Biden Team Breaks First Of Many Campaign Promises

Biden Team Breaks First Of Many Campaign Promises

Biden Team Breaks First Of Many Campaign Promises

If you were one of the poor deluded souls who truly believed that Joe Biden could, “on Day One,” wave some kind of magic wand and proclaim that everything the Bad Orange Man did was now over, I’m sorry.

Remember this promise from Biden during the campaign?

For those of us who live in the real world, where politicians lie as easily as breathing, the news from Team Biden today about immigration was no surprise. The only surprise was that the media decided to report on it. And why is the Biden team backing off the boss’s pledges?

It would be kind of a problem to see a large caravan show up on the border on Day Two of the Biden’s term (and yes, there are groups who are plenty organized enough to make that happen), strolling across the border in the middle of an artificially depressed economic situation, unscreened for COVID-19, and disappearing without a trace. Even Biden’s advisors realizes the optics of that would be, um, problematic in the middle of a pandemic.

And yes, those are Obama retreads Jake Sullivan and Susan Rice who are “revealing” their plan to “reform” immigration “early” in the Biden administration. You know, sort of how Obama promised to close Gitmo in the first 100 days of his administration, and how it was still open eight years later when he left office. Like that. This interview with Sullivan and Rice (who hasn’t found a way yet to blame this flip-flop on a YouTube video) is full of the political double-speak that we all got used to hearing from Obama-era officials that the media just adored.

Q: How soon in his first 100 days will the President-elect rescind the “remain in
Mexico” program, or Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP)? Are there any concerns
associated with doing so, and what will happen with the thousands already
waiting at the border for their court dates in the US?”

Jake Sullivan: President-elect Biden will follow through on his commitment to end the
MPP program early in his administration. MPP has been a disaster from the start and
has led to a humanitarian crisis in northern Mexico. But putting the new policy into
practice will take time. The current administration dismantled much of the necessary
capacity to ensure the safe and orderly processing of migrants. We need time to
increase processing capacity and to do so consistent with public health requirements.
As we build up the necessary infrastructure, staffing, and procedures — including
increasing processing capacity at ports of entry and implementing COVID-19 protocols
to protect public health — we will restore due process protections and begin processing
those asylum seekers who were enrolled into the program in a fair, safe, and orderly

How often did Team Obama use the words “be patient” and “will take time” and “fair, safe, and orderly” as buzzwords in their press releases and interviews? Why, it’s almost as if Team Biden is plagarizing from Team Obama! Actually, it’s not plagarism when you’re just parroting the same things you’ve always said, just with a different boss.

And while the press reported this information, there was a distinct lack of breathless shock at the first – of sure to be many – campaign promises that have bit the dust. Why, it’s like the media are covering for Biden or something!

With the number of things that Grandpa Joe has promised to do on “Day One,” there’s bound to be a few things that fall through the cracks, right?

Well, Senator Ted Cruz would like to make sure that there are a couple of things that Joe Biden CAN’T do on Day One, and his idea is one of the smartest I’ve seen in a while.
You want a strategic chess game move? Now THAT is a strategic chess game move. I dearly hope that President Trump and Mike Pompeo run with this. The media will scream, of course, but who cares? They are clearly fine if things DON’T happen on Day One as promised by the “Big Guy.”

It is strategies like this, and making sure the Republicans hold Georgia, that will block Team Biden from being able to implement some of their most damaging ideas. Grandpa Joe is just going to be happy sitting in the Oval Office. The real task is going to be frustrating the Obama reruns from thinking they can have a third try at their brand of statism. Does the fact that they’re already backing off on immigration mean that they think Georgia isn’t going to go their way? Maybe, but we can’t take any chances. The GOP must hold the line, frustrate, and confound the Democrats.

Resistance is still cool, right?

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