Democrats Impeachment Trial Goal Is To Burn It All Down

Democrats Impeachment Trial Goal Is To Burn It All Down

Democrats Impeachment Trial Goal Is To Burn It All Down

Heads on a pike! That line was repeated several times last night by House Manager Adam Schiff. If you were watching last night, as I was, you may have jumped up off the sofa. If you heard it in a news wrap up this morning, you may have been confused. What are the Democrats thinking? Why would they say hateful things about their audience of Senators? I had an epiphany last night. The Democrats goal for the Impeachment Trial is not the removal of President Trump. No, if they can’t win, the Democrats want to burn the whole country down.

On January 23, House Manager Jerrold Nadler claimed any Senator who didn’t vote for witnesses at the trial were complicit in the cover-up of the President’s crimes and that a “no witness vote” would be “treacherous”. All of the other House Managers also made more palatable, but still thinly veiled, negative comments about the Senators. Why on Earth would the House Managers insult their audience of Senators?

And then it hit me, the audience the Democrats have always been speaking to is the unhinged Left.

The House Managers have asserted that President Trump cheated in the 2016 election and will cheat in the 2020 election, if he is not removed from office. The New York Times Michael D. Shear wrote:

Representative Adam B. Schiff of California, the lead House prosecutor, took the lectern in the chamber as senators sat silently preparing to weigh Mr. Trump’s fate. Speaking in an even, measured manner, he accused the president of a corrupt scheme to pressure Ukraine for help “to cheat” in the 2020 presidential election.

In other words, if the President is not removed from Office AND removed from the 2020 Presidential ballot, the denizens of the Left cannot trust the outcome of the election.

As I wrote earlier in the week, the House Managers used loaded words to make the President look like he is a puppet of Vladimir Putin and worse than Satan. The ad hominem attacks on the President were completely over the top. The House Managers mangled facts, edited video clips oddly, and presumed to know what was in the President’s mind and, indeed, many of the witnesses’ minds. The Democrats completely poisoned the well.

Again, ask yourself, “What is the goal?”

Go back in time and remember. Maxine Waters has bragged about threatening Trump supporters. Joaquin Castro released the names of 44 people in his district who committed the crime of donating the maximum to President Trump. The infamous “Squad” won’t condemn acts of violence committed by Antifa. Former Attorney General Eric Holder has even urged Democrats to kick Trump supporters:

Holder went against former first lady Michelle Obama’s advice to the Democratic Party to take the high ground when fighting the GOP. Instead, he said, “When they go low, we kick ‘em,” which was met with applause from the audience who then broke out in chanting “fight.”

Congressman Steve Scalise was shot, and nearly bled to death, after being shot by a Bernie Bro. Here is calls out the Democrats for inciting violence:

And, that doesn’t even talk about Republicans who have been hounded out of restaurants.

Now, the Democrats have used loaded descriptions of the President, made horrendous claims of treason against Republican Senators, and implied that the 2020 election will be rigged. “Heads on pikes.” Although Schiff was citing a CBS report when he made the comment (several times), the audible gasps from the Senators, and later, blanket denials that they had been threatened with their heads on pikes by Republican Senators make clear that Schiff was up to something else.

The President won’t be removed from office. He will remain on the 2020 Presidential ballot. When, and if, he wins re-election, the Democrats will quickly say, “We told you he would cheat again.” Is it such a leap to think that Leftist groups will take to the streets, without cat’s ears and vagina costumes? They will be angry and violent and “Heads on Pikes!” may be on their minds.

If the Democrats can’t win, they want to destroy the country. They want to burn it all down. There, I said it again. Mark my words.

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  • Scott says:

    Spot on Toni, the democrats are stating loudly and clearly that anyone who does not march in lockstep (Goosestep?) with them is their enemy. Just like we should with the muslims, when they tell us they’re at war with us, we should believe it! I think you are 100% correct that the left intends to “burn it all down”.. While I hope that cooler heads will prevail, I am not counting on it. To anyone that can, carry concealed. If you don’t own a firearm, get one, and stock up on ammo! The left did not manage to pull off their “Reichstag moment” in Virginia last week, but don’t believe for a second they will stop trying! They have already proven they have no problem with violence to achieve their goals, and as many of the “burnie bros” you ladies have highlighted here have told us, they intend to send us to gulags should they gain power.

  • Beb says:

    A fascinating analysis. You may be right. “If I can’t have it, nobody can have it!”

  • James Raclawski says:

    HERE’S what I’ve observed:
    Starting from a base line point, let’s say that–for the sake of this thought experiment–THESE two conditions exist:

    (a) that these House democrats are sentient & are beings mostly displaying some relative working skill level of cognitive abilities … (it might be a stretch… but gee – no reported fatale encounters between these mooks and wild carnivores/planes/trains/bicycles are in the news…) so it is probably evidence that reading&listening comprehension is functioning… as is their ability to do simple problem solving….


    (b) that fully factual – irrefutable… incontrovertible evidence based findings have been revealed showing an unrelenting grotesque betrayal and subversion of the fundamentals of our Constitutional Republic… the Bill of Rights… and the foundation of modern Western civilization’s legal realities, as well as, an invasive/pervasive Organizational Corruption exploiting America’s intelligence&law enforcement capabilities for political ambitions was/is in place targeting the current lawfully/constitutionally elected President…

    holding these two subsets……

    THERE can be no reality in which (a) and (b) exist mutually. Where the (b) … reality…. is denied by the (a) … house congress-critters ++ ((or regular -type folks for that matter..)) …. NO amount of accompanying propagandists ‘ support/ego massage or “spin” can change (b)–reality…

    It is akin to declaring that THE SUN RISES IN THE WEST!!! and demanding that you join in…

    The false narratives are stated as FACT… the reality is denied as completely as the anti-reality is put forth (sunrise=western sky…) this false reality is relentlessly put out on every media wavelength despite visual confirmation of contradictory reality…. THIS is a continuing ANTI-REALITY …. nearly universally espoused and is nearly a “theology”…. as such, it is very worrisome…

    IT IS INCOMPATIBLE with life in a free society… it is incompatible with the continued success of our constitutional republic ….It’s inconsistent with how I understand FACT GATHERING…. FACT ANALYSIS… and the application there of, in the decision making process that leads to survival.

    how will the Senate democrats deal with REALITY? be they closed minded… dogmatic.. partisan.. deniers of truth&facts (contrary to joey b’s assertion..)? Will there be reason? a lot of the yammering from the ” leadership ” shows they will go ANTI-REALITY

  • Beb says:

    I am reminded of a quote from C.J. Hopkins:

    “Think of “reality” as an ideological tool … a tool in the hands of those with the power to designate what is ‘real’ and what isn’t. Those in power, or aligned with those in power, or parroting the narratives of those in power, understand this. Those without power mostly do not, and thus we continue to ‘speak truth to power,’ as if those in power gave a shit. They don’t.

    The powerful are not arguing with us. They are not attempting to win a debate about what is and isn’t ‘true,’ or what did or didn’t ‘really’ happen. They are declaring what did or didn’t happen. They are telling us what is and is not ‘reality,’ and demonstrating what happens to those who disagree.”

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