Executive Orders And “Aggressive Legislation” On Biden Agenda

Executive Orders And “Aggressive Legislation” On Biden Agenda

Executive Orders And “Aggressive Legislation” On Biden Agenda

Executive Orders and “aggressive legislation” is the Biden agenda this week. He’ll be signing lots and lots of papers it seems.

“One of Biden’s most common campaign trail promises was to tackle an issue on his first day in office — a pledge he usually made to either contrast himself with President Donald Trump or highlight just how important he believed an issue to be. These promises were made on everything from climate change to immigration to foreign policy, and many are reflected in Klain’s Saturday memo, which was first reported by the New York Times.

“During the campaign, President-elect Biden pledged to take immediate action to start addressing these crises and build back better,” Klain writes. “As president, he will keep those promises and sign dozens of executive orders, presidential memoranda, and directives to Cabinet agencies in fulfillment of the promises he made.”

The memo sent out by Klain covers a lot of ground. 

This was supposed to be about healing and unity. Why then does the Biden camp lead with ‘WE HAVE FOUR CRISIS TO DEAL WITH??’ Wasn’t the Biden campaign all about being positive? 

When they lead off by telling the American people that we are in trouble because:

Racial equity

Climate Change


Economic crisis

First of all, the Biden team will be adding to the division in our country by telling us that, unless we toe the politically correct line they draw for us, we are likely racist. According to Kamala Harris, racial justice won’t be achieved until economic justice happens. How to interpret that? Everybody work hard to be FAIR to everyone, then unicorns and rainbows plus healing will follow!

As for climate change, Biden plans to shove the United States back into the Paris Accords. Which also opens the door to countries such as China (who is most assuredly NOT following the agreement) dictating to the U.S. how high to jump and when on green energy. But you see, between that and everything regarding the Covid Wuhan flu rot, the Biden Administration plans to listen to and follow SCIENCE! 

Which, according to the memo, means mask mandates for federal properties and inter-state travel. Couple of things here with that. A. mask mandates are ALREADY in place. B. inter-state travel? Airlines already require masks? Does the Biden crew mean that there will be checkpoints at the borders of every state to determine if people driving from one state to another are masking up while in their own cars??

Also on the Covid agenda is more testing and tracing, community vaccination sites all over the place, and adding MORE paid sick leave for those who get the bug and have to stay home. In my community there are testing sites all over the place, some within a block of each other. Community vaccination sites? If the current state rollouts are any indication, this will be a failure waiting to happen.  Paid leave? Who pays for that? Oh, the business does? Which is why there are serious Trojan horses embedded in every action Joe will sign starting Wednesday.

Currently, as the Biden team announces that they are going to hand over citizenship to well over eleven million illegal immigrants, another migrant caravan is on its way with their OWN demands of Biden. 

“‘We are going in search of a better future, a job so we can send a few cents’ back home,’ Ramírez said. ‘We are trusting in God to open our path, Biden is supposed to give work opportunities to those who are there [on American soil].'”

So, they waltz over the border and a job will magically appear? That isn’t how this works. 

Secondly, Biden has already broken more than one campaign promise regarding how he plans to wipe out anything that President Trump did regarding illegal immigration.

Joe Biden, with all these executive orders and “aggressive legislation”, is now the new NEW man of action! Which also includes a weak foreign policy. He will rescind President Trump’s travel ban. For those following, it was a travel ban put in place against several key countries that are terrorist breeding grounds. But, of course, all the media is continuing to define it as the Muslim Ban. That good ole media narrative, let’s ignore the very real terrorism concerns which led to the travel ban in the first place and instead work to convince the world that this was a ban on all Muslims. The narrative continues. 

Meanwhile, as this shows from a couple of days ago, Chuck and Nancy are super duper excited about all this new stuff they’ll get to pass!

Remember when the media promised they’d be kinder and gentler with Biden than they were/are with President Trump? I had to laugh at this from the New York Times.

“After a lifetime in Washington, the restless, gabby man of consuming ambition who always had something to say and something to prove seems to have given way to a more self-assured 78-year-old who finally achieved his life’s dream.

He did not feel the need to chase the cameras over the past 10 weeks — indeed, his staff has gone out of its way to protect him from unscripted exposure for fear of any stumbles, a goal that will be harder once in office.

He’s “calmer” now because he isn’t under the anxiety and massive pressure from campaigning…from his basement. 

The executive orders and the legislation being proposed will be a detriment to this country. The media will try to sell it, but everything Joe does will ensure we’ve bought a pig in a poke unless we demand to see what’s in it before it’s passed.

Feature Photo Credit: Jill & Joe Biden July 4, 2019 by Gage Skidmore via Flickr, cropped and modified 

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  • Chad King says:

    Just what the doctor ordered! Open borders. Increased regulation. Higher taxes. Higher energy prices. More free stuff for everyone. Add more to the already outrageous national debt. What could possibly go wrong? I’ll look forward to the “unexpectedly” headlines as we first revert to the Obama economy and then proceed to Venezuela status.

  • John Wilson says:

    Biden’s teams will saddle us with redoubled regulations, taxes and mandates that will run right into the inflationary pressures that are sure to come from all the stimulus money printed. I’m betting we will be back to 1% GDP in a year if the Chinese stop propping up the Biden economy.

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  • Jamkev says:

    Like Betty Davis said in All About Eve, “Fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to be a bumpy might.”

  • Bucky says:

    As Biden will demonstrate the drawback to Executive Orders to achieve a goal is that they can be withdrawn as easily as they were issued. Executive Orders are a Third World way of governing, little different than Dictates from the Dear Leader, but they have become routine and preferable to the give-and-take and scrutiny inherent in having Congress enact laws. Even when the Left controls both Houses of Congress the normal routine of enacting legislation gives the other side some ability to make their points. At least until Miss Nancy and ChuckU Schumer decide to go nuclear, stampede over our side and even kick out some of our members on flimsy excuses such as 14th Amendment.

    Justice for Ashli Babbitt!

  • NTSOG says:

    I understand that there is a ‘caravan’ of 8000 Guatemalan ‘migrants’ seeking to enter the USA. Advocates are demanding Joe Biden honour his “commitments” to asylum seekers. I wonder where he will place them and whose money he will use to support them if and when they cross the border? Perhaps he could ask AOC for advice? There is also the issue of weeding out those with criminal records and dealing with those who are ill and infected with the Chinese Bug.

  • John C. says:

    One major fallacy is calling all these things “crises.” A crisis is something that is so immediate that it needs to be dealt with NOW, with little regard for long-term consequences, as the priority is to survive the crisis, and the long-term effects can be dealt with once there is some breathing room. But none of these are really crises.

    The economic “crisis” is only so because of the terribly botched governmental response to the Wuhan Virus; the U.S. economy had been in the best shape it had been in decades. Not mentioned in the references to the Wuhan Virus “crisis” is that, aside from the fact that it has been going on long enough to be a “situation” rather than a “crisis,” virtually all of the deaths and adverse economic effects can be laid at the feet of state and local governments. The federal government did not cause all of this, and there is correspondingly little it can do to alleviate it, unless it rides roughshod over the aforementioned state and local governments.

    The “climate change” “crisis” has been predicted since the early 20th century, and none of the dire predictions have yet come to pass. When I was in High School, a rapid-onset Ice Age was our supposed fate, unless we turned over the control of everything to Those Who Know Better Than We, Just Ask Them. Frankly, having seen all these Apocalypses come to great fanfare, and subsequently slink off as another is ballyhooed in its place, I see no reason to believe that there is even a situation, much less a crisis. They claim to be the Party Of Science. Okay. One fundamental part of Science is Falsifiability; in other words, define a set of circumstances that would DISprove your hypothesis. Let them take their climate models, and feed into them the known climate inputs of 50 years ago, and without any other inputs, see if they can “predict” the observable climate of today. Until they can, I see no reason to believe they can accurately predict the unknown climate of 50 years from now.

    Racial relations haven’t been a crisis since I was a child, in the Civil Rights Era. We have made great progress; we still have a ways to go. But the current racial “crisis” is one of perception, pushed hard by political opportunists. Not only does good news not sell; it won’t get you votes.

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