pandemic who’s a political snake, IMO, and taunting Trump was just plain nasty. At the base of it all, Fauci funded the gain of function work on the virus at the Wuhan lab that spawned this wmd attack, to circumvent US laws. IMO.

  • Taylor says:

    I am heartily sick of St. Anthony of Fauci.

  • F.D.R. in Hell says:

    Five will get you ten, that “vaccine” Faustus received on TV was also ‘theater’…
    there’s no way in hell he’d subject himself to this experimental mRNA injection.
    Norfolk & Way.

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