National Guard At The Capitol – What Could Go Wrong?

National Guard At The Capitol – What Could Go Wrong?

National Guard At The Capitol – What Could Go Wrong?

Because of the breach at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, and ahead of the Inauguration of Joe Biden on January 20, the National Guard has been ordered to Washington, D.C.. What could possibly go wrong?

The Democrat, Big Tech, Media Industrial Complex narrative since the breach at the Capitol has been that it was a horde of white supremacist, wild-eyed acolytes of President Donald Trump. The narrative won’t change. It doesn’t matter that, of that rather small horde, among those arrested are a Qanon Shaman Jacob Chansley and BLM activist John Sullivan. Why let the truth destroy the narrative? The media haven’t, at least since President Ronald Reagan.

Those of us who watched the speech of Donald Trump on January 6 know that he didn’t incite supporters to do any more than make their voices heard. The fact that the Capitol Hill Police Chief was denied help six times doesn’t get heard in the media. And, since no one has an institutional memory, the violence of the 2017 Inauguration of President Trump is unmentioned.

The Inauguration of Joe Biden has been scaled down, mostly due to Covid-19 fears, not to mention the fact that he can’t draw flies. The House and Senate and guests will be there and probably quite of few of the permanent class of D.C. will attend. That’s about it.

Up to 25,000 members of the National Guard have been called up to protect our Nation’s Capitol and the city that surrounds it. Just what does this protection force look like? A blog post by The Intrepid Reporter, with information from Dive Medic, was shared with me yesterday and it contains some terrifying facts:

The entire Washington, DC national guard (Camp Guards when I was at Gitmo in 06)
56th Stryker Brigade Combat Team (Pennsylvania Bloody Buckets… lots of combat tours… ‘heavy armor’ if you consider Stryker trucks to be ‘heavy’)
Troop B of the 102nd Cavalry Regiment (negative info on them… wiki sez they’re a No-Go at any real deployments.)
1-114th Infantry Regiment (Joisey Guard, No-Go no deployments)
508th Military Police Company (Another No-Go Joisey Unit)
229th Military Police Company (Kuwait Defense 1990, doubt if any of them are still there… a No-Go Virginia unit)
153rd Military Police Company (Delaware NG, A single tour in 07-08 in Iraq)
102nd Military Police Battalion (NY NG…a No-Go unit w/zero deployments)
104th Military Police Battalion (NY Guard, No-Go NY no deployments)
229th Brigade Engineer Battalion (Virginia Guard, lots of deployments, in a non-combat role)
160th Engineer Company (Delaware Guard, construction, couldn’t find intel on deployments… thin k these are the guys doing the fencing/blockades)
261st Theater Tactical Signal Brigade (Command and Control unit, one tour at my old base Victory in Iraq in 08-09)
198th Expeditionary Signal Battalion (Delaware NG, VSAT and comms unit…one company in South Carolina which DID deploy once in 13-14 to Kandahar)
1049th Transportation Company (Aviation trans… couple here’n there… ass and trash)
262nd Component Repair Company (you break it, they fix it, No-Go on deployments… to me, this means they expect to need to repair shit right then and there as opposed to waiting til they get home)
108th Wing (Refueling and Air-Recon Unit, multiple deployments)
177th Fighter Wing. (Air to Air F-16 Air defense… what the fuck do they need them for?)
105th Airlift Wing (Air Trans)
174th Attack Wing (Drones… lots and lots of drones… Predators, intel-gatherers… BAD juju)
166th Security Forces Squadron. (Security for the planes, lots of deployments)

This doesn’t include the 2,000 members of the Capitol Police Force or the Uniformed Division of the Secret Service. That ought to scare the living daylights out of any American. What could possibly go wrong, right?

If it doesn’t scare you, you probably are too young to have a memory of the Kent State Massacre in May, 1970:

Four dead and nine injured on the Kent State University campus by members of the Ohio National Guard. This is not a slam against the National Guard. Our “weekend warriors” are better trained than most countries’ full time military personnel.

No. This is about an armed force called out against citizens. Haven’t we seen how dangerous this can be at Kent State and the murder of Ashli Babbitt at the Capitol January 6.

The members of the National Guard deployed to D.C. are being put into an untenable situation. If they kill or wound a citizen, their lives will be ruined. This is about the incompetent leadership of Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell, not Donald Trump.

My advice is to stay home on Inauguration Day. Turn off your devices and don’t listen to the news. Protest the inauguration of Joe Biden by ignoring it.

“Four Dead in Ohio” scarred my childhood. Let’s not have another anthem like that.

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Featured Image: Virginia National Guard/ Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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  • cirby says:

    I think the whole mess is to set up the “things are so scary because of those Evil Trumpies that we had to call out 25,000 troops, just to protect the inauguration.” Something might happen, but I think the actual plan is really window dressing. Yeah, it’s too much, but they don’t care. They want the threat to be right there on camera.

    The flip side of that coin, however, is that Democrats will say every nasty thing about our troops – but at the same time, believe that if a government official gives an order, that the soldiers will mindlessly follow that order. This will end up causing some very amusing surprises along the way…

    • Aussie Supporter says:

      Hitler and the National Socialists did the same thing when they won power.
      It is a message: Resist and we will blow your heads off or gas you to death.

      America is in for a rough ride: But do what the Democrats do, and keep lists.Because when this is all over and half the Country is in ruins, better get those lists out.
      There is no way to de-program these people, they need to be exported to a Communist Country.

      Remember, never ever buy or use a product that supported this Coup and vote fraud.
      Many Australians are horrified by how the media, Big Tech and Swamp has managed a Coup in America.We know that Australia will be next in their sights.

  • GWB says:

    Admittedly, those NG folks are standard for an inauguration (at least since 9/11). Aerial surveillance and defense against air attacks (and that brings oodles of people). They handled traffic, crowd control, etc. They handle communications.

    The numbers may be high, but the whole thing isn’t really that unusual for an inauguration in the last 20 years.

    • Aussie Supporter says:

      Trumps was 8000. Obama was 10000 then 6000.

      20000 plus all the other forces is overkill.

      Designed to intimidate Americans to accept Fraud President Biden or else.

      • GWB says:

        I tend to agree. But I also wonder (as I’m seeing some erstwhile conservative sights go full Alex Jones) how much is from different manners of bean counting. Is it really twice the largest?

        But, yes, it’s designed to show strength. Maybe not intimidate, but at least say “See? We’re doing something about those awful right-wingers!”

    • Steve says:

      Are you out of your mind? No president has ever had to be protected this much in history! F-16’s? Drones’s? For a VIRTUAL inauguration? This is either the dumbest move for goverment ever or the smartest move ever fir the people! It tells you how little faith people have in our election process..

  • Milwaukee says:

    Troops need to be there. Especially if they are poorly organized and vaguely instructed on the rules of engagement. Their presence makes them possible targets of a false operation. They are the first victims. The retaliation will come from training of panicked survivors of the first attack.

  • Milwaukee says:

    Walter cronkite lied over and over about the Vietnam war. The NY Times lied about Hitler and Stalin.


    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

  • Whitewall says:

    Tin soldiers and Biden coming…we’re maybe on our on?

  • Mike says:

    F— Neil Young. That is all.

  • Richard says:

    No Republican should attend the Installation. Any one who does should be primaried.

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  • Gary Brown says:

    First, you shouldn’t get your information on military readiness from Wikipedia. And don’t get me started on how readiness gets defined. Second, you should realize that the Guard is made up of volunteer citizen soldiers and airmen who have to both hold down full time jobs and train to meet the same requirements as active duty forces but at far less expense to the taxpayer. The make up about .1 percent of the nation’s population and stand in the gap between this nation and a draft in wartime. I’ll retire next month with 28 years in the Air National Guard. I’ve deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan and served with distinction and earned respect from the active side both times. I can tell you that most Guard troops are among the most capable people you’ll ever meet. Many make far more money in their civilian jobs than they do in the Guard, and sacrifice 1 weekend every month, many weeks a year and the potential for deployments and death to support this nation’s internal and external security. They’re sworn to defend the Constitution. If Trump was legitimately elected the second time he has since shown himself less and less worthy of the office (and yes, I believe there was significant fraud but we did not offer proof of its existence sufficient to change the election results).

    • Toni Williams says:

      Gary – I don’t believe you read the post.

      I got my information from people whose job it is to know. The Intrepid Reporter and Dive Medic both know what of we speak. I don’t use Wikipedia as a credible source for anything, jsyk.

      Fysa, I am the daughter of a Marine, I am the mother of an Army Major (AATW) who is currently training NG troops at Fort Knox. My brother’s oldest boy is a Sergeant in the Ohio NG. So, I am very well aware of the fact that he makes quite a bit more money in his regular job. In fact, as far as training, I said that our NG troops are better trained than most country’s regular military.

      You owe me an apology. Thank you for your service.


  • Cohouse says:

    At least half of those troops will be Trump supporters. I wonder if there is a loyalty test before they are allowed to carry their rifles.

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  • Ted says:

    Tell me that none of the young soldiers will panic, creating another Kent State which will be blamed on provocation by President Trump’s supporters. Then, pull the other, it has bells on it. I pray to the Lord G-d I am wrong. I commented elsewhere that the Chinese Red Army could demolish Capitol building waving the Chinese flag and be classified as Trump’s Schutzstaffel by the infotainment media.

  • Richard Lowe says:

    As an historical note, the Ohio NG at Kent State had been armed because they had been called out in reaction to a Teamsters strike that had the potential to turn violent. Kent State happened, and so the Guard was re-tasked. There is also an audio, if it can be found, of gunshots happening before the Guard opened fire. The Guard thought that they were being fired on and defended themselves. A friend of mine who’s an arms afficionado says the initial shots sound like they came from a 38 caliber pistol (don’t ask me how he can tell the caliber; I am not that knowledgeable). There’s a bit of a conspiracy theory floating around that says the shots were taken at the Guard to provoke a response and whip up anger against the protestors. Quite honestly, I can see the same thing happening again. Praying that it doesn’t.

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  • Doug Crice says:

    In my youth, I was in the National Guard; Headquarters Company, First Battalion, 184th Infantry. I am a veteran of the Peoples Park Riots in Berkeley, a peaceful event. About once a year, we would have riot control training. In the headquarters company, there were various support platoons: medics, commo, recon, heavy mortar, anti-tank. For riot training, we in the non-combat platoons (medic and commo) played the part of rioters. The combat platoons took the part of the National Guard. The way the game worked, the guard platoons were tasked to keep their cool, and we rioters tried to get them to lose their cool. We rioters always won; taunting, throwing fire crackers, and water balloons. The guard lost their temper, chasing us around the fairgrounds threatening physical attacks.

    Who ever gave the guard live ammunition at the Kent State Riots had obviously never attended one of these training exercises. That person should have been prosecuted. It will be interesting to see what happens in Washington DC during the inauguration when Antifa activists embedded with the peaceful protestors antagonize the guard.

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  • Steve G. says:

    I see two things here: 1) some of this is insurrection porn to get the left all wound up and worried (anybody with a gun and/or body armor scares these sheep); and 2) Perfect foil for a false flag show to usurp even more dictatorial powers.

    Watch out!

  • A Landmeser says:

    Sorry this is a set up for a false flag op by Biden and his posse. Drones, air superiority units, an air wing? Biden has more troops in DC than Lincoln did.

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