Biden Gaffes Over Russian Meddling

Biden Gaffes Over Russian Meddling

Biden Gaffes Over Russian Meddling

There goes Joe Biden again. Apparently, it’s Trump’s fault that the Russians are messing with elections in other countries. Yup, you read that right.

In a “forget it, he’s rolling” moment, CNN’s Chris Cuomo lets Biden take a swipe at Donald Trump for allowing the Russians to interfere with elections. Biden had himself worked up into quite a lather about how horrible Trump is, when he tossed this little gem in.

During an interview aired Friday on CNN, Biden first blasted President Trump’s foreign policy and made a bold prediction that NATO would no longer exist if Trump were re-elected.”

“We need allies. He’s absolutely dissing them. He’s embracing thugs. He’s embracing [North Korean dictator] Kim Jong Un. He’s embracing [Russian President Vladimir] Putin, who’s a flat dictator,” Biden said. “And he’s stiff-arming our friends. He’s threatening NATO to pull out of NATO. I mean, come on!”

“He says he’s gotten NATO to give in more money for defense because of his tactics,” CNN anchor Chris Cuomo responded.”

“Oh, give me a break,” the Democratic presidential primary front-runner shot back. “Let me put it this way; If he wins re-election, I promise you there will be no NATO in four years or five years.”

The former vice president then pivoted to Putin’s interference in elections in European countries like Hungary.”

“While Putin’s trying to undo our elections, he’s actually undoing elections in, in Europe,” Biden elaborated. “Look at what’s happening in Hungary… look at what’s happening! You think that would happen on my watch, on Barack’s watch? You can’t answer that, but I promise you it wouldn’t have. And it didn’t.”

Excuse me, now?

There are two takeaways from this latest Biden gaffe.

1) Chris Cuomo is a tool. He’s also clearly on Team Biden. That’s why he got this interview, and that’s why he lets this juicy meatball hanging out over the plate go straight by him. Any other interviewer without a vested interest in the success of the Democrat party (remember who Cuomo’s father and brother are??) would have said, “Wait a minute, Mr. Vice-President, what about attempted Russian interference during the 2016 election here, when it WAS your watch and President Obama’s watch?” Or some variation thereof. Cuomo does not. Cuomo is a trained seal, clapping for his next fish from Biden.

2) Team Biden has the worst job in politics right now. Not only do they have to try and construct a defense against the blatant dishonesty of Kamala Harris (who, as predicted, has flipped her position on the need for forced busing!), but then they have to try and do damage control for this dumbass who is currently trying his best to lose the nomination every time he opens his mouth. The media might give Biden a pass, but the campaign staff has to know that there are too many people who ARE going to point out the 2016 election, not to mention Obama’s “flexibility” to not cause a run on the campaign’s stock of Pepto Bismol.

At this point, I’m not sure Joe Biden can make it to the nomination in one piece. But if he does, it will be because the national media will have done their best to cover for him.

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